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Somebody’s gotta tell the story, why not Keedie?


Ponder’s Publishing House can help authors bring ideas from their heads to their books, audio books, news forums and more.


Keedie’s Corner Productions offers a full line of services to help you create your next multi media production.

Project Management

Ponder’s Management Firm provides optimal business strategies while Family Solutions Firm provides sound advice for generational wealth.

  • Effective services that maximize customer gains.
  • Team of helpful experts willing to respect your vision.
  • Conceptualizing the end goal is always our first goal.

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

-John C. Maxwell

Providing a solid foundation and sound advise is at the core of any successful project. We believe in empowering individuals that empower the world.

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We are a professional group of like minded individuals joining together to empower you.

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