Waka Flocka’s brother Kayo Red dies

Aspiring rapper and little brother of Waka Flocka died yesterday. It seems to be speculation to whether he was murdered or whether it was suicide. Waka’s mother and manager confirmed the tragic passing via twitter. Waka tweeted also but removed the tweet which said ” MY FUCKING LIL BROTHER KILLED HISSELF FUCKKKKK LIFEEEEEE”. Condolences toContinue reading “Waka Flocka’s brother Kayo Red dies”

Chicago rapper kills mom for $90,000 and struts on Youtube (video link)

http://www.flyheight.com/videos/video-of-chicago-rapper-who-killed-his-mom-for-90000-flexing-on-youtube/ This Chicago rapper was involved in his mothers murder which he gained about $90,000!!! To add insult to injury, he through the money in the street, in rap lingo, “Makin’ it Rain”.