This 13 Year Old Stand-Out Is Ready To Shake The World!!!

Who’s this? This is Savannah Korabic from Long Island, NY. After she captures you with her stunning voice and poppy energy you will be absolutely blown back once you learn that she is only 13 years old!

Yes, 13! She says she was inspired to do music during her first visit to Midtown Recording Studio and recording with producer/engineer dskcova (Discover). She started on a professional level around May of 2014 and the rest was history.

Her first chance to show off her talent was when she recorded her first cover song to John Legend’s “All of Me” which she also performed. After that she couldn’t stay away from the studio. We asked her “How do you stay so focused at such a young age?” Her reply was simple yet represented a great attitude towards her craft which was “I am dedicated to what I love.”

She said she is very inspired , personally, by her older sister Cassidy and on her professional level she is inspired by Ed Sheeran. Along with more cover songs, this is what you can be looking forward to from this artist

– Gospel album by Yvens Joseph, doing vocal parts and arrangements.
– A single for BCU student Ray Champagne,co-wrote with dskcova and preformed the chorus.
– Co-wrote and performed a hook for C.B.M. artist Timbo the Great.
– Currently working on a single for Blocc’s upcoming album produced by dskcova.
– Co-writing and performing the hook for a Rebel Entertainment artist in South Africa


She also stated that as an ASCAP  registered artist she would like to work ventures with other artist, producers, and songwriters.

Below is a behind the scenes blooper of her next music video which will be all green screen work. Be on the look out for the young talent now residing in the the Florida area!!!


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