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Get on Track with Singer / Song Writer Marquise Henderson

The Corner highlights a young man making a way for himself in the music industry. Marquise is an accomplished songwriter, in addition to being a singer, vocal producer, model, actor and an artist. He has endured many hardships being born in Texas and raised in Daytona Beach, Fl. For Marquise to elevate in his career, he had to leave his comfort zone, he now resides in Peoria, IL. This move led him to start his own journey in life and Keedie’s Corner is here to tell his story.



•So how long have you been working in this field?

• Professionally I have been working as a songwriter since 2008. I have worked on a number of projects and also I have worked with a plethora of different artist, including; Cassie (Bad Boy), N.O.R.E. (Def Jam/ Roc-La-Familia/Babygrande Records/Conglomerate), Stevie J. (Bad Boy/Love and Hip Hop Atlanta) and  Benzino/Dave Mayz (Source Magazine/Hip Hop Weekly Magazine) are a few clients.

●What made you lean towards this career path?

● Ever since I was young I’ve always had a passion for music, and a niche for singing and writing. It just felt right for me to pursue music 100%. My mother was a great musician who was murdered at a young age. From hearing everyone in my family talk about her story and how she could’ve really made it, I felt almost as if it was my destiny to follow in her footsteps and accomplish what she was supposed to.

What was your best achievement in this field thus far?

● I feel as though my best achievement thus far is having the songs that I’ve written being  played on the radio, like the N.O.R.E. and Cassie song I penned, “Baby Girl”. It was Dope because not only did I write it, they kept my vocals on the track from where I referenced the track for her. I was super excited to see how good of a reaction the song received! Another achievement for me was to be apart of the first season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta with Stevie J and Benzino.That was a major blessing and experience I will never forget!

What is your main hardship or difficulty working in this line of work?

● I feel the main difficulty working in this industry for most is not understanding the years of hard work behind the scenes you have to do before anyone knows who you are. I literally use to write songs and come up with concepts before they knew my real name, and not some made up nickname they gave me. For some, instant gratification is something they feel they need and unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. It takes years of hard work before anyone knows who you are.

● What is a funny or lighthearted moment you can remember in your career?

• I remember when I was at my first video shoot with Stevie J (Bad Boy/ Love and Hip Hop) and Benzino (Source Magazine/ Hip Hop Weekly), we were in between scenes and this girl asked me for a picture and my autograph. I looked at her like she was crazy and hesitated for a minute and then Stevie J laughed at me and was like, “Give her your autograph and your number, Welcome to Stardom Young Boy”. Looking back at that day I was one of the main frontmen for the video and I still hadn’t realized it yet. Everytime I think about it I burst out laughing.

● What advice do you have for up & coming songwriters who plan to pursue this career path?

• Work hard, stay humble, and be patient. So many people want to just do 1 or 2 things and they feel like they’ve earned their way into stardom. It doesn’t work like that, being humble and understanding the amount of hours it takes to become a professional is very important. Without dedication and patience you wont survive.


● Are you affiliated with any companies or organizations?

• Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, Plush Recording Studios, Orlando Recording Studios (ORS) and Heavi Boy Records.

● What past work or future work can we look up or look forward to?

•This summer I am releasing an EP entitled “Love Marquise”, the first of 3 installments. Im releasing those through itunes, google play, and my website


“First Class” Music Video ft Benzino, Stevie J , and Marquise <—link

How can the readers follow you on social networks?



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Written by: Keidra Ponder
Published by: Keedie’s Corner  2014

Explore Celebration Inflation balloon decor with Patronda Austin

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Her name is Patronda Austin, she’s working out of Deland, Fl. and she’s the owner of Celebration Inflation.Patronda specializes in custom balloon decor for any occasion.


Her fascination with balloons started about 2 years ago while planning her daughter’s baby shower, it was there she created her first balloon columns and pacifier centerpieces. She couldn’t sleep thinking about what she wanted to create next! “I just love creating pieces and seeing my clients reaction! So I decided to research balloon art a little more and came across a balloon seminar website that absolutely took my breathe away! Who knew you could do so much with balloons! From fun to Faaaabulous! I cant help but smile and laugh when I think of creating! I love bringing smiles to faces and wow to places!”


After posting a few pics on Facebook and word of mouth, she started getting calls almost everyday inquiring about her services. Patronda has always done party planning and decor for family , friends and associates,but none for paying customers.


Have you ever went to a reception, party or gathering and left in an awe from the beautiful decor? Well if you ever get invited to a party decorated by Celebration Inflation that’s exactly how Patronda Austin will leave you feeling. She has a niche for party planning and using balloons to create beautiful center pieces and columns.


Come to Patronda’s annual Luau party if you’re interested in having a good time and seeing her work on display.


Luau history….”The Luau party started 9 years ago when I said to myself, I’m going to host

 a themed party f

or my birthday! The party is hosted in Deland, Fl. Everyone came out and participated, th

ey bragged how beautiful and nice it was, and wanted me to do it again! My party has become a well known must see event! People come from all surrounding cities to enjoy themselves. Unfortunately last year I canceled because of the weather and I thought they were gonna hang me! So this year the luau is in full effect on May 2nd!”

Please don’t hesitate to call Patronda Austin the next time your need balloon decor. It’s clear from the pictures above that she does her thing with the balloons. Let’s Inflation Creation blow you away! “What’s a party without balloons? ”


Written by: Keidra Ponder and Victor Evans

Published by Keedie’s Corner,  2014


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From the Bay to L.A. – Mikeal Seabury (Choreographer, Dancer, Model)


       WHAT IS DANCE???

“Dance is an art. It is used to express emotions & thoughts. Dance has no limits, nor does it have a specific style. It allows you to be creative and to bring your imagination to life using movement. Most importantly, dance allows you to be free.” – Mikeal Seabury

noun: art; plural noun: arts; plural noun: the arts
  1. 1.
    the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
    “the art of the Renaissance”
    As you can see above, the word “art” is generally used as a noun. Mikeal Seabury shows exemplary  dance skills which definitely can transform the word art into a verb. So if you wanted to create the word “arting” to replace the word dance, Mikeal’s work would definitely personify the change.
    We first discovered Mikeal at B.J. of da Young Hustlerz music video shoot “From Da Front” in Sacramento, CA. She danced and did the choreography work. Great shoot by Ulterior Brain Media. Antoine Tramble, whom produces background music for shows such as “America’s Top Model”, was leader of the operation and invited Mikeal to the shoot.  Before and after she made other music video appearances, including an E-40 video. Mikeal is here to give you the inside scoop of how it started…and where it may head, next.
    Music has always been a focal point in Mikeal’s life from the beginning. Her mother told her that, while she was pregnant with her, she would always play music and sing to her. One day her mother let her tag along to a dance class. Then and there Mikeal discovered her love for the art. She would learn the choreography of the dance routines simply from watching her mother dance at her class through a glass window. Soon after Mikeal began to watch Hip-Hop music videos and which she would learn the choreography to. So every time the music videos would come on television Mikeal would dance along with the choreography as if she rehearsed with the actual crew. As she got older she began to follow Aaliyah very closely. Aaliyah was a R&B artist born in Brooklyn, NY. She was signed to record company’s such as Jive records and Atlantic records in which she worked along side artist such as Timberland, R.Kelly and Missy Elliott. In 2001 Aaliyah was aboard a flight that crashed in which she did not survive. She was among the top 27 most successful R&B artist in history. Though the people loved her voice, Mikeal fell in love with the eloquence in her dance and choreography. This what made Aaliyah the perfect figure to follow from her point of view.
    “She was flawless at executing moves, and I wanted to express myself how she did. I learned every choreography piece from every video she had. Aaliyah is the reason why I started to dance. From the songs “Back and Forth” to “Rock the boat” I will always be inspired by her (R.I.P Aaliyah).” – Mikeal Seabury
    It was back in her home town where Mikeal learned that dance was more than just a thing, it was a life style. She discovered an under world and thriving community of dancers in The Bay Area. This is what introduced her to the culture of dance.  With this she learned there were different genre’s of dancing as well.
    “My favorite genre of music is Dancehall and Reggae. Although I enjoy hip hop and R&B, they way reggae and dancehall music makes me feel is indescribable. Dancehall and reggae is a style of dance from Jamaica. They have names for a lot of their dances. For example, they have dances called “nuh linga” and “cow foot” and many variations of those dances. I consider reggae and dancehall to be “feel good” music. When it comes on and I hear the bass line, I can’t help but to start moving. I’ve competed in there cultural dancehall queen competitions and have even dance for a Dancehall Queen. The culture is just so beautiful and I fell in love with it.” – Mikeal Seabury
    Mikeal quickly got indulged in the battle style form of dance. It’s  sort of like a competition but it is self induced. A pack of dancers stand-off to strut their dance moves in sort of a Hip-Hop style mosh pit. This it what gained a lot of respect and exposure to underground dancers. You had to always stay sharp, prepared, and ready to freestyle dance at any moment. Through this form of dance, Mikeal was discovered by a dance crew called “High Performance”. She soon met her mentors Gooch, whom taught her how to perform, and Kato, from the legendary crew H.A. (Housing Authority). Along with Wiley Sparks, Mikeal’s mentors slowly modeled her to prepare her for her big leap…Los Angeles.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Mikeal made her first commercial appearance in E-40’s music video “Function” featuring Y.G. She then danced on 106 & Park with a choreographer she used to work with. Her latest work was in French Montana’s music video “Freaks” ft Nicki Minaj. The young dancer also appeared in several commercials, one being for Pepsi, which she expressed was her best experience yet.
    ” I’ve been living in L.A. for about 2 years now and the experience has been everything needed to grow and to become strong. The industry is hard and you must have thick skin to survive out here. I’m currently a full time student at The Arts Institute perusing fashion design as a major and also on the entertainment side I am currently working on a movie called “Poetic Dancehall” written and directed by James Turner. I am playing as character named Candice. In addition to acting I am also the dance choreographer for the movie. I’m also working on another project that I can’t mention just yet but let’s just say the future is looking real promising.  I absolutely love dance.12 years dancing and 8 years professionally. I have an emotional attachment to this art. It has never failed me and has brought me up whenever I was feeling down. Dance is my release in life. As quoted by Martha Graham,” Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” “
    Be on the look out for this young lady. She is definitely on the rise to the top. Keedie’s Corner will definitely be there, every step of the way, to watch this young woman blossom into a star.

    Dancer/ Model/ Choreographer all around entertainer lover of dancehall… For inquires and booking email:

    twitter – onejoosi

    Los Angeles,CA ·



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    Published by Keedies Corner / Writen by Bruce Walton Jr & Keidra Ponder