How I found love at Love Covenant Life Center

I found myself in Daytona Beach, Fl for Mother’s Day to celebrate with my mother. She is my rock, the first God I knew before I knew God, so I tore the road up to make sure she knew she was appreciated. No gift could replace time spent, but you better believe I had gifts in tow! That Saturday afternoon we attended a concert in the Historic Cypress Park with a Motown theme. My mother saw a lot of her friends from back in the day, she sang and ran her mouth. I just looked in astonishment at the lady who is still smiling and going hard after all of life’s pains. I was happy the concert was able to take her away from the hustle and bustle of waking up every day at 5 am to work two and three jobs. My mother is a hard worker who’s faith never waivers no matter what obstacle she is faced with.

Sunday, Mother’s Day, I woke up to find my mom cleaning up something and praying as usual. She was surprised to find me up so early, but she didn’t know I had plans on going to church with her that morning. My mother is so proud of the woman that I have matured into, the old me would have been tired or occupied. I never made time to slow down and appreciate life’s blessings that I already had, I was so busy chasing the wind. Now each day is a present to me, I enjoy the gift of life more abundantly than before. Anyhow, after trying on several dresses, (my mom, not my daughter nor I) we were out the door and headed to Love Covenant Life Center.

This Church family has been in my mom’s life for some time now, she is a better version of herself because she found herself. Pastor Bobby and first lady Carolyne Mills are active and present in their congregation’s lives, which in turn, keep the members encouraged and faithful. Mother Mills and my mother are the saved Thelma and Louise and I am proud of those two virtuous women. On this Sunday we celebrated their roles in our lives as mothers, leaders and role models. Sister Chelsea opened the service with prayer and worship and then Pastor Mills closed it up with such a heartfelt sermon.

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Pastor Mills spoke from the book of 1 Corinthians chapter 13 verses 4-7 about the gift of love. You see we may love our spouses, our family, and our pets, but there’s nothing like a mother’s love. A Mother’s love is without limitations. Verse 4 reads, “Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, love is not puffed up;” We as humans love with conditions and want others to forgive us as God would, when we’re not willing to do the same. A mother understands with raising children, you have to forgive without sparing the lesson. A mother has many sleepless nights and restless days worrying about her children and her mate. Pastor Mills Also referenced Proverbs chapter 31 verses 10-31 which speaks about the virtuous woman who is more precious than rubies, even her children call her blessed. A quote that Pastor Mills used as a honorable affirmation of the woman came from William Golden who said, “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.” All in all, stand tall virtuous woman.

I was happy God led me to Love Covenant Life Center to spend my Mother’s Day with my virtuous woman. With so many different events going on in Georgia that weekend, Sweet Auburn Spring Fest, Boosie’s Mother’s Day celebration and more, I thought I was missing out on something (there’s that chasing the wind syndrome). I would have been at so many events, but God directed my path, as he always does. If you are in the Daytona Beach, Florida area and you don’t have a church family, this is one family who always welcomes visitors with open arms. The fifth Sunday of May Love Covenant is having fellowship with their congregation from Orlando, FL and Troy, AL. I urge all to attend, their address is 1015 Mason Ave. Daytona Beach, Fl 32114. If you have any question please call me at 386-334-8225, I will direct you to the welcoming committee. No their is no proof that I could give you to make you believe in God, but their is power in belief. My life is my testimony and my words are my story. My beliefs have gotten me this far, never let the world make you loose your’s. Whatever you believe in, keep those values steadfast and close to your heart through Life’s ups and downs.


Boosie – Daytona Beach, Fl – Axess Event Center – Trinity Enterprise Live (Video)



This past weekend Axess Event Center hosted what may have been the biggest Hip-Hop concert the city has seen since the days of BCR! Courtesy of Trinity Enterprise Live (the promotional team) and DJ Pat, Keedie’s Corner was able to get stage “Axess” to this event!



The venue definitely reached its capacity. The residents of Central Florida were raving about this event for the past 2 months. Boosie’s fan base grew significantly after his release from jail, in which he did 5 years and was even on death row at one point.

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There were a number of well known Daytona Beach,Fl natives who attended the event including Fire Boy Records artist and executives Sticks, Fire Boy Mike and David Rosario. Also, on the 1’s & 2’s Real Souf Dj’z (DJ Pat, DJ Daytona 5 (in video it says Will Tuck. Apologies)REALSOUFENT@GMAIL.COM, DJ-CLO, and William Bell). Artist Flowda Fresh showed love to the event as well and DeLand Hood News made his on stage appearance as well.


The man of the hour, Boosie, set the stage on fire as soon as he walked out. He performed hits such as “Crazy”, “No Juice” and “Set it Off”! He didn’t get to perform as long as he should have because the Fire Marshal shut the venue down. There were a lot of discrepancies as to what led to the early shut of the venue. We got a chance to speak with Adam Elam, CEO of Trinity Enterprise, and this is what he had to say to the people…

First off I would like to apologize to everyone that didn’t get a chance to enjoy the event. Being the owner of one of the major Southeastern promotional companies I didn’t expect to generate the amount of people from the small area. Doors opened at 10:30pm and at 9:30pm there were already 1,000 people outside.  Axess Event Center and our staff did our best to get everyone in the building, especially the ones with pre-sale tickets. By 11:30pm the Fire Marshal and The Daytona Beach Police Department wanted to close the doors  because of the numerous amount of people outside of the venue. For those who didn’t get to enjoy the concert we will have another event on March 28th and if you still have your tickets we will be doing ticket exchanges. So you will be able to enjoy Boosie Bad Azz & Bad Azz Ent. On behalf of Trinity Enterprise and Axess Event Center we apologize once again and please forgive us because the situation was out of our hands and into the hands of the law enforcement. If you have any questions contact me at Thanks for the support and love

Below you can watch the video of the performance!


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Did Eddie Conway and rapper “Lil Boosie” acually get released on the same date?


Published by Keedies Corner

Written by Bruce Walton Jr

” Sixty-seven-year-old Marshall “Eddie” Conway was freed from the prison in Jessup on Tuesday. It came after state prosecutors agreed to change his life sentence to time served and probation” – Fox News

” Marshall ‘Eddie’ Conway, 67, was freed from the prison in Jessup, Maryland on Tuesday after serving four decades for killing a police officer” –

” Former leader of Black Panthers released from prison after 40 years

CBS NEWS Mar 4, 2014 10:35 PM EST”

There was a media uproar yesterday when rapper “Lil Boosie” (Real name Torrence Hatch) was released from Louisiana State Prison in Angola.  Hatch first arrived at Angola in 2008 after pleading guilty to a third-offense marijuana possession charge. Since then, he faced numerous accusations, including a highly publicized murder trial in the 2008 killing of Terry Boyd. Hatch was acquitted of first-degree murder in Boyd’s death in May 2012

Later that day, an internet “meme” surfaced seeming to bash the education of the African American community. It read ” I am Eddie Conway. I was a leader of the Black Panther party. I hold 3 degrees, and served 44 years for a crime I didn’t commit. Did you know I was also released from prison today? Anyway, free Lil Boosie”

Contrary to what the meme insinuates, Conway was not released as an innocent man. He was given time served for his crime after they agreed that the prosecution didn’t present a proper argument.

The insinuation from the argument is that people are praising a “gangster rapper” who promotes guns, violence, drugs and ignorance but aren’t celebrating the release of an African American activist. Well, lets break down the facts.

Although it was widely assumed that Marshall “Eddie” Conway was innocent, he was not released as an innocent man. He was released on terms that he served his proper time for the murder of the cop. His latest trial stated that the prosecution didn’t present proper argument and his life sentence was reduced. Hatch was acquitted on his murder case. So, according to the law, Hatch isn’t , if at all, much more of a criminal then Conway when it comes to their cases. Not saying this is true, but we are just going on facts.

The biggest concern is 1) Why didn’t Conway get as much media coverage as Boosie? and 2) Why did some media outlets promote Conways release 2 days afterwards? (On Hatch’s release date)

We appreciate all our African American activist and to the ones who were unjustly prosecuted because of the fear of their power and control, we praise them. Its just sad to see African Americans bash each other do to misleading media and lack of knowledge. Hatch’s release was promoted on almost every major media outlet. Even Sports Center announced it. Yet, Conways release was swept under the rug. Imagine that.

The facts are not to make Conway look guilty and make Hatch look innocent. It is to simply plant knowledge so that people, especially African American (since thats who it generally targets) won’t bash each other. We should educate each other. This meme shouldn’t have been used to bash people. It should have beeen used to educate our community. Promote them to learn the facts of every situation and to also make it our priority to find out about any other “Conway’s” that have been wrongly accused because they were Black activist. The media, just as this situation, may not care as much about these situations so we need to make it our business to promote it ourselves. Not use it as a weapon to dismantle and divide the people even more.

We know the media has their way of striking controversy and though we may never know the truth behind these two questions, the only thing we can pray is that you educate yourselves people. Thank God that both of these men are home to their families. God Bless