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“Floda Fresh, Plies, and Trinity Enterprise Live presnts : SUPA FLY FLOW hosted by Ms.Kaynah”


TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!!! Plies will be performing live at the Axess Event Center tonight!!! 176 Beach St Daytona Beach, Fl. Yet this past Saturday that had a showdown between some of the hottest up and coming artist in Central Florida. The winner of contest will open up for Plies tonight. See what happened below.

Congradulations to the Dungeon Boys for winning an intense battle. Shoutout to everyone who supported and performed. Hope to see you there tonight!!!!


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Tyler Moye : Performing on the street corner


In my experiences from working in the music entertainment business over 11 years I’ve learned a myriad of things. One being that you’re either going to see the “music” as a job or as a passion. As soon as it becomes your job some of the emotion is clouded with scheduling, money, budgeting, marketing along with any other business aspects. Then there’s the social discomfort. The feeling of being watched constantly and the feeling of walking on eggshells. All-in-all, you have to be absolutely content within your mind, body and soul if you want to make the transition from “hobby” to “job”.

As of late, I’ve taken a step back from the lime light so that I could refocus my mind to the thought that you don’t always have to be in the front-center to feel successful. Also, I did so to better appreciate my talent without approval from others. I wanted to gain better focus on molding my craft and to soon be able to mold other young artist to take steps towards launching their music careers.

My business partners at Keedie’s Corner (Keidra Ponder) and I have been attenting a lot of the open mic events around the city just to support the local talent. This past Sunday we attended the “Smooth Groove Sunday” open mic event at Grand View Live in Daytona Beach, Fl. The performances were phenomenal! (Videos of the performances will be coming soon). I left the scene with a camera that had a full memory card because I didn’t want to miss a moment. The new venue was prestigious. Beautiful bar, nice stage, and the performers filled the stage with different instruments that varied from Keyboards, drumsets, all the way down to bass guitar. It looked like a jazz scene from “Harlem Nights”.

As I left the venue, I walked down the street and this is where I ran into Tyler. I said to myself “I’ve been watching performances all night, wouldn’t hurt to see one more”. (Video Below)

Tyler taught me two lessons that night…never judge a book by its cover and never judge the talent by the platform it is presented. 

Love what you do…period!


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Somebody gotta tell the story, why not Keedie? This is an online magazine for the people, by the people!

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Somebody gotta tell the story, why not Keedie? This is an online magazine for the people, by the people!

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