“The Last Laugh”Stand-up Comedy @ Tir Na Nog

Bruce Walton It seems as though the comedy scene in Daytona Beach is getting harder and harder to find. With the recent closing of a couple of comedy clubs it seems that the only time we can catch comedy is when the Peabody Auditorium brings a celebrity comic and that may be every blue moon. AfterContinue reading ““The Last Laugh”Stand-up Comedy @ Tir Na Nog”

Quote a line from the movie “Life”

As lovers of writing and great comedy, Keedie’s Corner believes that the movie “Life” has to be ranked in the top 5 for the most quotable jokes and skits in movie history.  It was to be expected that we would get great gems from this duo of legends , but we definitely think the fansContinue reading “Quote a line from the movie “Life””