Artist in the Spotlight: Yoshi

A mastermind of his time, Cincinnati, Ohio native, Christopher “Y0$#! (Yoshi)” Jackson brings his own vibe to the definition of Hip-Hop. The “Cat in the Hat That Can Rap” better known as Yoshi is an innovative lyricist, with an undeniable sound.  Yoshi peculiar style is brought froth through his underground movement and mainstream industry presence. Yoshi thrives onContinue reading “Artist in the Spotlight: Yoshi”

Captain Shel helps keep 90’s cartoons alive with his art!

The former Daytona Beach native rose to popularity fairly quickly since his October 2016 start. His passion for art came a lot earlier in his life though. “I probably was like 10 years old when I truly had a passion for art. I was always doodling in class. What inspired me was when I watchedContinue reading “Captain Shel helps keep 90’s cartoons alive with his art!”

Artist In the Spot Light: Disko Boogie

Created by: @b_utifulsoul Dwight Sparks, born in Inglewood, is an American/International hip-hop music producer, songwriter, and artist.  He has released 4 mixtapes as part of his #StarzOnMarz series, as well as his #BoogieNitez project in which he mostly produced himself. He also has many celebrity features on his tapes as well as works with biggerContinue reading “Artist In the Spot Light: Disko Boogie”