Views From Da Booth: Small Wins, Big Rewards

Seems like last year we witnessed the sprouting of many new businesses and break out artists. Almost as if it was an explosion in creativity and testing the boundaries. For all of those watching, these ideas came out of nowhere, fully developed – but for those that know, understand the polished product went through many ups and downs until it was finally delivered to the public.

The first quarter of 2017, I want you to gather as many small wins as you can. First win should come from meeting and working with the best producer you can afford. Make a connection, decide on a single, and get it mixed and mastered. Seems simple enough, right? Let’s move to the next win.

The second win comes after you created the best song possible with the budget you have. Now you must find at least 5 DJs that will put your music on their mixtapes and play your song in the club. Meet these DJs in person, if possible and develop a real working relationship. Support the record by reposting their posts and showing up to the venues. Do all you can to support these DJs. It may seem small but it’s traction in the right direction.

The last win is to get your neighborhood or city behind you. You got the hot record, you can show your team you got at least 5 DJs rocking with you, now it’s time to get your numbers up. Start with 3 people, grow to 5, and then reach 10 people that will show up when you have an event.

Now let’s put all the steps together, you have a hot song that you can get buzzing in the streets, you got at least 5 DJs that’s spinning the record and putting it on their mixtapes and you have ten fans showing up supporting you at your shows. Sounds like a movement to me, sounds like you’re making waves in your city. Sounds like you’re one more small step from taking off and getting these paid shows. See you on the other side! #3000


DJ 3000 

#ViewsFromDaBooth is an informative article for artist from the south’s newest record breaker, DJ 3000. DJ 3000 is creator of mixtape series Off Da Brick, Finesse Game Strong, Private Party Kush, and DJ or Die Tryin’. He currently DJs at various night clubs in the Atlanta area. Follow him on Instagram @3000_da_DJ.


#ViewsFromDaBooth: Before You Leave the Studio

As I grow as a DJ and reach new platforms, I still stay true to those artists  that first rocked with me. The ones that came to the showcases, got slots on my mixtapes, and came to be a face in the crowd at my many venues, those are the ones that I will reach back to and bring with me to the next level. With that said, in 2017 take care of the basics before you leave the studio so your transition to these bigger stages will be that much easier.

Before you leave that studio, before you walk out that booth, make a clean version of your song! Don’t wait weeks to go back and make a clean version, do it right then and there. Not only does it save time and save you money, but you never know which one of your songs a DJ will like and will want to play on the biggest platform still around, FM radio. Too many times I am ready to play an artist’s song that I am working with, but he or she does not have a clean version of their song. Even worse, they can’t get access to their sessions to even make the clean version, which brings me to the next topic.

In 2017, take more control of your music and your situation. Buy a $50-$75 external hard drive and when you finish that session, tell the engineer to load up that Pro Tools session onto your hard drive. Why? How many of y’all studio hop? How many of y’all can’t get back in touch with the engineer in a timely fashion? So what do you do? You take your hard drive and your session to the next studio and keep it moving. Y’all know engineers are like barbers, if you don’t come back the next week, they act funny, and move slow. Forget the headaches, travel with your sessions so you can get to work at any time.

The last basic I need y’all to get back to, is having great artwork for your lead and follow up single. Before we see you, we see your artwork, which inherently represents you. Stop letting your homeboys do ya artwork. Spend the $50 for great artwork. Hell, if you look hard enough on Instagram you can find great graphic artists that will do mixtape and single covers for $20.

2017 cover the basics. You can’t count to 3 without 1 and 2. Cover the basics and the rest will flow naturally. Control what you can and outsource the rest. Let’s cover the essentials and save time and money. #3000!


DJ 3000 

#ViewsFromDaBooth is an informative article for the artist from the South’s newest record breaker, DJ 3000. DJ 3000 is creator of mixtape series Off Da Brick, Finesse Game Strong, Private Party Kush, and DJ or Die Tryin’. He currently DJs at various night clubs in the Atlanta area. Follow him on Instagram @3000_da_DJ.



#ViewsFromDaBooth: What Are You Paying For?

It’s so many scammers, snakes, and wolves in sheep’s clothing in this game, that it can become hard for an artist to trust anyone, let alone pay people for services. As an independent artist, it will seem like everyone has their hand in your pocket. Let me help you navigate through the jungle of jankiness.

I know I’m gonna lose some friends on this one, but F it. Stop paying irrelevant people for online promo. Online promo? The same online that you have access to? That online? Why would you pay anyone to reach the same people that you can reach within minutes? If it’s not a true tastemaker or DJ, do not pay these people. Too many times I see “promo companies” with less followers than you have, offering online promo. It makes no sense, these people are leeches and can do absolutely nothing for your career. An obscure IG page with 300 followers has nothing to offer you that you can’t achieve by yourself. Point, blank, period.

Ok, this is a hot topic. Mainly because I’m a DJ, but let’s keep it all the way 100. Before you pay a DJ to play your music, do your research. How many days a week is he in the clubs, does he or she drop mixtapes, who have they worked with in the past, and are they on the radio are all legitimate questions that you should ask.  Each case is different, but here are two quick scenarios. DJ Abc is in the club 3 times a week, has a crowd of 100-300 people, drops monthly mixtapes, and is on the radio. This is a good investment. Your music will reach 100s of people that you can’t reach in the clubs, the mixtape is in the streets and online, and you may have a chance to be in his mix on the radio. These are things that you can’t reach, so a payment is reasonable. DJ 123 on the other hand, is in the club once a week, has less than 100 people, doesn’t drop regular mixtapes and is not on any form of radio. This DJ is not a good investment. Side note, what the DJs charge are what the DJs charge. Don’t ask about prices if you aren’t ready to make a move, DJs hate window shoppers. Why? Cuz we know you are doing nothing more than either shopping for the cheapest price or just calling to waste our time. 

Lastly, how do ya’ll feel about online radios and magazines? This is an online magazine, so I hope I don’t get in trouble! I have mixed feelings. Online radio is great if the platform is built properly and they genuinely have listeners. Then it’s a great investment. Before you pay, ask to see the numbers, subscribers, average hourly listeners and are they BDS certified, are all important things you should know before handing over money. Online magazines are similar. Find out the amount of traffic they receive, are ads being sold on the site, is the magazine current, and how often do they cover events. These things should be running through your head when deciding to pay. Don’t pay if they can’t provide you these answers. Don’t pay if the numbers don’t seem right. 

You are not just an artist, you are a business, and paying someone is your investment in your craft. Research who you are about to invest with. Ask questions for clarification, ask for results of past clients. Slow down on paying everyone and try to find the right person to pay. Pay for exposure to areas that you can’t reach on your own. Hell, paying for information that will help you save money in the long run is a good investment. Don’t be a walking paycheck for people in this industry.


DJ 3000 

#ViewsFromDaBooth is a biweekly article from the south’s newest record breaker, DJ 3000. DJ 3000 is creator of mixtape series Off Da Brick, Finesse Game Strong, Private Party Kush, and DJ or Die Tryin’. He currently DJs at various night clubs in the Atlanta area. Follow him on Instagram @3000_da_DJ.