Fans Flood Social Media with Controversy Over Deontay Wilder’s Knockout


Published by Keedies Corner

Written by Bruce Walton Jr

The Tuscaloosa,Al native has fought 31 professional fights. Out of those fights he has 31 knockouts. He was an Olympic Bronze Medalist in 2008. He has never been past a fourth round and with this knockout he has excelled to 18 first round knockouts. His power has been compared to Mike Tyson and he is presumed to be his protege. Even after all of that, the fans believe that his knockout last night was very questionable.


After the knockout I remembered that Malik Scott pulled off an antic at the weigh-ins in which he put a paper bag over his head that read ” Get Ya Popcorn Ready”. I assumed that he was implying that this may be the first time Wilder would go past the fourth round. After I logged into Facebook I saw several post that said “I didn’t even get a chance to get my popcorn out!” and “I went to get my popcorn and when I came back it was over”. This made me want to go watch the weigh-ins once more just to get a laugh and the comments that were left a day before the fight shocked me.


Mind you these comments above were posted the day before the fight. The top comment above reads ” I sense a fixed fight. They gonna’ put on a good show but Malik is gonna’ get knocked out and make it seem as if the savior of the HW (heavyweight) is here…Deontay Wilder”. The following comment says ” Nah ” and the comment after that says “I’ve been saying the same thing. Malik’s demeanor is off. He’s throwing this one”

Though I feel that comments like this are damaging to the integrity of the boxing association and takes away the honor of the victory for some boxers, the fashion of the knockout didn’t serve any justice to dispute the claims.

In the first round, Wilder backed Scott close to the ropes and delivered a left hook and followed it with a right straight. Even though the punch didn’t land flush, it was enough to end the fight. After the replay was shown it was obvious the fans were disappointed when they began to boo.

Besides the controversy the real question is will Wilder be able to last against a champion or someone that can go this distance, for that matter? When asked this question this is how he responded. ” All the testing is done in the gym to come here and make it look easy. I don’t care if I don’t go past four rounds. I don’t care if I solve all the questions people have on me. I’m not trying to prove nothin'”

“I’m on one mission and that’s to be the heavy weight champion of the world, unify all belts in the division, and bring them back to America, baby. That’s my mission”
Despite the controversy you can’t deny that if he keeps down this steady path he is well on his way of making his mission come true. Congratulations on your victory.

One thought on “Fans Flood Social Media with Controversy Over Deontay Wilder’s Knockout

  1. thanks for posting this article, and while: “comments like this are damaging to the integrity of the boxing association and takes away the honor of the victory for some boxers…” In this context all of the above comments were warranted. Even the bookies were speculating as much. When you are in the sport long enough you can smell something fishy from a mile away. For the record, outside of this bout I have NEVER in my 37 years of watching the sweet science ever claimed that a boxer would take a dive.

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