Breakfast Club finally explains why Birdman didn’t get “Donkey of the Day”

Breakfast Club, once again, sets the media on flames. Yet, this time we have to give the credit to Birdman. Usually Charalmange is the guy that has the over the top, yet real, statement that causes headlines. This time Birdman had all the punchlines with “Put some respek’ on it” and “Put some respek’ on my name”. This caused the media to go meme heavy every where. I don’t want to keep dragging the subject but as a big follower of the Breakfast Club I couldn’t help but wonder why Charlamange didn’t give Birdman “Donkey of the Day”so I called up and this is what they had to say on their segment called “Tell Em Why You Mad”. The response starts around the 2 minute mark.

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“Tell Em Why You Mad” Breakfast Club (Link)

Goofi Juice 2 Listening Party at Underground Atlanta


Come out today from 4pm to 8pm for the #GoofiJuice2 listening party for @kingyoshiman at @ginzaboutique brought to you by @d.s.m.c.83 Yoshi Crew Ent and @hiphop_everything hosted by @keediescorner with music by @lynxmixedit #GoofiJuice2 #KingYoshi #yoshicrewent #atlantaartist #trendingartist  #KeediesCorner #Instamusic #IndieNation #hiphopweekly #tidal  #AtlDayParty #AtlNightLife #Atlevents #AtlNetwork #V103 #Streetz945Atl #Hot1097 #Vh1 #whatspoppingaq #hoodrich

The Poetry Corner Presents: “Shattered” by Aviance Thompson

How does someone go missing and the world acts like they didn’t exist? Life is so crazy,  I wish I could punch it with my fist. A crackhead doesn’t mean nothing to society. A coke head, a pill popper nor many other varieties. Would it be excused if I said her son died right next door to her parents home or her best friend took a bullet to the head then he was gone? It was too much for her, she couldn’t cope that’s when she started abusing dope. Now imagine what her kids had to go through when she went missing and no one had a clue. Grandparents had to take them all in because it was nothing left to do. They didn’t understand when the kids misbehaved because they were twice the parents age. Grandfather was hit in the head now he has brain cancer, “He has 6 months to live” was the doctor’s answer. Grandfather died and the family endlessly cried. Grandma gave up plus things had gotten so tough. Grandmother’s cancer came back and she began to deteriorate. Shortly after, she called a meeting with her mate.

By: Aviance Thompson
Email: aviance287@gmail
Facebook: Bigma vs Aviance

Best NBA Teams to Never Win a Championship 2016

Well, in sparks of the 2016 NBA playoffs me and my brother divulged into a 3 hour debate that lead us to this conversation. We started off discussing how the Houston Rockets could stand a chance against the Warriors in the first round of the playoffs. I’m a huge Rockets fan. I will explain how a “Florida Boy” was led to being a fan of the Rockets. Vince Carter, from my home town of Daytona Beach, FL led me to the Toronto Raptors. Thus, helping me discover Tracy McGrady. Which led me to follow Tracy to the Orlando Magics (since I was a big fan a Penny, Shaq, Grant, Dennis Scott, etc). After following T-Mac to the Houston Rockets and seeing T-Mac lose his mojo to injury I decided to rest at the Rockets. Okay, back to business.


So while discussing how the Rockets, a team that literally made the playoffs on their last game of the season, could beat a team who broke the infamous Chicago Bulls 72-10 record, we some how led to talking about the heart of  a teams and players. This is where I’m venerable because I love underdog teams. It’s something about the way I grew up that makes me love the underdog. It’s just the fire you see in their eyes and the adrenaline of whats on the line. It explains my mild resentment for a lot of teams that were built, like the Kobe-Shaq Laker squad, or the Big 3 in Boston or The Big 3 in Miami. There’s no amazement in these teams winning. Its almost like ” YOU BETTER WIN WITH THE DAMN TEAM! “. I feel like it’s so many great teams that never got the chance to win a ring because of these teams that were “super built” around a superstar. Some teams were just unfortunate and never got their time because of the reign of a great team in there conference. So I felt it in myself to acknowledge those teams. Here’s the catch though…I want people to tell me who was the BEST team to never win.

Disclaimer : I was born in 1988. I only chose teams that I could actually recollect. Feel free to message or comment stats and teams and I will gladly add them in. I started in 1993. I ended in 2013 because a lot of the top contenders were starting to be repetitive. I chose these teams by the year and their roster at the time. So lets get to it!


1992-93 Pheonix Suns

I don’t know much about this team besides the fact that  Charles Barkely won MVP that year.With the help of Dan Marjorie the team went on to the the NBA finals where they lost to the Chicago Bulls.

92-93 hornets

(Honorable Mention) 1992-93 Charlotte Hornets

This team lost in the second round of the Playoffs to the great Knicks and didn’t even have a winning record in the regular season (40-42). But Muggsy Bogues was 5’3 135 lbs….for that fact alone, I have to put them in the mix. That is simply incredible! Muggsy finished #4 in assists total that year, #10 in steals, while Alonzo Mourning finished #4 in total blocks. Larry Johnson and Mourning combined for over 1600 rebounds. Charlotte would get eliminated by the Knicks in the second round that year.

93-94 knicks

1993-94 New York Knicks

John Starks ( led the league in totals 3-pointers with 217) Patrick Ewing (#6 def. rebounder, #5 Lead Scorer , #4 points per game, #5 in total blocks) Doc Rivers, Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason made a dominant front running team. Yet, they faced some tough East Coast rivalries with Detroit, Pacers and Bulls always on their tails. When they finally made it to the finals they were beaten by Hakeem Olajuwon and the Houston Rockets in a close Finals series.

95-96 Magics

1994-95 & 1995-96 Orlando Magics

The reason why I chose this team for 2 years is because in the 1995 season Orlando made it to the Finals where they were defeated by the Houston Rockets (repeat) with Shaquille O’neal being the lead scorer of the season, #2 in total rebounds, and #6 and blocks. The following year Dennis Scott broke the record for single season 3-pointers with 267. Along their side was Anfernee HardawayNick Anderson, Horace Grant, Brian Shaw, and Darrell Armstrong. Great team, yet no ring.

1996 NBA Finals Game 6:  Seattle SuperSonics vs. Chicago Bulls

1995-96 Seattle Super Sonics

This is the year Gary Payton developed his alias “The Glove” leading the league in totals steals with 231. Shawn Kemp was #3 for total rebounds. Ervin Johnson & Kemp combined for a total of about 260 blocks. The team went on to lose in the Finals to Chicago Bulls 4-2.

96-97 jazz

1996-97 Utah Jazz

Karl Malone was the #2 scorer under Michael Jordan that year. He also finished #5 in total defensive rebounds. John Stockton finished the season #2 in total assists and #6 in total steals. The team as a whole finished #2 in scoring under the Chicago Bulls by 4 points, #3 in total steal, #1 in total assists right above the Bulls, and #1 in total free throws made. SHEESH! The only way to explain how they didn’t capture that ring is the controversial push Jordan did against Bryon Russell….real fans know the push.

1997-98 Hawks

1997-98 Atlanta Hawks

This is the year Dikembe Mutombo made a name for himself winning Defensive Player of the Year ( #1 in totals blocks, #3 total rebounds) and Mookie Blaylock landed himself at #4 in total steals that season. The farthest the team made it was the second round of the playoffs.

1998-99 trail blazers

1998-99 Portland Trail Blazers

No outstanding numbers from this team besides Rasheed Wallace‘s total number of fouls. The big 3 for this team Wallace, Arvydas Sabonis, Damon Stoudamire made a great front line. They would go on to get swept in the Western Conference Finals by San Antonio who went on to win the Finals.

99-00 Pacers

1999-00 Indian Pacers

Reggie Miller, Mark Jackson, Rick Smits, Jalen Rose, Dale Davis, and Sam Perkins just to name a few on this roster. The only team that could stop them were the L.A. Lakers with their greatly stacked team. They lost the Finals 2-4.

2000-01 76'ers

2000-01 Philadelphia 76er’s

Allen Iverson, Dikembe Mutombo, Eric Snow, Raja Bell, Tyrone Hill, Toni Kukoc just to name a few on the roster. It really hurt to see them lose in the Finals to the L.A. Lakers. I think everyone wanted to see A.I. Iverson won MVP that year while Mutombo won Defensive player. Aaron McKie won 6th Man of the Year.

01-02 Kings

2001-02 Sacramento Kings

I really just want to show you the line up for this team. Mike Bibby, Chris Webber, Vlade Divac, Doug Christie, Peja Stojakovic, Hedo Turkoglu, Bobby Jackson,  Gerald Wallce. This team was nothing less than amazing. There was a lot of controversy talk around the Western Conference Finals loss to the L.A. Lakers but the past is the past. This team will not be forgotten, though.

(Honorable Mention) 2001-02 Boston Celtics w/ Paul Pierce & Antoine Walker 

01-02 Nets

2002-03 New Jersey Nets

Jason Kidd had a outstanding year leading the lead in assists and also placing #5 in total steal. Unfortunately, Kenyon Martin and Jason Collins both made the top 20 for fouls that season and Jason Kidd was #2 in total turnovers. That would eventually cause there demise  in the Finals against the well synced and experienced San Antonio Spurs.

03-04 Timberwolves

2003-04 Minnesota Timberwolves

 Kevin Garnett led the league in both points and rebounds that season and also was #9 in total blocks which led to his MVP vote. Sam Cassell placed #4 in total assists. With the help of Latrell Spreewell the led the team to the Western Conference Finals where they eventually were knocked off by the L.A. Lakers.

04-05 Pacers

2004-05 Indian Pacers

Revisiting this team this time with a new roster. Reggie Miller, Stephen Jackson, Jermaine O’Neal, Metta World Peace, Fred Jones, Jamaal Tinsley just to name a few. As we all know, this was the year of the crazy “brawl” in the stands between the Pacers and The Fans that led to a lot of suspensions. Detroit went on to beat the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals and eventually went on to win it all.

05-06 mavs

2005-06 Dallas Mavericks

Even though the Mavs went on to win a Championship in 2011 it wasn’t this particular roster. Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Jerry Stackhouse, Erick Dampier, Josh Howard, Doug Christie, Keith Van Horn, DeSagana Diop, and Darrell Armstrong just to name a few. This team would go on to lose in the Finals to the Miami Heat led by Dwayne Wade & Shaq.

06-07 Suns

2006-07 Phoenix Suns

Coming off a MVP season the year before and #2 in votes this year behind Dirk, Steve Nash finished the season #1 in total assist. Shawn Marion finished #1 in totals steals. Raja Bell finished #1 in total 3-pointers. Amar’e Stoudemire finished #11 in total points and with the help of Leandro Barbosa and Boris Diaw the Suns blew out every team in total points, finished #1 total team assist, finished #1 in FT & FG% and finished #1 in total team 3-pointers. I can’t even tell how they didn’t win a ring that year. The were defeated by the Spurs in the second round. The Spurs went on to sweep Lebron and Cavaliers in the Finals.

06-07 Utah Jazz

2006-07 Utah Jazz

As you can see I’m still in the 2006-07 season because I simply had to name both of these teams. Carlos Boozer, Deron Williams, Derek Fisher, Andrei Kirilenko, Mehmet Okur, Matt Harpring, and Paul Millsap led this team to the Western Conference Finals where they were knocked off by the Spurs.

207-08 magics

2007-08 & 2008-09 Orlando Magics

In the 2008 season Dwight Howard led the league in total rebound and placed #4 in blocks this season. Howard finished with about 1700 points, followed by Hedo Turkoglu with 1600, and Rashard Lewis with close to 1500. Lewis also placed #3 in total 3-pointers that season. Along with Jameer Nelson, Kieth Bogans, Keyon Dooling, J.J. Redick, the team was an offensive nightmare. The never made it past the second round.

In the 2009 season Dwight Howard went on to win Defensive Player of the Year leading the NBA in rebounds and in blocks. Rasher Lewis led the league in total 3-pointers that season. The went to the Finals to lose 4-1 to the L.A. Lakers.

08-09 Rockets

2008-09 Houston Rockets

Tracy McGrady played 35 games this season…pretty much sums up what went wrong for them. Yao Ming was #6 in total blocks and #8 in total rebounds that season. With the help of Metta World Peace, Lius Scola, Aaron Brooks, and Rafer Alston the team went on to lose a close series in the second round to L.A. Lakers. Mutombo, also plagued with injury, only played 9 games.


09-10 hawks

2009-10 Atlanta Hawks

Joe Johnson (1600 points that season), Jamal Crawford (1400), Josh Smith (1300), and Al Horford (1100) killed offensively. Its rare to see 4 players on one team score over 1000 points in one season. Add that with Josh Smith being #3 in total blocks the team was very diverse. Another great addition was Mike Bibby.  As good as it sounds the team got swept by Orlando in the second round of the Playoffs. Jamal Crawford won 6th Man of the year while Josh was runner up to Dwight Howard for Defensive Player of the Year.

09-10 thunder2

2010-11 & 2011-12 Oklahoma City Thunder

I picked this team for 2011 because Kevin Durant won the scoring title and Serge Ibaka led the league in blocking. Russell Westbrook landed #4 in total assists. This year the fell short to Dallas in the Western Conference Finals in which the Mavs went on to win it all.

I also picked them for 2012 season because again K.D. led the league in points and Ibaka led the league in blocks (also came second to Tyson Chandler for Defensive player of the year), while James Harden won 6th man of the year. They went on to lose to Miami Heat 4-1 in the finals

11-12 Clippers

(Honorable Mention) 2011-12 season – Los Angeles Clippers – Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Caron Butler, Randy Foy, Mo Williams, Chauncey Billups, Kenyon Martin, Nick Young. Swept by Spurs in 2nd round

11-12 Knicks

(Honorable Mention) #2 for 2011-12 season – New York Knicks – Carmelo Anthony , Tyson Chandler (Defensive Player of the Year), J.R. Smith, Raymond Felton, Iman Shumpert, Amar’e Stoudemire, Jeremy Lin, Baron Davis, Mike Bibby. Lost to Miami in the first round 4-1

2012-13 pacers

2012-13 Indian Pacers

Paul George won Most Improved Player of the year this season. Roy Hibbert was #2 for total blocks this season. As a team they were #1 in total rebounds and #5 in total blocks. Add in David West, George Hill, Lance Stephenson, and Danny Granger you had a squad who will not go out without a fight. In a tough Eastern Conference Finals they lost a 7 game series to Miami Heat who went on to win it all in the Finals. This is the 3rd time the Indian Pacers landed on the list…very unfortunate.

Like I said I did’t go past 2013 because the teams were repeating between the Spurs, Miami, and OCK. Now…what team was the best. Which team was just really unfortunate but have the total number and stats to back it up. I’m curious to see some of the answers.

  • Bruce Walton

#ViewsFromDaBooth: Leave Me Something


#ViewsFromDaBooth: Leave Me Something

Allow me to reintroduce myself!!! And for many of ya’ll this will be the first of many interactions that we will have together. I am DJ 3000, I’m bout to drop my own honest reviews and opinions through #ViewsFromDaBooth. #ViewsFromDaBooth will be my personal account of the good, the bad, and the why the f**k would an artist do that. #ViewsFromDaBooth is what I see as a DJ and what I feel an artist needs to do to reach that exclusive next level. Let’s get it.

Last week I DJ’d two artist showcases in Atlanta. Both of them had excellent turnouts with rappers hyped to bless the stage, artists with radio-ready songs, and performers with hidden talent. Both had experienced artists as well as entertainers performing for their very first time. But two IMPORTANT things were missing from all artists in attendance: they didn’t leave material with the crowd, nor contact info with the DJ!

What good is a high energy, catchy-hook performance, if you don’t leave the crowd your music? You didn’t leave the crowd a cd of your song (or mixtape), flyers for your next performance, or even rally towels with your logo for branding. How are they going to follow up with you and begin being a fan? Why did you even perform? Just to post an Instagram video? Bruh, what better way to gain fans, than by giving them something to remember you by? Screaming your IG name out at the end of the song will do nothing. Have you ever heard someone in the crowd say “repeat that IG name fam”? No.

Why, why, why, do you come shake the DJs hand, tell him this that and the third, exchange meaningless contact info, but not give him a true reason to PLAY your record when you’re not present? Leave me something. Anything. A flash drive with your hit record, business card, or even email me your music (and follow up, but that’s another topic). Don’t bring a performance CD and then ask for your CD back. USBs are cheap, leave me one, go get another. Why get my info and never send an email for thoughts on the record or ask if I can put it into rotation for you? Artists, you got to do better.

These are my #ViewsFromDaBooth. I have witnessed artists that have hot songs, but no physical material to promote to potential fans. Nothing to help them brand themselves and set them apart, nothing to make me remember them by or want to even play their record on a hot club night. Leave the crowd something, you will gain potential fans, trust me.

DJ 3000



#ViewsFromDaBooth is a biweekly article from the south’s newest record breaker, DJ 3000. DJ 3000 is creator of mixtape series Off Da Brick, Finesse Game Strong, Private Party Kush, and DJ or Die Tryin’. He currently DJs at various night clubs in the Atlanta area, and you can catch him live every Thursday at 8 pm on Nu Radio. Follow DJ 3000 on Instagram and Twitter @3000_da_dj

“The Last Laugh”Stand-up Comedy @ Tir Na Nog

  • Bruce Walton

It seems as though the comedy scene in Daytona Beach is getting harder and harder to find. With the recent closing of a couple of comedy clubs it seems that the only time we can catch comedy is when the Peabody Auditorium brings a celebrity comic and that may be every blue moon. After searching and searching I finally found a place that does comedy and the great part about it is they let locals perform.

The Tir Na Nog lets a group of comics host stand-up comedy every Wednesday at their bar. One Wednesday they let their veterans perform stand-up and on the following Wednesday they have open mic comedy. I was very pleased at what I saw this past Wednesday so I would like to introduce you to the comics.

The first person is Zach Bennett. He is our host and comic. His comedy is very natural but witty. Its almost as if he’s having regular conversation but it just so happens to be funny. He also shows great participation and support with the comics on stage.

The first performer of the night was Ian Perna. He does a great “In your face” style of comedy. Very laid back demeanor but you still get the feeling that he could kick your ass. He has no problem dealing with the crowd and hecklers. I don’t know what type of wrap Joe Rogan has as a comedian but he reminds me of him and I like Joe Rogan so thats not a bad thing in my eyes.

The next comic to the stage was Joe Lovece. Joe is a set up, punch line, type of comic. Even in his set-ups he still might catch you out of no where with a punchline. His comedy reminds me of some one who would work for a sketch comedy show or a studio audience, sitcom type of show.

Our next comic to the stage was Sareth Ney. Sareth is definitely not scared to go there. He made it very clear that he is proud of his “dirty mind”. Don’t get it twisted though, his jokes definitely have cleverness to them. And his jokes are back to back so you definitely get your fill when you watch him. The most impressive things about his show is that he actually changed his clothing and became an entirely different character which is his alter ego “Wu Man Chu”. Wu Man Chu is a character inspired from the infamous rap crew “Wu Tang Clan” with a mixture of a super hero. I wish I took a picture of the costume but he definitely diverted my attention away from my camera. I was interested in exactly where he was going with it. He didn’t let me down.

The next comic to the stage was Blair Baker. One thing I can say about Blair is she has great stage presence. She works the stage very well and she just has a pleasantness about her. Very spunky. Her comedy was well rounded. Energetic, witty, risky, sexy.

Moving right along we have Annie Pozzella. One of her strong points was that she definitely gets you very involved with her story. To the point where you are imagining exactly what is happening. Her style of comedy is “Hey, family. Here’s how my day went” and its lighthearted and funny at the same time.

The next comic to the stage is Rica Marie. I actually know Rica personally from our Performing Arts class at Daytona State College. She has always had an up beat energy about her. Her comedy is just the same. She even had some raunchy yet bashful moments which gave her comedy a cute feeling to them.

The closer for the night was Sean Beagan who was also the birthday boy. His comedy was definitely polished. He didn’t seem like he had to write much because the way he improvised on the spot was quite impressive. His jokes were definitely well structured and clever. He works the crowd very well and seems to understand the vibe in the room.

Although he didn’t really perform our other host was Marty Labbe. I wanted to introduce him, too.

All-In-All, I was pleased and refreshed. But don’t take my word for it I would definitely go check them out. The variety will give you your feel of what you need. There were moments where i burst out laughing, moments where I was embarrassed, and moments where I were genuinely just intrigued. We definitely need to support things like this. I would definitely like to see this thing grow. My only regret is that I didn’t get video to show you some clips but I won’t forget next time. Thank you for having me and see you next Wednesday

Next Show – Wednesday, April 6th – Open Mic Comedy – Tir Na Nog Irish Bar 612 E International Speedway BLVD, Daytona Beach,FL 32118

Crowd Control Broke The Knob!!


Crowd Control was a concert to remember. Marley Paper Boy and Lennoxx CEO of Flyboyz Productions provided a historic platform for the independent hip hop scene of Atlanta with over 500 people in attendance. DJ Chopsticks manned the turntables while the legendary voice of Fort Knox kept the crowd entertained. Crowd control was an example of how powerful the Underground Atlanta Hip Hop culture has become. The show had several standout performers such as: GFZ Smurfey, Ovadoze, Jake Manino, Young Bo, Fleetwood Fred, Wolf and Nardo, Ze Forte, IMP D, Dan Diego, CJ The Drummer, EWC3, Ryan Milla, Young OG Rob and the list goes on. Club base was at capacity from 9pm to 3am, the diverse crowd showed great energy the entire concert. The New Atlanta movement is impressive. Crowd Control was inviting and refreshing providing much needed creativity and innovation for hip hop culture. Keedie’s Corner will be there to tell the story as the New Atlanta movement grows, so stay tuned. 

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Photo Cred: Marq of POP Films and Dr8nn

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