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Artist in the Spotlight; Sir

Ok Hustlers, we have a new artist we would like you to get acquainted with. Read along as we tell the story of Sir, Artist in the Spotlight.


Sir was born Sir William Christopher Alexander in Jacksonville, Fl. He has been writing and producing music since the age of 13. Sir is a man of great drive and personal direction and works effortlessly on improving his music day by day. Sir cites that his main influences are stars such as Drake, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Nas and Notorious B. I. G. just to name a few. Sir’s lyrics are deliberate and concise, chosen for sound, rhythm and meaning in equal measures. Having performed as a headlining act for the University of Florida’s homecoming parade in front of over 70,000 fans Sir has had ample preparation for the main stage. Sir comments “My music gives people looking for a way to express how they feel about today’s society (music, media, etc) a voice to be heard, received by the masses. His newest single “Exhausted” talks about a moment where we’ve felt exhausted about a situation knowing we should leave but failed to do so.Sir is currently being managed by Shanita Brown of NTM Group. For booking email ntmanagementgroup@gmail.com.



Artist in the Spotlight: Benita AppleBomb

I’m Mike Ice from Keedie’s Corner and today I’m with up and coming Diva Femcee, Benita Applebomb.  Hailing from Rosedale, Mississippi, she’s making a heavy buzz on the music scene, looking to land amongst the stars in the industry! So Ms. Benita can you give the viewers of The Corner an explanation of the meaning of your latest single you’re pushing?


Actually, the song explains itself. “Shake” is speaking from my personal experience. Being in the club surrounded by beautiful ladies that are confident. They have a job to do, and that’s making that money. They go hard and they aren’t selfish. Everything that is made goes into one pot and is divided from what I can tell. It’s rare that you see a group of women working together in such an environment without hostility. I am mesmerized by their grind. They inspire me. I want to dance like them and be able to give my man the entertainment and pleasure that he may seek in the strip joint.

Well said and done, now what’s the name of your current project you’re working on? What will you be intending to give the viewers on this upcoming project you’re pushing in the near future?

Currently, as a Artist, I’m working on finishing up my album. It will be a range of genres from dance to hip hop. I’m hoping it gives the ladies encouragement in whatever it is that they are pursuing. As an entrepreneur, I’m the CEO and founder of Lingerie and Pistols Entertainment. I will be doing a fashion show at Delta State University, a local college in my area. The whole concept of it is to hopefully influence the young adults to put the guns down and pick up the mic, or whatever they choose in life. There is more to life than being in a gang. Hopefully give them hope and show them that their are people in this world that has made it and they look just like you. I’m also a writer, I have “Selected Chapters of Life” which can be found in any online bookstore. However, it is not available for purchase, which I am also currently working to make available again. As a writer, I’m writing a novel about a young lady contemplating suicide. Hopefully the book will change the way the reader look at life and save our children from suicidal thoughts and actions.

Who and what was your inspiration to make you give this genre we call HIPHOP/ Rap your life?

I was inspired by finding myself. I’ve always been a fan of hip hop legends, femcees like Queen Latifah, Mc Lyte, Lil Kim, Trina, Eve, Remy Ma, etc… However, it was a late friend, Eldridge Jenkins, that inspired me to incorporate instrumentals into my poetry. That is what truly inspired me. The first time I heard one of my poems in a rap, I knew that that was my calling. Even on his death bed he would text and inbox me about not giving up on the music. He truly believed in me. That in itself is inspirational.

Very strong words and story indeed! What’s the name of your next up and coming project? Is there any artist you wish to collab with in the industry?

I’m kind of weighing in on two singles, I don’t know which one I’m going to push yet, but the titles are “Bad B* Anthem” and “Ian Jealous of No B*.” As far as collaborating goes, I would love a collaboration with one of the ladies I previously named and Dej Loaf, she is really popping and that would be colossal at this point in my career.

Being from Mississippi home of the country blues and its history of prejudice I know it’s way more to the state than stated so in your own words being from Mississippi means?

Being from Mississippi means strength and endurance. I use to be mad and sometimes I still have questions for my ancestors, such as, why didn’t you leave when the opportunity was presented to you? However, I also realize now that their situation may not have been so great and it’s not easy to just pick up and go. Others where more determined than others and also fear must’ve played a major role. Being stripped of their heritage and already being held captive and brought to a strange land plus, the thought of not knowing what’s out there, they’d grown to adapt to certain ways. I realize that this is all some of us knew. Also, the strength and endurance it must have taken to remain humble and turn the other cheek, so to speak, in a land where you was forced to come to then left to the dogs with nothing but the clothing in their backs. You must be strong and durable to hold up in one of the most prejudice states in the country.

Being an up and coming female artist do you feel pressure or obligated to be literally the female to represent the state Mississippi?

No, I don’t feel obligated or pressured. Mississippi has many Queens. These ladies are out here grinding just as hard, if not harder. I’ve always been a hustler, in many aspects of the word. So, I’m addicted to grinding. I don’t compete or compare myself with anyone other than the female that stares back in the mirror.

You’re bringing something to the table and some females in the industry will take offense to that and look at you as competition at times also. So you have your battles set for you in this game with being from the south your considered a martyr for those that don’t have a leg to stand on or platform to shine to lead the way what’s your intake on that position?


I can’t worry about what people think, especially those who may be looking for opportunity. Regardless of what you do or don’t do, you will be judged. If I have learned anything in life, it’s to stay focused. If I could give an artist any advice, I would tell them to stay focused on their own path. Don’t get sidetracked by me or anybody else. What may work for one person may not work for you. If there’s something that you disagree with, don’t do it.

Also we’re now in the modern era today where everything is getting put on the forefront now from homosexuality to men wearing different attire to popping pills and among other things. Do you adjust to it or are you against what’s going on in this era?

I’m not a fan of doing drugs. Especially those that are addictive and/or harmful to the body, i.e. Pills, crack, meth, etc… Homosexuality on the other hand is in some situations curiosity, others I truly believe that they are born with that mentality or mindset. They can’t help who they are. It is a mental state, I would say. Also, to each its own. I can’t judge them, some religions say it’s a sin, then says no sin is greater than the other, but will condemn a homosexual and a whore. Like I said before, “If someone is doing something that you don’t agree with, don’t do it.” I’m not one who worries myself with what others are doing, I try to stay focused and positive.

With that being said you have a very, very, bright career ahead of you Ms. Benita Applebomb! Are there any last words and/or shoutouts you would like to send out to?

Yes!!! Shout out to God for this life, this gift, this direction, and placement of key players in my path that has got me here. Shout out to my Mom (Linda Kay Horsley) and Dad (Jerry Cleveland) for raising me, not giving up on me, being my biggest fans and allowing me to express myself. Shout out to my children (Quenita Drummer and Meljanique Jackson) for being strong when faced with opposition because of my status or title. Shoutout to my family and friends as a whole, those who I pull up on especially, and my voice is blasting through the speakers. Shoutout to my Producer and good friend Denali (Rodrick Stanford) of A-Game Records, for the production of my entire album, for working with me and believing in me when nobody else did. Shout out to Shaun Mack of Macksippi Entertainment for being my friend and mentor in the game. Shoutout to Deejay Hustleman of 97.9 the beat for being the very first DJ to play my music, I am forever indebted to you! Shout out to DJ SugaBear for adding my song to his playlist and his infamous Benita AppleBomB drop. Shoutout to DJ Dynamite (DJ Doug) for playing my song in the club and during his time he’s on air at 103.9, he is also the first DJ to get his hands on “Trap Queen” which will be on the up and coming album. Shout out to DJ Rich Kid for playing my music. Shout out to James Shumpert for adding my song to his playlist at Dirty 30 Radio and keeping me tagged in events. S/O to Christopher Edward Rapley for playing my song on RapCo Radio. Shout out to Rico Owens for being an important asset in our community and for the exposure. Shout out to Timo James (Dick James/Latrese Management) and Valencia Nash (VeeStream Ent) for the opportunity to go on tour with the Sony Music Distribution Competition Tour and for the encouragement and advice that has helped to get me to this point in my career. I also want to send a shout out to the whole Sony Tour. Thank you Mike and Keedie’s Corner for this opportunity and last, but not least, I want to send a shout out my fans. What will I be without you? You guys are the real MVP!!! If there’s anyone I missed I am sorry. Please, know that I am thankful for you.

Artist in the Spot Light: Briggs

It’s Mike of Keedie’s Corner and I’m here with Briggs, a producer shooting his way to the top! Welcome to The Corner, can you give the viewers out there a little background info on who Briggs is?


I’ve been around the game for about 19 yrs now, I’ve been blessed to have worked with Torch from MMG and Jim Jones, Coke Boys, Lord Tariq, Black Child from Murder Inc,  Nashawn from the Bravehearts and OP GS9 \1090. I got my start working with Orrin Ennis building acts like Fred da Godson, AZ, Allure and Olivia. I was successful in helping  Black Buddafly gain their record deal also.

You have some certified hard hitters on your credits. Is there anything right now you have in the works we need to be on the lookout for?

Definitely, I’ve been in close contact with my man David, y’all know him as Ceaser from Black Ink. I’m working on some stuff with him and the TV network. I’m back in the studio with Nashawn. And I’m reaching out to upcoming artist like Harlem’s Neek Bucks, Haddy Racks, Dyce Payso and Da Bossbred Fam, Fever and Buck Bundles from New Jack. Hash from Cory Gunz Militia/ Quiet Riot got a mix tape coming out produced by myself and who knows maybe a Briggs’ album is in the works this year.

Now I heard you say you’re making a transition and doing some things with David aka Caesar from Black Ink.  Is it possible to speak upon that or do we have to wait until everything is complete with the situation you have going on with him?

Yeah we’re going to wait and see what’s up, it’s still in the makings but something epic is coming into play. I’ve relocated to Atlanta because it’s a big movie market out here, I’ve been looking into media, scores for that and TV shows. I’ve been here acting also so watch out for me on the tube real soon LOL.

Hey ain’t nothing wrong with being versatile! What and who was your inspiration to get into this business, any idols who influenced you?

My family, my Grandmother who sang gospel, my Uncle who sings and used to work on the Issac Hayes morning show and my Moms who kept music playing on Saturday mornings while she would cook breakfast. Also I would say growing up with Swizz Beats and seeing him make it out coming from when we used to beat box and have after school rap cyphers beating on the corner mailbox. And Devonte, he taught me sequencing and producing, it’s been a movie my guy LOL.

Indeed a Briggs’ album would definitely be something epic! So what’s your procedure and how do you go about putting a beat together? Do you go off moods? Inspiration? Or do just follow and let nature takes it’s course on your work?


It’s funny because it depends on my mood. My beats have high energy and those that know me know I’m always animated so I’ll make like 5 or 6 beats at a time in a day then come back to listen and make mixes and alterations if needed. They only take me bout 20 minutes at the most to get the layout, then I add the seasoning, like that rolls and FX as I build. I’ll hear the beat then go make it. Sometimes I just let the magic happen by discovering and finding new chords and sequences randomly. No samples over here so it’s all bout creating the bounce and vibe.

You’re from The Big Apple New York but your sound has a diverse appeal to it! Anywhere from a Swiss Beatz, to Lil Jon, to DJ mustard or a League of Starz sound! Being in the game for 2 decades now what’s your feel and take on the state of hip-hop/ rap in today’s era?

It’s wild because like you said being in it almost 2 decades I’ve seen music change drastically over the years. When I learned music it was from Devonte from Jodeci in ’98 so he was fresh off producing work wit PAC and Big, now in 2017 we got Lil Uzi Vert sayin “yeah” all day on Tracks is definitely a change. Reminds me of when I used to play that EFX for my Moms and she’s like “what’s that bump stiggity stuff”, now I’m like what these youngins sayin? Lol

We went from conscious to dumbed down and with the music being a business it’s taking away from the art. Corporations know how much a powerful influence music has over the masses, so what better way to dumb down the masses than with the music that’s used to get us motivated.


Public enemy used to rap bout social and conscious matters now we got mainstream playing  Future’s “Mask Off” all day long, don’t get me wrong it’s good zone out music but what is the message it’s sending to our youth?

No arguments with you on that part! Being from New York you came up under that 90’s golden era, to the modern day mumble music it’s a difference what’s your take on the corporations flat out denying our culture to just blackballing and capitalizing from our genre now!  Being apart of this hip-hop/ rap culture does that upset you or compromise your situation?

It definitely effects me. They say to make it in the music industry it takes great sacrifice. Sacrifice love, sacrifice family, sacrifice friends, even a normal life. You sacrifice all of it  for the sake of that big hit that will get that deal or them dollars… SMH. I’ve learned in this game to focus on making myself happy then my music will expresses that, if you’re doing it to chase that dollar trust you’ll get burned out.

And to monopolize like these corporations you’ll have to sacrifice more than what I just mentioned. It’s evident with how these kids look and act now.

You got artist like J. Cole, Joey Badass, and others that don’t get that shine because they’re not tearing down our youth and that’s the agenda they want these artist to carry out.

Name your top 5 albums or records that defines Briggs, who are your favorite artist that gave you a clear view of this is what I want to be apart of?

My personal favorites are Das EFX “Dead Serious”, Nas “I Am”, Fugees “The Score”, Michael Jackson “Off the Wall” and Mary J Blige “Share My World”. What defines Briggs? Jay z “The Blueprint”, 50 Cent “Get Rich or Die Trying”, Dr. Dre “The Chronic 2001”, Fabolous “The OG Project” and  Big “Life Ater Death”.

Being a producer, who or what artist would you like to get credit from that accomplishes your career?

I would say Jay-Z on the rap/hip hop level (like who don’t pop off a Jay track). Then I would go Chris Brown on the R&b/soul level because that boy’s a problem and he’s the future, he’s going to be around making good music for a long time if his personal life don’t derail him. And I would say Adele because her voice and music is different from what I’m doing, the combination would be epic and worldwide which would definitely define me as a premier producer.


Man that’s a helluva lineup! I thank you for your time here on Keedie’s Corner, is there any shout outs or anything else you would like to speak on?

Thanks for having me, don’t forget to hit the hashtag #producedbybriggs or follow my IG @briggsmusicgroup for those beat snippets. Shout out to you and the whole Keedie’s Corner movement, all my guys in NYC doing their thing, my Atl folk and everyone following me and supporting me thru this journey, much love. I appreciate y’all and trust much more is instore #briggsmusicgroup and beyond!!

By: Mike Ice, Briggs and Keidra Ponder