Artist in the Spotlight: Yoshi

A mastermind of his time, Cincinnati, Ohio native, Christopher “Y0$#! (Yoshi)” Jackson brings his own vibe to the definition of Hip-Hop. The “Cat in the Hat That Can Rap” better known as Yoshi is an innovative lyricist, with an undeniable sound.  Yoshi peculiar style is brought froth through his underground movement and mainstream industry presence. Yoshi thrives onContinue reading “Artist in the Spotlight: Yoshi”

Artist in the Spotlight: DJ Nonstop

By Mike Ice It’s Mike of Keedie’s Corner, today I’m having a conversation with up and coming Cincinnati Ohio DJ personality, DJ Nonstop. So tell me Nonstop, since you have your foot in the industry’s door, what’s next for you? I’m tied in with dj coalitions, I’m going under management and now I’m gaining the proper resourcesContinue reading “Artist in the Spotlight: DJ Nonstop”