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Wiz Khalifa in girl leggings ; fashion statement, statement for free will, or plot to stay relevant??

wiz khalifa

There’s no hiding that the “skinny jean” era has gone to a full time high these last couple of years. What is the craze? Celebrity figures brought the trend to a mainstream level and it has taken a hold of the new generation of teenagers . I cant imagine this being comfortable so it is hard to understand, especially if it is considered to be female clothing. To help myself understand the I came up with my own analysis.

Maybe it could be a statement to say “I’m rich and I can do what ever I want and still make money”, maybe it can be for shock value in efforts to stay in the public eye, after all this is a tough business to keep relevancy. It’s a ‘hot right now and move to the next hot thing” market. Maybe it can be the true statement for “I live free with no rules and I don’t care what anyone say’s. “

Everyone has free will so I don’t knock anyone’s personal preference but do you feel ,as public figure, this is a good thing for young children to be seeing? Regardless of the purpose how do you feel about this era of celebrities being comfortable wearing , what is considered, female clothing?


” Gold Teeth ” (Poetry)


This poem was written by a college student who was personally moved by the Trayvon Martin issue and a personal experience he endured in one of his predominantly “white” classes during his college semester.

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