Timbo Da Great “F*ck Sumthing” behind the scenes

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We bring you the inside scoop on the Chess Board Movers artist, Timbo Da Great’s “Fuck Sumthing” music video. Timbo Da Great is from Central Florida and makes up part of the group Chess Board Movers. His video was shot on the world’s most famous beach, Daytona Beach, FL., by 9 Beans. Zack Owens of Hood News was also on set to get footage. The atmosphere was vibrant and the C.B.M. team was live.The video models were stunning in their custom Karyn Michelle swim wear made by Alana Burhannan. The productions ran smooth and were well-organized due to a good manager, Herman Robinson.Trinity Live Enterprise was professional and treated the crew with great hospitality.Keedie’s Corner was there to show love and capture all the live, uncut behind the scenes action. [Click the Video below]

Source : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_u3BVHUeom8NSjrHj52f0w

Videography : Bruce Walton

Published by : Keedie’s Corner, 2014



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One thought on “Timbo Da Great “F*ck Sumthing” behind the scenes

  1. Amazing job love every inch of your work thank you for everything best work I have seen so far.

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