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Artist in the Spotlight: Yoshi

IMG_3665A mastermind of his time, Cincinnati, Ohio native, Christopher “Y0$#! (Yoshi)” Jackson brings his own vibe to the definition of Hip-Hop. The “Cat in the Hat That Can Rap” better known as Yoshi is an innovative lyricist, with an undeniable sound.  Yoshi peculiar style is brought froth through his underground movement and mainstream industry presence. Yoshi thrives on giving life to his listeners and spectators through music. Bringing people of all cultural backgrounds together by creating great vibes and memories; while avoiding any social boundaries or racial standards is what Yoshi’s movement is all about. You can catch him out in a top hat with 2 different shoes and 2 watches.

Using diverse group genres to express himself musically, some says his sound reminds them of EDM, while others say it’s an alternative flow. Yoshi also works in sound design as he can vocally mimic almost any sound including those of the music and film industry. When producing and creating mixtape drops, his voice is usually mistaken for samples. In the Mario world , it is quite rare to find a Yoshi. In the real world, is even rarer. Through the dynamics of his flow, he is able to derive a verse from any musical element; giving life to his listeners and spectators through music. His albums include; Goofi Juice 3: Lord of the Juice, Goofi Juice 4: The Hangover and Portal Tickets to Wonderland.

IMG_3663Yoshi has opened for a number of artist including; Migos, 2 Chainz, Scotty Atl, Sean Paul of the Young Bloodz, Zoe Dollaz, Tuki Carter, Quinton Miller and more. Blessing the mic at A3C16, Yoshi took part in the Guinness World Record for the longest cypher. During A3C17 Yoshi received more like than Nas (via A3C app) for the number one ranked artist of A3C17. You can expect to see more of Yoshi as he will perform on Makin’ It Mag’s ATX Soundstage during SXSW18. Always anticipate a show when this “Cat in the Hat That Can Rap” is on the mic. For more event information follow Yoshi on Instagram @kingyoshiman and on his website Yoshi Crew .

By: Keidra Ponder and Christopher Jackson




Captain Shel helps keep 90’s cartoons alive with his art!


The former Daytona Beach native rose to popularity fairly quickly since his October 2016 start. His passion for art came a lot earlier in his life though.

“I probably was like 10 years old when I truly had a passion for art. I was always doodling in class. What inspired me was when I watched nickelodeon and illustrators  demonstrated how to draw your favorite cartoons. I was so fascinated by it and really wanted to draw like them” – Captain Shel




Shel’s artwork on canvas soon transitioned to artwork on clothing. Having something to hang on your wall is one thing, but having it to wear around is being real awareness to the 90’s style and culture.

“I stayed with 90s because it brings really good vibes and memories to the people who loved that 90’s cartoon era. It was a way for me to bring in people’s attention.”




“The first piece that went viral was the Rugrats Jersey. It was very unexpected and exciting. But I always been mentally ready for it to take off, just playing the waiting game.”


Ever since his viral video Shel has been moving non stop! Especially since every request is custom. Every thing he does is hand draw and painted from scratch which adds to the authenticity. I asked him what was the most difficult starting off and he said it was teaching himself how to get better and learning how to be more efficient from watching artist before him.

The toughest thing about doing request is that sometimes people may want art that he isn’t familiar with. One request he got was the original Mickey Mouse when it was first released. Although, I believe Captain Shel is ready to venture off into other realms of art, I feel that right now he wants to focus on the 90’s.




Being an artist is difficult. You have to be in the right state of mind to create art and new ideas. I asked Shel about the difficulty being an artist :

“The toughest part about being an artist is when you’re not in the right state of mind sometimes. Your brain can go blank and ideas don’t pop up. Sometimes it means you need to just take a little break, but never give up!”


When his mind goes blank and he needs a brief break, I asked Shel what gets his mind back motivated :

“The City of Daytona really helped me out because I just want to bring success back to the city and show the youth they can do whatever you want as long as you believe. With so much going on in the city, you have to find something positive to replace the bad.” 


All-in-all everyone has a final goal. Captain Shel said his final goal is to simply be known as an artist that can paint on clothing, canvases, and any object he puts his mind to. “Sky is the limit!”, he concludes.


I see Shel as a very humble artist who is really just glad that he can bring the wave of the 90’s back into the public eye. Show your support! God bless

Contact :

Facebook: captain_shel
Instagram: captain_shel

Written by Bruce Walton

Artist In the Spot Light: Disko Boogie

Created by: @b_utifulsoul


Dwight Sparks, born in Inglewood, is an American/International hip-hop music producer, songwriter, and artist.  He has released 4 mixtapes as part of his #StarzOnMarz series, as well as his #BoogieNitez project in which he mostly produced himself. He also has many celebrity features on his tapes as well as works with bigger artist in the industry. He is best known for his production of “Episode” by E40, Chris Brown and TI and also for his feature on E40’s “I be on my Sh*t”.  Disko has performed worldwide from Tokyo and Okinawa, Japan to Arizona, South Carolina, and other major cities in California such as, Long Beach, Hollywood, San Jose, Orange County, and the Bay area.

His music has the wide-ranging of R&B mixed with new school and old school hip-hop. He encourages his listeners to listen with an open mind and soul to his real life experiences. He has worked with the likes of Problem, Dej Loaf, Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar, Ty Dolla Sign, Yg, Wc, Joe Moses, Keak da Sneak, B legit, Dj Quik, and many more. Disko Boogie’s major influence comes from the sounds of Dr Dre, Dj Quick’s song “Black P*ssy” in particular, and recent artist by the names of Kanye West, Drake, Nipsey Hussle, and YG.



Social Media


Twitter/IG: @DiskoBoogie

Google: Disko Boogie



Japan Tour

Japanese promoter link:



“I be on my Sh*t”

“50 million”

“After Party”

“Tell that”




Yoda Joka : Artist on the rise

Yoda Joka

There’s a young artist on the rise and he goes by the name of Yoda Joka.His grind and dedication will take him far, but his struggle is what got him here.Yoda is born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Eastside to be correct. Having a Haitian, Jamaican background, Yoda Joka is bilingual, speaking English and Creole. He is a very intelligent artist, recently graduating high school in 2013.

Being from a big family Kevens “Yoda Joka” Louis was the favorite son but also the hard-headed one. He cites music as something that saved him from his troubles.He has roughly 10 years of rapping under his belt and some of his influences includes: Cassidy, Bob Marley,  Rich Homie Quan, Koolaid from Dade County and Barikad Crew from Port Au Prince. He hopes his music influences people in a positive way. Yoda Joka started the “No Zoe Left Behind Empire” movement to uplift people, and encourage them to be unified and productive.

Yoda Joka hails from the label Bully Music Gang and is affiliated with Island Boy. As of now, his biggest accomplishments are  finishing up his first album,  and starting his clothing label. Yoda Joka’s album, “6AM Dope Move” is set to drop May 18, Haitian Day. His album has features from artist such as Kid Convict, Stan – Lo and Zoe MC. Some notable singles include: “Dirty South”, “This World is Ours” and “Island Boys Anthem”. If you’re looking for originality and style check out Yoda Joka’s clothing line, “P.E.M.D.A.S.” ( Please Excuse My Dope Ass Swag).

This entrepreneur is performing throughout South Florida, and he’s making moves to take him world-wide. Follow him on social media to keep up with his movement at the following; Instagram – @yoda_joka, Facebook – Kevin YodaJoka Louis, Twitter – @yodajoka and YouTube – Yoda_Joka. Also you can Email him at for inquiries on booking, features and clothing.



Click here to listen to “Island Boys Anthem” by Yoda Joka

Click here to listen to “Dirty South” by Yoda Joka



Written by Keidra Ponder

Published by Keedie’s Corner 2014