Congratulations to the cast and crew of Keedie’s Corner Productions 48hr film project

By: Keidra Ponder

Many thanks and well wishes to the crew and cast of Keedie’s Corner Productions 48hr film project. The hours were long but fun, the crew got the assignment Friday evening and got straight to work. As the hours dwindled the cast grew anxious to receive the script. Everyone was on pins as needles as midnight struck but the writers successfully pulled it off.

Saturday the crew and the cast came to film, no one came to play! I was very impressed with the amount of effort the cast put into their roles and dialogue, like where did they pull those talents from in such a short amount of time? The crew was very attentive and set the atmosphere to make our vision come to reality. By that night we were all dragging, but we pressed on and finished strong.

I appreciate everyone involved, this couldn’t have been possible without the team. Our short film, “Welcome home Billmores” exemplifies the true nature of family you love them for who they are no matter what. The screening is this evening and I am looking forward to seeing the gang back together, looking very much like the stars they are!

Check out our behind the scenes footage shot by Wild Boy Woody. The film will be available for viewing soon so stay tuned….

Here’s a a list of cast and crew in no particular order:

Chef Damian Miller
LisaNana Stephens
DavidIroko Azikiwe Anyogu
ShayBritney Chappell
GinaGIGI Zhao Chen
ChaseTyliv Bonaparte
MikeReagen Mutombo
KathyJess L’Hommedieu
JordanIveon Sprangle
TaylorSharita Barnaby
SeanKarwyn Thompson
WillLou Lindsey
JermaineJames Lee
HostTony Person
DirectorKeidra Ponder
ProducerChantelle Labranch
Line ProducerJessica L’Hommedieu
WriterKeszmen Bell
2nd WriterIveon Sprangle
Camera OpTishari Claiborne
1st ACWayne J. Wright Jr.
BTSJaquan Harris
EditorSean Mills

Keedie’s Corner will be participating in the 48 Hour Film Project

By: Keidra Ponder

You can catch the crew of Keedie’s Corner Productions in the Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project. This is the world’s largest and oldest film festival that takes place in 130 cities on 6 different continents. This gives the winners from each city an invite to the annual year end event – Filmapalooza! This year we plan to bring home the gold, in order to do so we must include 3 elements in our film; the required character, prop and line.

This will is my fourth year participating in the festival, I enjoy the thrill of only having 48 hours to write, produce and edit a short film. No sleep, no eat, just film! (I’m kidding we eat but there is barely any sleep, lol!) Being on the edge makes me pull out creativity I didn’t know I had locked away. Being at the screening seeing our ideas play out before my eyes is so humbling. We’ve won a few awards, but we’re aiming to attend the Cannes Film Festival for the Short Film Corner.

The festival kicks off this Friday so stay tuned as we will be posting behind the scenes and more. Follow us to stay connected

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Twitter: @keediecorner

Youtube: Keedie’s Corner

Natural Remedies for Stress & Anxiety

Written by Kris Dano

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at one time or another. The basic difference between stress and anxiety is that stress is a spontaneous reaction to a situation. In contrast, anxiety can be defined as a reaction to stress. Stress can cause difficulty in sleeping, feeling of pressure, depression, and others if not tackled on time. In comparison, anxiety can cause fear or apprehension, which can be very mild or even severe at times.

Today’s lifestyles and ways of living are the major cause of stress in most people. They encounter it almost every day, and it can hamper their thought process, mindset, focus, and intellect. Dealing with stress and anxiety can be traumatic, but don’t worry, it is treatable. While some people aid themselves with medication, others cure it with natural remedies.

Here are a few Natural Remedies that Can Alleviate Stress and Anxiety effectively:

  1. Exercise 

Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to reduce stress hormones arising in any situation.

It is a great way of burning anxious energy, and researchers as well brace this method. The benefits of exercise are at their peak when the physical activities during exercise are performed daily. As it is beneficial for not just your physical health; it’s also good for mental well being. Studies also manifest that exercise can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and mitigate the effects of stress.

Seeing the positive effects of exercises in combating stress, psychologists are now studying- ‘how a 10-minute walk can relieve anxiety, stress, and, even depression.’ Some studies have concluded that exercise can work quickly in elevating the depressed mood of people prone to stress. Although the effects may be temporary, they show that a simple physical activity can relieve stress and anxiety for several minutes and even hours. 

  1. Interacting With Animals

It is experienced by a myriad of people and even shown by studies that interacting with animals can be a perfect remedy for a stressful day. The majority of pet owners are clear about the fact that their pet is a reason for their immediate joys. Sharing their lives with animals, such people are less prone to the symptoms causing stress and anxiety. Many pets, including dogs and cats, can lower stress, anxiety and counter depression. Moreover, a pet can also help in the healthy aging process of its owners by bringing joy to life, boosting vitality.

Interacting with animals is one of the best ways to treat stress. It has been found in studies too that people who have a pet experience the greatest health gain. A pet does not mean that it has to be a dog or cat. Even watching fish in the aquarium can help in reducing stress and relieve anxiety.

  1. Practicing Meditation

Meditation is a proven method to tackle stress and anxiety for thousands of years. Earlier, considered as a way to understand the deeper meaning of the sacred and mystical forces of life, meditation nowadays is beneficial in fighting many illnesses that are incurable by other means. For this reason, meditation is often used for relaxation and relieving both stress and anxiety. Many types of meditation are practiced today by people of all ages, that include mindfulness, spiritual, focused, mantra, and even yoga is a type of meditation.

Meditation, if practiced daily for as few as 10 minutes, can help in greatly reducing the level of stress and decrease anxiety to achieve a sense of peace and relaxation. Meditation is also considered a type of complementary medicine, which can build a profound state of relaxation and bring serenity to mind.

It has many health benefits like:

  • Reducing Stress
  • Controlling Anxiety
  • Promoting emotional health and mental stability
  • Bringing serenity to the mind
  • Improving sleep cycle
  • Helping in maintaining blood pressure
  1. Listening To Music

In stressful times, listening to music can make you feel elated. Music is a proven method that is known to build concentration and improve focus. It can be utilized to regulate mood, bringing calmness, serenity, and reducing impulsive behaviors.

It has been long proven that listening to soothing music not only can improve mental health. But, it can also boost physical health. Scientifically speaking, music helps keep our minds sharp and builds awareness, particularly in our senescence. Anyone can use music in day to day life to achieve stress benefits and counter anxiety.

Below are some of the benefits of listening to music:

  • It makes you happier.
  • It strengthens memory and develops concentration. 
  • It improves verbal intelligence.
  • It reduces depression and eases anxiety.
  • It helps in improving mental health.

To End,

Living in the 21st century, rising levels of stress and anxiety amongst the masses is quite common. Though many ways can be fruitful in battling stress and anxiety like gifting customizable lockets and other gifts, but natural remedies discussed in this blog are among the most beneficial.