Artist in the Spotlight: DJ Nonstop

By Mike Ice It’s Mike of Keedie’s Corner, today I’m having a conversation with up and coming Cincinnati Ohio DJ personality, DJ Nonstop. So tell me Nonstop, since you have your foot in the industry’s door, what’s next for you? I’m tied in with dj coalitions, I’m going under management and now I’m gaining the proper resourcesContinue reading “Artist in the Spotlight: DJ Nonstop”

What constitutes a real “DJ”?

Imagine you’re in a party with your friends. Your song comes on and you’re dancing with that guy, or you’re dancing with that girl. Everyone is having a blast, and the song changes before the artist can even get to the chorus. Throwing off the vibe of the whole party. Being a Disk Jockey, orContinue reading “What constitutes a real “DJ”?”