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Jeanette Demarigny – Post Fight Interview – Breakthrough 18


Jeanett trained 4 1/2 years at The Jungle MMA under Mauy Thia and BJJ. She became a purple belt in BJJ during the process. She says that she constantly trains but started her weight cut about 2-3 months prior to this particular fight. She has also earned two grappling tournaments in the past where she was honored with 2 NAGA gold medals.

She was particularly proud of being able to participate in the “Fight for the Cure” event with Breakthrough MMA which gave donations towards breast cancer. Thanks to all the woman whom participated. Click the video below to hear more in depth on what she had to say about her fight.

Salute to Lil Wayne on his Lil Weezyana Fest!

While there are many issues arising in America today, lets not forget about the tragedy that happened in New Orleans, with hurricane Katrina. 2015 marks the 10th year anniversary, in which Weezy celebrated with a bang. The people of New Orleans are still here and the culture is very much alive and it was evident this past weekend. The festival brought out many of Wayne’s, friends, family and idols. This event is something I hope is here to stay, Keedie’s Corner supports the movement and I am very proud to see this man keeping his eye on the prize and uplifting his city even in the midst of his own fires. Again salute Mr. Carter. Click below to check out some articles and videos on the Lil Weezyana Fest.

BET- Lil Weezyana Fest photos

Vibe reviews the top moments of Lil Weezyana Fest on the Lil Weezyana Fest

Kevin Gates Responds to Kicking Lady at Florida Show

There has been an uproar to the actions of New Orleans rap star Kevin Gates recents acts at his Florida show. From video evidence a female fan grabs Kevin Gates pants and Kevin Gates reacts with a violent kick. Here is the video below

Well, rapper Kevin Gates has finally responded in he does it in the studio. Don’t let me tell you the story listen to it for yourself. From what I’ve heard, it’s not what it may seems. Is his reasoning legit or did Kevin Gates go overboard especially with it being a female? Let us know below.  (video below)

Bruce Walton – Keedie’s Corner

Leon : The Professional (1994) Full Movie

     Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.21.10 AM

     I don’t know about you but I am a movie head! I’m mean really…I can quote you every line from the movie “Life” starring Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence. Lady : “THESE ARE WHITE ONLY PICS!”. Martin : ‘Well, do you have any NEGRO pies?”. “Eddie : Come on now Claude..where would…(chuckles) where would she get a recipe to something like that? Uhh , how far to the next stop?”. Lady : “35 miiiles”. Martin : “I’m not driving no get no pi…lady…MAM! We want some food. BILLY, we want some pie!”. Eddie : “Let me take care of this. How much is it gonna’ cost to turn one of those white only pies….inta’ nigga pies?” Lady : “How’s about I turn yaw’ll INTA’ NIGGA PIE?!”. Martin : “So, you say about how far?”. Lady : “35 Miiiles!”. Eddie ” Ain’t know white folks was so serious about pie down here.”. See, that was an accident it just came out.  A long with the movie “Next Friday” and the list goes on. I’ve decided that I would bring back some movies for our Keedie’s Corner followers. I have a thing for spotting thought provoking or hilarious movies. So I’m bring to you “Late Night Movies” with Keedie’s Corner.


     Today the movie I’m bringing to you is an action packed thriller. I don’t know wether to call it an action movie or a drama being that it has a good mix of both. This movie is starring French actor Jean Reno. Jean plays Leon, a hitman whom works for a Italian boss that doesn’t seem like a “shoot the streets up” kind of boss. More like a God father. A regulator to keep things in order. Leon is quite the killer but on the flip side he is very intriguing. He may be a tad bit mentally held back it it kinda of plays well into him meeting the next character.


     Natalie Portman. She plays Mathilda, A troubled 12 year girl old stuck in a family of a low life drug dealer father, a snobby step mom, and a stuck up, snobby step sister. She has a little brother whom she is very attached to, though. She is deftly above her time in this role. She seems to be a 30 year old trapped in a younger body. Natalie blew me away with this one. I mean, you would have thought she was a grown woman with the way she killed this role perfectly. One thing I can say is that if the actor/actress doesn’t act well it’s hard for me to follow the film. It sticks out like a sore thumb. I enjoy films where the actors is so great that I believe I’m watching a true or live story. Natalie definitely did that for me.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.20.37 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.19.58 AM

     To top it all off when have this incredible performance from Gary Oldman. He did so good that one would actually stop liking him as a person because you think the character he is playing was really him. Yes, that good. He plays a crooked cop that is, quite frankly, insane. He has a strange love for classical music and some kind of pill that he takes right before he goes on a rampage. You would just have to watch this guy in action to see exactly what I am talking about.


The Good & The Bad

    The great thing about this film is that everyone captured their roles perfectly. They either make you love them or hate them. The film has great “back against the wall” twist. Just when you think one thing is going to happen, something amazing unfolds. Also the character arcs are amazing. Even though Gary Oldman was quite unpredictable. even his arch was great. You grown with the characters and thats is part of what helps you get zoned in when you watch a movie.

The only uncomfortable part was that the 12 year old girl creates a strange relationship with an older man and it almost shuffles your concentration. But it doesn’t go over the edge so it is watchable.

     All-in-All, this movie defiantly made my top 20 movie list along with : Men of Honor, Antwone Fisher, Se7en, Fight Club, Training Day, I am Legend, Life, Book of Eli, Identity, Tsostie (independent film), Shawshank Redemption, Next Friday and Fresh just to name a few. You can check the movie out below. Hope you enjoy!

Bruce Walton – Keedie’s Corner.

How did the MTV Commercial for the “White Squad” rub you?

white sqaud

As I sat and watched the MTV Video Music Awards I noticed a commercial that was to say the least “interesting”. It was made to advertise MTV’s  Look Different Campaign. Done to shed light on racial equality, yet the skit left some with a sense of being made a mockery of. They have a website also, White Squad, which is used as a tool to make painfully clear how serious racism is. If you haven’t seen the commercial I will post it for you via YouTube;

I was tempted to call and no laugh out loud either. As an African decent, I have always had to prove my worth to get the credit I deserved, sometimes even from my own people! For us as people to find humor in horror will forever amaze me. We should wake up and understand racism and inequality is still real and very much alive in this world. You may say you understand it, but what are you willing to do about it? What will this campaign MTV is running ultimately do for people of color if we don’t stand up and do it for ourselves?

This has awaken the hunger for justice inside of me. Excuse me if I don’t laugh at the call 1-855-WHT-SQAD attempt to show people white privilege, but again that was not MTV’s angle, they are waking us up as free thinkers. We can actually have a voice and put a name on what is really going on now instead of waiting until we’re behind doors and free to talk amongst each other. I just would like this announcement to empower the entrepreneurs and leaders to start their own businesses and support each other. The only way to get respect is to have power. No respect is not earned, respect is due! Respect is due to even a dog, yet sadly it is not given to all people. Here at Keedie’s Corner,  we respect all people. One of our main focuses is to enlighten the people, so we will continue to tell the story.

By: Keidra Ponder

Keedie’s Corner LLC 2015