MJ vs LeBron : A Different Breakdown

Written by Bruce Walton Jr aka Chunta Ankh First, I’d like to say rest in peace to the legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna aka Gigi. With how crazy 2020 has been, the situation still feels unreal. His loss definitely made me realize my own mortality. Kobe’s dedication to the game was unmatched. TheContinue reading “MJ vs LeBron : A Different Breakdown”

LeBron James Doing What He Has to Do in the NBA Finals

http://finance.yahoo.com/news/weve-never-seen-anything-lebron-172351200.html LeBron James is in the middle of one of the most exceptional performances in NBA Finals history. If you go backwards from the moment the Cavs make any given basket, you’ll almost always find that LeBron was, in some way, the origin. Consider the degree of difficulty for what LeBron is attempting to do.