Watch Scenes from the Purge Halloween Costume Party/ Lewi Bags birthday bash

The TURN UP WAS REAL!!! This past Halloween of 2014 Bethune-Cookman & Daytona State Students lit up the scene at Onyx Entertainment’s “The Purge” Halloween costume party. With the help of Lewi Bags and BloCc, the party goers enjoyed their night. Axess Event Center is the new happening place in Daytona Beach,Fl. Check out thisContinue reading “Watch Scenes from the Purge Halloween Costume Party/ Lewi Bags birthday bash”

Pictures From Lewi Bags B-Day/Halloween Party!!! Live @ Axess Event Center Daytona

It was a very great ┬áturn out for the grand event in Daytona Beach,Fl! Great customes, great music, and beautiful people. Check out some of the pictures below. Stay tuned for the full video of what went on inside. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!!!

BloCc (Chess Board Mover’s) Releases “City Limits” (Photos)

It’s seems that the momentum just keeps rolling for CBM artist BloCc. Fresh off his College Tour, BloCc and his team (CEO Video & Manager Jen) ran a campaign with local Metro PSC stores to sell copies of his album. Not only that, but they were also there to interact with the people with eachContinue reading “BloCc (Chess Board Mover’s) Releases “City Limits” (Photos)”