We Find Deals for You! -SASsi Deals

As you can see from the picture above, SaSsi Deals found a deal that saved someone a whopping $600! Now, imagine being in a group that shows you deals like this on a regular basis! This is what SaSsi Deals can provide for you! The holidays are fast-approaching. This is rare time where we sometimesContinue reading “We Find Deals for You! -SASsi Deals”

Do We Appreciate Our Garbage Men? – Florida

Written by Bruce Walton aka Chunta Ankh In a world that glamorizes entertainers, I feel we gravely under-appreciate our every day heroes. I’m speaking of those essential workers who, not only risk their lives for us, but carry out task that keep our cities functioning smoothly. We have gotten so used to certain things, thatContinue reading “Do We Appreciate Our Garbage Men? – Florida”

MJ vs LeBron : A Different Breakdown

Written by Bruce Walton Jr aka Chunta Ankh First, I’d like to say rest in peace to the legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna aka Gigi. With how crazy 2020 has been, the situation still feels unreal. His loss definitely made me realize my own mortality. Kobe’s dedication to the game was unmatched. TheContinue reading “MJ vs LeBron : A Different Breakdown”