Keedie’s Corner Company Review: Fine Wine Enterprises

By: Keidra Ponder We sat down with business owner Sarah Sanford of Fine Wine Enterprises at one of her bartending gigs. We were able to get an interview in, in between Sarah making drinks and assisting patrons at Sidiq’s Bistro. She had such a beautiful smile while her eyes gleamed of joy as she spokeContinue reading “Keedie’s Corner Company Review: Fine Wine Enterprises”

Reviewing A King’s Genetic Memory with Author Craig Pickney

  As a writer I’ve always had respect for fellow authors. The creative process is tedious and sometime unruly, but the finished product is well worth the sacrifice. I’ve known Craig since school days but I grew to respect him as a man while reading his works. His words are well thought out with much meaning. HeContinue reading “Reviewing A King’s Genetic Memory with Author Craig Pickney”