The back story behind the Drake & Meek Mill beef.

First off, I think for people to thoroughly understand the situation they should understand, first, what a “Ghost writer” is and what a “Collaborator” is. A ghost writer is someone (usually underground) who writes a song for someone (usually mainstream or well known) and the artist performs/records the lyrics word for word. The ghost writerContinue reading “The back story behind the Drake & Meek Mill beef.”

Safaree finally speaks on the Nicki Minaj breakup

There has been a lot of lashing out from Nicki Minaj when it came to this split up. Words such as “corny” and “whack” have been used to describe former boy friend Safaree. Nicki has even been rumored to be dating MMG rapper Meek Mill as they were seen in several photos together. On theContinue reading “Safaree finally speaks on the Nicki Minaj breakup”

The Malaysian Plane Crash May Be A Major Blow To AIDS Research | ThinkProgress

Among the Malaysian passengers were health care workers, doctors,  scientist and researchers. Sadly those workers are still missing are some believe they may have had the cure for AIDS. See below for more details