Crowd Control Broke The Knob!!


Crowd Control was a concert to remember. Marley Paper Boy and Lennoxx CEO of Flyboyz Productions provided a historic platform for the independent hip hop scene of Atlanta with over 500 people in attendance. DJ Chopsticks manned the turntables while the legendary voice of Fort Knox kept the crowd entertained. Crowd control was an example of how powerful the Underground Atlanta Hip Hop culture has become. The show had several standout performers such as: GFZ Smurfey, Ovadoze, Jake Manino, Young Bo, Fleetwood Fred, Wolf and Nardo, Ze Forte, IMP D, Dan Diego, CJ The Drummer, EWC3, Ryan Milla, Young OG Rob and the list goes on. Club base was at capacity from 9pm to 3am, the diverse crowd showed great energy the entire concert. The New Atlanta movement is impressive. Crowd Control was inviting and refreshing providing much needed creativity and innovation for hip hop culture. Keedie’s Corner will be there to tell the story as the New Atlanta movement grows, so stay tuned. 

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Photo Cred: Marq of POP Films and Dr8nn

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