Onyx Promotions – Plies (Classic Weekend) @ Glitz…” on YouTube

Everyone from the Central Florida area crammed themselves into Orlando,Fl for the Classic Weekend this year. Onyx Promotions in association with Glirz Ultra Lounge brought Plies to set things off right Friday night. Keedie’s Corner was rght in the mix to capture this extraordinary event. Plies put on a great show for the fans. ItContinue reading “Onyx Promotions – Plies (Classic Weekend) @ Glitz…” on YouTube”

Onyx Promotions Present…”Plies” Classic Weekend – Club Glitz – (Pics)

(DJ Dnyce of Onyx Promotions above with Keidra of Keedie’s Corner) Once again Onyx Promotions put on a great event!!! This time the occasion was Classic Weekend in Orlando,FL. Club Glitz had a great establishment with great atmosphere. Check out some pictures below! On the 1’s and 2’s was the one and only DJ Nasty (Below)Continue reading “Onyx Promotions Present…”Plies” Classic Weekend – Club Glitz – (Pics)”