Natural Professional Bodybuilder Athlete of the Year : Diana Hubbard

  When you see a person with an amazing physique your first reaction is always to drop your jaw in awe. Why so? Think of the first thing that comes to mind. Dedication. Will power. Discipline. Even obsession, in some cases.  These types of things don’t come over night. In fact, A lot of peopleContinue reading “Natural Professional Bodybuilder Athlete of the Year : Diana Hubbard”

Melanin & Chlorophyll – Similarities and More!

All our lives we’ve been taught that too much sun is bad for us. We’ve been taught about how cancerous it can be. How hot it is. The list goes on. Yet, we are hardly taught the benefits of the sun. As of recent, I started sun gazing. It is a practice that has beenContinue reading “Melanin & Chlorophyll – Similarities and More!”

This Mom Stayed In Shape After 5 Kids!

Meet Venus Tutu! We stubbled across her after the picture below went viral! Of course curiosity flew around wondering how in the world did she manage to do it! Most women are concerned about how their body will bounce back after pregnancy. Their bodies endure so much between weight gain and the stretching of theContinue reading “This Mom Stayed In Shape After 5 Kids!”