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Keedie’s Corner

Keedie’s Corner is a cover all online magazine devoted to keeping the people enlightened and entertained. We focus on mass media productions. We provide services to cater to individuals looking for promoting, writing, planning, and photography.

Everybody has finesse, ours just happens to be with a pen. We cover current affairs and current individuals. We shed light on community information and local events as well as collective news in the world around us.

Keedie’s Corner is facilitating beneficial uses of social media. We strive to deliver content to make readers engage in communication and learning, as well as conventional leisure. Our organization will be out in the community covering various events such as family functions, sports events, religious gatherings, and entertaining affairs. We will also be interviewing assorted individuals, whether they may be professionals, working individuals, entertainers, athletes, etc.

Keedie’s Corner will aid the community with staying present with our current events, our local heroes and our rich history. Our establishment would like to involve our community in the production of the magazine by having interns from the local institutions, as well as qualified individuals, to participate in the composing of the news broadcast, facilitating interviews and producing written articles.

We encourage businesses to support Keedie’s Corner in our quest to empower the people. We would like to be the voice of the people and the ear of the public. We are in our beginning stages and we will greatly appreciate any and all aid donated to assist us in flourishing into a leading organization that will deliver the needed content to the people.

                            Thank You,

              Keidra Ponder

Phone 404-438-1127




Twitter: www.twitter.com/keediescorner 

Instagram: @keediescorner @keedie_ceo



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