The 3 Questions One CEO Hopes to Hear From Everyone He Interviews — but Hardly Ever Does
Most candidates use this time to learn more about salary and job requirements — but David Melancon, CEO of btr., a corporate rankings platform that focuses on holistic performance, says these are three questions that are far more important, and most people fail to ask them.

Another Bush in the White House?
Jeb Bush launched a Republican presidential bid months in the making Monday with a vow to get Washington “out of the business of causing problems” and to stay true to his beliefs — easier said than done in a bristling primary contest where his conservative credentials will be sharply challenged.

Just as the Warriors Anticipated , the Cavaliers’ flame is dwindling
Golden State is wearing the shallow Cavaliers down, which was its strategy all along. Warriors coach Steve Kerr is employing the strategy in tandem with his team’s depth and pace to grind the shorthanded Cleveland Cavaliers into the ground. Golden State is a far deeper team than the Cavaliers.

LeBron James Doing What He Has to Do in the NBA Finals
LeBron James is in the middle of one of the most exceptional performances in NBA Finals history. If you go backwards from the moment the Cavs make any given basket, you’ll almost always find that LeBron was, in some way, the origin. Consider the degree of difficulty for what LeBron is attempting to do.

Rachel Dolezal, the NAACP Chapter President Accused of Passing for Black, Has Resigned
Rachel Dolezal, the Spokane NAACP chapter president whose parents accuse her of presenting herself as a black woman when she is actually white, stepped down Monday. Dolezal, 37, is a graduate of the historically black Howard University.

Somebody gotta tell the story, why not Keedie? This is an online magazine for the people, by the people!

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Somebody gotta tell the story, why not Keedie? This is an online magazine for the people, by the people!

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