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Daytona’s Own Champion: Rory Every


Daytona Beach, Fl has a MMA fighter that’s fresh on the professional scene, but is a local sensation! The city is very proud of him and is anticipating his next move. Rory Every is a compassionate fighter and a hard worker. His dedication and strenuous training has taken him to the next level of success. Keedie’s Corner was ringside as he won his last match which which he defended his Breakthrough MMA championship belt. The match ended controversially which put a viral light behind the young athlete. Rory took refuge to clear his mind and get back to his training. Now he seems to be ready to emerge. Recently we had the opportunity to ask him some questions, these were his responses ;

● How long have you been pursuing fighting seriously?

About 3 years now.

What motivates you to go hard in life?

– My family, friends, my girlfriend and knowing I don’t wanna live just an average life.

● Is there anything else you thought you would be doing other than MMA fighting?

– You know, just working life away at Halifax.

● What sets you apart from everyone else that’s out here doing MMA?

– I don’t think anything sets me apart, I just know if I work hard and don’t give up good things will come to me.

. ● How was your transition from breakthrough to professional MMA fighting?

– I’ve been doing a lot of training, getting ready for my first official MMA professional fight.

● Any up and coming fights to be on the look out for?

– I make my pro debut for the RFC in Tampa July 11th,this Friday.

  • What camps and trainers are you working with?
  • I train out of “the Armory of Daytona” with Mike Vazquez and Richard Crunkilton.
  • Do you have any pre-fight rituals?  
  • Nothing out of the ordinary for pre-fight rituals, I just like to be surrounded by teammates and have fun getting warmed up.

What type of music do you make your entrance to and workout to?

  • Bone thugs – n – harmony is a good go to.
  • How do you balance it all out? Work, fighting, friends and family?
  • I keep a close circle. I train with most of my friends, and everyone at home and work supports me to the fullest so it works out.
  • What do you do in your personal time?

Personal time what’s that? I’m always working, but I do enjoy spending time with my lady friend.

  • For you to feel successful as a fighter, what are some goals you would like to accomplish?
  • I want to keep winning fights and getting noticed. I strive to finish fights dominantly.
  • What would you like to be remembered for when it’s all said and done and the lights go out?  
  • I’d like to be remembered as a good person who worked hard. I want to have everyone who I’ve had come in contact with in life have good things to say about me. Just to be someone who everyone got a good vibe from.

☆★☆★ FLAME TIME ☆★☆★

● Do you have any shout outs?

– Shout out to the Armory of Daytona, AMP training, the syndicate management group , and complete nutrition in the pavilion. Shout out to my family, friends, and my girlfriend Brittany. Of course shout out to Keedie’s Corner for putting me out there!

  • ● Where can the viewers go to follow you and your movement?

  • – Follow me on Facebook at Rory Every and follow me on Instagram @roryevery

  • Any words of wisdom or encouragement?

  • – Keep chasing the dream.

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    • Rory Every was recently featured in the Daytona Beach News- Journal, click the link to view the article ;


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Keedies Corner Post Fight Interview @Breakthrough MMA Event


Published By Keedies Corner

Written by Bruce Walton Jr

Just incase you missed it, Keedies Corner was granted access to this great amateur MMA event late November. Breakthrough MMA hosted yet another great event full of young and hungry fighters throughout Florida. The night was full of brutal knockouts, crazy submissions, and nasty bone breaks. Keedies Corner was honored to do the post fight interviews for this fighting event. We were able to catch the man of the hour, Calen Holcomb, the Breakthrough MMA former 7-0 170lb Champion (now pro) after his bloody massacre of a fight that ended in a rear naked choke submission victory.


Calen Holcomb post fight interview

As a former fighter, we watched Jason Arnett (CEO of Breakthrough MMA) grow as a fight promoter. As his reputation for putting on great events grew it forced him to seek biggers venues which led him to the Ocean Center.

The opportunities that his events are presenting for the young fighters are amazing. About a year and a half ago a young man, Shawne Butler, grew a great interest in fighting. With his 5 kids and 1 more on the way, he felt in his words he would “fight his (my) way out of the hood”. After he trained for several months Jason granted him access to showcase his talent and debut in his first cage fight.

Soon after, tragedy struck when Shawne Butler passed away in a tragic car accident not to long after his 24th birthday. The family and friends will cherish the opportunity that Jason presented Shawne which allowed us to see him live out his dream before he was called home.

(Shawne Butler (right) after his fight with Breakthrough MMA held at Plaza Resort Inn on A1A in Daytona Beach)

There have been a numerous amount of fighters that have gone pro after being able to fight on the platform Jason Arnett built. We look forward to supporting more events.

Visit for events updates, dvd purchases and more.