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From Cloudy Days to Picture Perfect, Alexis Scott – Model

In 1927, a man by the name of Fred R. Barnard coined the phrase, “A pictures’ worth a thousand words”. Despite Alexis’s breath taking looks and stunning physique, a picture simply isn’t enough to describe her fight down glory road. Often times we see that art mostly comes from those with a story to tell. A story which may be hard to describe in words. It may also come from people who’ve been through trauma or pain and have a desperate need to express themselves. Getting people to see beauty from the beholders perspective is the essence of what makes art touch people in a very prodigious way .


At times, I feel that models may not get the full credit they deserve when it comes to making the firm decision to follow this career path. Putting yourself in the public eye to be judged from head to toe takes great courage and confidence. You have to really learn how to love yourself regardless of what people may say. Some models even try pushing the boundaries of the social standard to what beauty is. Even if there was a time that they didn’t feel “pretty” according to that standard.

Let’s be honest, life has a way of trying to discourage you from being what your heart says you are versus what society expects from you. The movies and tv shows always paints the picture to make it seem as if the underdog is loved. In actuality, the love seems to only come when the underdog gains momentum. Gaining momentum, for someone that has been through tough times, takes day after day of convincing yourself. Uplifting yourself. Staying positive. Defeating odds. Taking leaps of faith. This is the story of Alexis Scott.

Alexis, was born and raised in Daytona Beach, FL. She was primarily raised by her aunt whom she had a very close relationship with. Her aunt took her in after realizing that Alexis’s mother was battling with a drug addiction. Even though Alexis was never supposed to have unsupervised visits with her parents, the aunt did want her to have some kind of relationship with them. Even though the decision to let Alexis have unsupervised visits with her parents came from the aunt having a tender heart, it ended up back firing. The aunt ended up losing custody of Alexis because of an incident that happened between Alexis and her father. At the age of 13, Alexis made a courageous decision that would send her life spiraling. She decided to speak up about the abuse which came from the hands of her father. Alexis would often spend holidays and summer breaks with her parents. This is when the abuse happened. She built up the courage to tell a best friend that she was sexually abused by her father. What she didn’t know was that the government would take her away from her aunt and place her in foster care. This didn’t seem to make sense to her. Fortunately, she was taken in by her best friends family.

Approximately 6 months after she was taken in by her best friend things started to get a little rocky. The family fell on hard times and ended up losing their place of residence. Alexis, along with her friends family, found refuge with acquaintances, family and friends periodically. Most times having to sleep on the floor due to lack of space. Once again, Alexis had to make a courageous move. She decided to run away and would eventually be taken in by her half uncle from her mothers side. Going through so much at this tender age you would think it would distract a young mind. Even make them resort to crime. I asked her “Do you think being in foster care inspired you in any way?”.

“It definitely did not inspire me. Sometimes I often wondered why I didn’t have a “normal” life instead. The only thing I can say came from this is that it made me eager to get my own place. My case worker always said “You either age out of the system or graduate. That’s the only way out.”


Her soon to be way out would come, to her surprise, once she learned she was on track to graduate high school early. It seemed that the chaos only made her focus and excel tremendously academically. A complete oxymoron. During her middle school stint, Alexis took an Algebra 1 course along with an English test that would count towards high school credits. That, along with taking some summer courses, started her advancement. Alexis noticed on her own that she had enough credits to advance. When she brought this to her guidance counselor they suggested she duel enroll. Seeing that she was so close to completion she decided to take the advice to duel enroll. After a little more hard work Alexis would be on track to graduate high school at the age of 16.

Her uncle, who she lived with at the time, agreed to let her stay at his home until she graduated high school. You would think that a teenager graduating high school early would be good news. For a teen with no where to go and also not being a legal adult made things a little interesting to say the least. She found a job and saved up money so that she would be prepared if she had to move. Choosing colleges would prove to be difficult. If the college didn’t offer any type dorm or living situation Alexis basically couldn’t go. She wasn’t old enough to sign a lease yet. I’m assuming this problem was the deciding factor in her choosing to attend a local college. Her next battle would be with the court system. She basically had to be emancipated in order to be considered a legal adult. Through an extensive battle she finally convinced the court that she needed to be a legal adult so that she wouldn’t be turned back over to foster care. Also, so she could sign a lease and pursue a college degree in her own place. So while most teenage girls were stressed about boy crushes and fitting in with the “cool kids”, Alexis was living a much more serious life. Though, she hadn’t realized it yet. She was simply relieved to have a place to call her own.

Shy, alone, battered, to say the least. You’d wonder how this timid girl chose something like modeling. Well, she didn’t. She was chosen. When she first applied for the scholarship with a modeling school she was certain that she wouldn’t get picked.

“I was smart…but I had tattoos and no money. I didn’t even think they would be interested. Some how I was chosen and accepted for their scholarship. If it weren’t for me getting accepted I don’t think I would have ever had the courage to go any where and model”

Thus, her modeling career was born



Alexis’s first real gig came from Feroce Magazine. The article was titled “Misunderstood”. The opportunity came from a friend she met at Seabreeze High School. With great help from her husband (and manager) and her photographer Tyler Jenkings, she was able to create a professional presence for herself. With a professional backing she was able to build up enough confidence to pursue modeling full speed.


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Life was starting to look promising for the young lady. Yet, it gets better. At the age of 20 her boyfriend of 7 years, Xavier Scott, decided that he wanted to be with her for ever. He proposed to her. They would get married  in August of 2018. It seems that for her the storm had passed and the sunshine has come out again.

Currently, Alexis is a college student and a freelance model. She says that her main goals are to one day walk the run way during Fashion Week and also being picked to star in a major movie role. Seeing what she has overcome so far, nothing is impossible.

It was remarkable seeing how this young lady stayed positive through it all. I asked her did she have any advice for anyone that has endured a rough upbringing but wants to remain positive about the future.



“Just keep going, and most importantly, get help! Some people are ashamed of what they have gone through or either too proud. No matter how good a person may seem we all need to heal properly. No matter what it is you go through, don’t be afraid to tell someone. I am very grateful for the METOO movement. It is allowing people to speak up more than ever. For those who feel like they won’t be heard, just remember that there is someone, somewhere, that’s willing to listen and help”.

May God bless you on your journey, Alexis.

Special Thanks :

Photographer : Tyler Jenkings

Nail Tech : Sarah Mai

Husband : Xavier Scott

Friends, Family and Followers

Contact Info :

Instagram : @darkskinnedalexis

Facebook Business Page : Alexis Ann Scott

Facebook Manager : Xavier Scott

Short story; “I’d do anything for you”

“I just want to run away!” I said getting into the car and slamming the door. My mom and I had been arguing a lot lately, but it’s been like this since my dad died.
“Arguing with your mom again?” I nodded at his question. Drew was my childhood best friend, he was there for me when my dad died. We were like 2 peas in a pod. “You really want to run away?” He looked down at me and his eyes softened up.
“I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a plan.” I said laughing. “No really I kind of did want to run away but I know my mom would fall apart without me. Even though we argued a lot I love her.”
“Be up around 7, we’re going out.” Drew stated, I didn’t question him. He was the outgoing type, all his plans were fun. I nodded before getting out the car, I walked up to the front door of my house and took a moment before entering.
I opened the door and walked in, my mom wasn’t in sight. I made my way to my room and closed then locked the door. I had plans to go out with Jen on this warm Friday night but my mom ruined it for me. I was in no mood to be around anyone, I took my phone out my pocket and cancelled my plans with her. Once I sent the message I got my towel ready to go take a shower. Even though it was 6pm I wanted to shower and sleep. But I know I’d probably stay up for a while. I walked out to the hall way, my mom appeared from the stairway. I stopped in my tracks and looked at her, her eyes were blood-shot red, she didn’t even notice me as she continued to her room.
After my shower I locked myself in my room with a few snacks and binged watched some shoes on my computer. I felt myself drifting asleep, but before I closed my eyes I set an alarm for 6:30AM. I knew Drew was coming to get me at 7. He makes me happy, I’m glad we’re friends. I smiled to myself and fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up from my alarm, I walked over to my closet and picked out my outfit for the day. I settled on a graphic tee, black leather jacket, blue jeans and checker board vans. Once I was done getting dressed Drew called and said he was outside. I quietly opened my door and walked out I passed my mom room and felt a twinge of pain. She could use this Saturday to herself, I thought as I walked down the stairs then out the door. I ran to Drew car. “Where to?” I asked excitedly.
“Calm down, you’ll see,” he said backing out my driveway.
Driving down the street I sing along to the radio, “you’re so precious when you smile.” It seemed like we were driving for hours, but I knew where we were. Drew parked the car and I got out and ran to the beach. Drew ran after me, once we got to the beach we watched the sunrise. “I needed this, thank you.” I said looking at him.
“That’s not why I brought you here.” He said looking down at me. “I like you, a lot.”
Woah I didn’t see that coming. “Drew.” I said laughing, I covered my mouth. He grabbed my wrist and looked at me with a stern look. “You’re hurting me.” I managed to say.
“Sorry.” He said letting go, I took a step back. “But I am serious.”
“Drew I don’t see you as more than a friend.”
“But we can run away together.” He said stepping closer to me.
“Boy you are crazy. Take me home.” I said turning to walk away.
He grabbed my arms and looked at me, his face was red. This wasn’t the Drew I knew, I yanked my arm back and ran. He was trailing me and it was hard to run in sand. I managed to get to the sidewalk before I felt Drew tackle me. I hit my head against the concrete, I felt my body go cold and my vision went blurry, everything turned black.
I was starting to get my vision back, still a little blurry though. I checked out my surroundings, I was in a motel room strapped to a chair. I looked out the window and the sun was starting to set, what’s going on?! I wiggled in my chair, but my hands were secure with duck tape so were my feet. I thought about yelling for help but Drew walked out the bathroom.
“What’s going on?” I screamed.
“You were trying to leave me.” He said leaning against the wall. I’m confused. “Here’s the thing. I confessed my undying love for you and you tried to run away. I had plans for us to run away together.”
“I never wanted this! This is kidnap!” I yelled, while he was talking I managed to get my hands free.
“But you said you wanted to run away.” He said rubbing his forehead; he was starting to get upset.
“You are right.” I said as he looked at me sideways. “Can you get me a warm towel so I can wipe this blood off my forehead?”
“I knew you would understand.” He said walking into the bathroom.
Once I heard the water running I un-wrapped the tape from ankles. I got up and looked around the room, where is my phone?! It was nowhere in sight. I heard the water stop and my heart pounded. I grabbed the chair in hand, ready to attack. Once he came into view I threw the chair at him. I ran towards the door grabbing a knife on my way out. Lucky for me he left all my clothes on. I opened the door and looked around as I ran down the stairs. Where are we? As I was running I noticed we were surrounding by woods. I slowed down and looked behind me, drew was tailing me.
I ran into the woods, maybe I can lose him in here I thought. I hid behind a tree to catch my breath; I heard leaves crush beneath his weight as I held the knife tight. As Drew walked up, I came into view and held the knife out in front of him. He held his hands up in surrender.
“I just want to go home.” I Said out of breath.
“I’m afraid that’s not possible.” He said tackling me to the ground; I dropped the knife on my way down. “I just want to be with you.” He said choking me.
I gasped for air as his grip got tighter; I tried to move but all of his weight was on me. I searched around for the knife and found it. While losing air I got the knife into my hand, I plunged the knife into his chest. He gasped for air and fell onto his back. I started coughing because I could finally breathe again. I got to my knees and stumbled backwards away from Drew. He was still gasping for air. I slowly approaching him with tears in my eyes, I stabbed him in the heart.
“I loved you and…you stabbed me.” He said, he started to cough up blood. I laid his head in my lap and starred down at him. His eyes filled with tears and I wiped them.
“Come on we have to get you the hospital.” I said wiping my own tears, I looked around and saw the motel. “Where are we?”
“Stop.” He said grabbing my hand. “I won’t make it, just know I love you and I’d do anything for you.”
“You have to make it; I don’t know what I’d do without you. I need you!” I sobbed as his eyes started to slowly close. I cried harder as I heard him take his last breath, and then his eyes closed…. “I’ll always love you too.” I whispered.

By: Kamaria Giles

D.1000 Explains Why You Need Geo-Filter (PNG) Artwork For Your Promotions!


If you are as clueless as me your first question was probably “Well, what is a Geo-Filter (PNG)”. The graphic designer that goes by D.1000 explains this to us.

“A PNG file is a Portable Network Graphic, my works are generally large files so I convert them into PNG’s so that I’m able to post and use it as content on the Snapchat App. Surprisingly, this isn’t a regular file. I make illustrations and then turn them into a PNG files so that they are smaller and have more flexibility. For example; Easier to download, better color quality & smaller file to open. After that process you have made your very own Snapchat Geofilter! A Snapchat Geofilter is content that informs people where they are and what they may be doing . They can then use it to post and share with friends & family!” – D.1000

Graphic by D.1000


Ok, see this graphic above? You can customize something like this and put it as an overlay on your picture or video as seen above. So the sections on the graphic that are white are actually transparent so you would see your picture or video behind the graphic. Similar to when Snapchat lets you put your location or time on the screen It’s pretty much the same premise.

 I used the Lil Wayne picture above as an example. The only difference with that graphic is that there is a opaque-brown overlay verse the “Welcome Prince Tamir” graphic which is completely clear. 

Graphic by D.1000

I had some many questions for D.1000. To me, it’s a very unique business. I had to ask her about her history and what started her down this path.

“I realized that having one job wasn’t going to cut it. So I went online and typed in “ways to make money from my phone”. Nothing popped up so I went to YouTube…nothing there either and what I mean by “nothing there” is I spent countless hours downloading hacks and signing up for certain things that weren’t beneficial to me or my computer because soon after my computer caught a virus from all the fraudulent software I was trying to buy. I was in a rush to be rich! Times were very hard, so I turned to social media . I went on a daily media frenzy and at one point while I was recording a video on Snapchat I stopped recording and pressed the “x”. I then told myself I wanted to learn how to make a Snapchat Filters…of course, then I didn’t know the correct term. Quite frankly no one does!” – D.1000

For D.1000, it was simply drive and ambition that led her to this path of graphic design. She was tired of being stagnant. She found a way to be self sufficient. unnamed-4.pngThat’s really all we can ask for in these times. I almost always see D.1000 cross promoting with other business owners. Wether it be shouting out their business or modeling their clothing. Keep striving for self-reliant businesses out there.

If you want a personalized Snapfilter here is her contact below

D.1000 contact


Written by : Bruce Walton Jr


From Me to You Challenge – Ballad by Caley Bouie

Say my man!…You remember me right?..I’ve been apart of your life since ’85!…From the time you uttered your first word, “Mah”!…Now before you get all tough and ish, just hear me out!..It’s me, your intuition!…I was with you when you began walking at 8 months old!..You’ve always kept me in the cold, but no hard feelings right?!…I mean I’m not the one who didn’t listen to you…YOU didn’t listen to ME!…Now I’ve been around for some pretty amazing accomplishments…Honor student, pretty good ball player, amongst a few things that I’d mention!..And then there were the What Tha Fuck moments…The choices that you’ve just now realized that weren’t the greatest!…Just to name a few, that time you didn’t even think to apply to colleges because you were ok with settling for DBCC…Man oh man, you made straight A’s in your first semester of college and walked away…You wanted money, so you just quit on a dream!…How about those gals you chased?!…Bruh, I told you that it wasn’t going to end well, but you didn’t listen!..You were thinking with the wrong head!…Sure, you may have thought you were in love, but I’m sure you learned from that!…Ooohhhh and trying to satisfy everyone!…Hahahahaha, Man sheeeeit, they’ll be serving ice water in Hell before that happens!…Now, that I have your attention, just listen for once!…You’ve been a pretty good guy for as long as I could remember…Why did it take so much chaos for you to finally listen to me?!…Was the feeling of failure, the hurt, deceit or just that you ran out of answers?!…You became a shell of yourself and thennnn you gave in!…Hey Man, I’m not mad at you one bit!…Since then, you’ve garnered the respect from your peers!…You’ve made a name for yourself!..You went back to school and now you’re really living up to your hype!..When you had the idea to sell meals to people, I was the one that gave you the green light!…These days you’re really making a second income doing great things!..Your doing meal preps and this Spring, you’ll be catering a 100 guest wedding!…All you had to do was listen and believe in yourself!..I’m going to leave you with this….Just remember when the chips were down…No phone calls…You felt like nobody cared…I did!..So when you felt like the whole world turned on you…It was you and me!…Never forget that!…I’ll never steer you wrong!…I’m here to guide, Not to misdirect you!…I love you Caley!…How do you say it?!…Solid!

By: Caley Bouie

Ballad “From me to you”

That alarm that keeps waking you up at the crack of dawn, yet you can’t find, yes it’s me. You are not going crazy but you are going in circles and I’m here to guide you. Why do you doubt my instructions? Ye of little faith, have I ever led you wrong? I have never said anything out-of-place or biased. I told you what not to say and you still said it, I told you what not to do and yet you still did it. I let you learn but when will you listen? When will you trust me? That thing you call intuition, the voice you call God, yes that’s me and yes I am you. You are me, yet you still questions my motives and trust others. When you fall I never say, “I told you so”, nope, that’s all you, but it’s all good. Life is a journey it’s about the experience. Until you learn to live in Harmony, you will stay on the same level re-learning the same lessons. Life is a gift, your presence radiates your energy, so stay positive, anguish is a mindset. You are divine light having a human experience, intentionally unbeknownst to you. Once you are in unison with your mind and body then we can be one. I live in the place where you dream and you live in mine. You are my thoughts manifested into this realm. Relax, trust me, love yourself and love others. Love is the only answer, love is your religion. Be a giver and you will never have to take another day in your life. You must learn to walk in peace before you can fly in light. It’s not about how to get over something, it’s about how to go through it and remain at peace. Don’t question your purpose and don’t give up on your day dreams. You were beautifully crafted by me, so don’t change who you are for the world, but change how you view the world. Everything and everyone is connected. Fear nothing, let the past go don’t let your ghost haunt you. Manifest your destiny and so it shall be. Conquer your ego, your addictions and your attachments, it is then you will come to rely on your inner chi. Don’t go out searching, yet go out exploring, store your memories for your higher purpose. Protect your energy and shed negative vibes to keep your temple sacred. Breathe and think before you react, matter of fact don’t react just understand. Vibe with your soul, listen to the frequencies and say less.

By: Keidra Ponder

This is a ballad from myself to myself. I encourage readers to have a heart to heart with themselves and share it with us. #BalladChallenge #Frommetoyouchallenge

Captain Shel helps keep 90’s cartoons alive with his art!


The former Daytona Beach native rose to popularity fairly quickly since his October 2016 start. His passion for art came a lot earlier in his life though.

“I probably was like 10 years old when I truly had a passion for art. I was always doodling in class. What inspired me was when I watched nickelodeon and illustrators  demonstrated how to draw your favorite cartoons. I was so fascinated by it and really wanted to draw like them” – Captain Shel




Shel’s artwork on canvas soon transitioned to artwork on clothing. Having something to hang on your wall is one thing, but having it to wear around is being real awareness to the 90’s style and culture.

“I stayed with 90s because it brings really good vibes and memories to the people who loved that 90’s cartoon era. It was a way for me to bring in people’s attention.”




“The first piece that went viral was the Rugrats Jersey. It was very unexpected and exciting. But I always been mentally ready for it to take off, just playing the waiting game.”


Ever since his viral video Shel has been moving non stop! Especially since every request is custom. Every thing he does is hand draw and painted from scratch which adds to the authenticity. I asked him what was the most difficult starting off and he said it was teaching himself how to get better and learning how to be more efficient from watching artist before him.

The toughest thing about doing request is that sometimes people may want art that he isn’t familiar with. One request he got was the original Mickey Mouse when it was first released. Although, I believe Captain Shel is ready to venture off into other realms of art, I feel that right now he wants to focus on the 90’s.




Being an artist is difficult. You have to be in the right state of mind to create art and new ideas. I asked Shel about the difficulty being an artist :

“The toughest part about being an artist is when you’re not in the right state of mind sometimes. Your brain can go blank and ideas don’t pop up. Sometimes it means you need to just take a little break, but never give up!”


When his mind goes blank and he needs a brief break, I asked Shel what gets his mind back motivated :

“The City of Daytona really helped me out because I just want to bring success back to the city and show the youth they can do whatever you want as long as you believe. With so much going on in the city, you have to find something positive to replace the bad.” 


All-in-all everyone has a final goal. Captain Shel said his final goal is to simply be known as an artist that can paint on clothing, canvases, and any object he puts his mind to. “Sky is the limit!”, he concludes.


I see Shel as a very humble artist who is really just glad that he can bring the wave of the 90’s back into the public eye. Show your support! God bless

Contact :

Facebook: captain_shel
Instagram: captain_shel

Written by Bruce Walton

Artist in the Spotlight: Janelle Frampton, Makeup Artist and Homeland Security Agent

Hello readers this is an exclusive interview on  for the beautiful and talented Janelle Hampton done by none other than Mike Ice of Ice Ent.


Pleasure to meet you Mike. Thank you so much! As I said, I would love to do an interview for your online magazine. It’s great that your magazine brings artists of all genres in for a spotlight. Love that spread the love feel in the community. Your website is also very clean and well organized. Very impressed!

I try to bring all sides of the world together along with my sister Keedie aka Keidra. She’s the CEO of Keedie’s Corner, I’m just Chief Operating Officer. But yeah I seen your page and I was quite impressed, what’s it like working for homeland security, sounds very interesting.What are some things the public really wouldn’t know about your job title that you would like them to know?

That’s really great! It definitely brings in a diverse audience that way. You know, I love my job with Homeland Security. I feel like I can use both sides of my brain. My analytical and precision side gets  put to work along with my creative side. It provides a great balance for me as an artist. But there’s restrictiveness and freedom. I’m restricted in the fact that I can’t discuss in detail what I do for DHS, and the freedom to create virtually anything as an artist. Each is an outlet of different perspectives and experiences. Both allow me to travel and experience public diversity in many different ways.

Very impressive and well understood about being apart of the government. What were some obstacles you’ve had to overcome? When it’s all said and done pretty much when Janelle leaves this earth what do you want your legacy and your impact on this world to be?

Thank you. It is, and it just works both ways for us. I am originally from a quite, and charming little gem of a town named Show Low, AZ. It was the country life growing up. Playing in the dirt, being and knowing all your neighbors by their first name. I had the chance to experience all four seasons. I guess one of the greatest obstacles was that living in a small town creates in a sense, a security blanket feel. Then when you’re exposed to a big city, and the city life, it’s quite the culture shock! The obstacle being that you just have to get used to everything being so different. Again two different worlds there. But I love it! I always love learning and experiencing new cultures and how everything and everyone is so diverse from one another. It’s really a beautiful thing to make memories of. That’s also a great part of my drive and inspiration to keep going. I want to continue to experience these great things and to take as much out of this short life on earth as I can. Once you realize that you can’t get enough in even the smallest details in life and what surrounds you.


If you had to say what is the highlight of your career and what was the most down and out time of your career? Is it any music that motivates you while doing your job? How do you wind down after work? Does your family support your career or they rather you do something else?

The highlight of my career is definitely working with other people. I love hearing about their life, trials, errors and what they aspire to do. That stays with me, the substance of the individuals that I meet in my career, it gives you something really priceless. I would say the hardest part of my job is just always being stretched in so many different directions. I enjoy the challenge of learning new things, doing it on my own. I dabble in so many other art forms, and even in different skills with DHS. I love learning! I wish there were more of me to help out. Can I put in an assistant position, help wanted ad in with this interview?? Only kidding, but I keep up pretty well considering all my tasks at hand. My taste in music is very eclectic. I can get energy from EDM, chill to some old rock, or put some pep in my step with today’s top 40’s. I really don’t have a certain genre that I favor above others, if I like it, I like it. Labels are nonexistent to me. Some of my favorite ways to wind down from work is to have a glass of wine, or take a bath with some cool galactic bath bombs I’ve just discovered. But one of my favorite ways is to just go out and take a walk in nature.  It really is renewing and renergizing for the soul. Spending that extra time with loved ones is also precious to me. My family does support what I do in every aspect. They keep me grounded, they keep me focused.

That’s a very heart felt response, now I’m gonna tap in on a heartfelt sensitive subject. I want to touch on this subject of Mexicans and Donald trump can we speak on that or pass?

Sure, I don’t normally speak on politics. But I’ll definitely voice my opinion if asked.

With you being of Mexican decent what are your thoughts on the whole situation if trump gets elected president and wants to build a wall separating Mexico from Arizona. Are we facing racial profiling and sexism?

Being in the position I am  in with my career, it definitely gives me understanding on why we can’t be so lax,  but with that being said, I do feel there are better ways to handle the situation. Boxing us in this “untouchable”  territory is not going to be the answer to our concerns. Humanity is trending towards hate, greed, war, and gain. We should be evolving in that area where we are so consumed by the fear of it all. It’s making us devolve in a sense. We’re not making any progress as a human race in that area. Trump will be catastrophic to that cause. I truly have great concern with him being in a position of power. He’s just…disconnected. I feel he has ulterior motives. The good for one, but not for all mindset. I love people of all cultures, diversitys, backgrounds, etc. There’s good and bad in all of us. I feel strongly that educating in areas such as tolerance and acceptance is key for our future growth. It’s so engrained in some people because of how they were raised, it’s not necessarily their fault. They just don’t know anything beyond their way of what they were taught. We aren’t born with hate in out hearts, rather than dividing us as a people, we need to unite. We can’t seem to quite get there though. We are blocked by old teachings, negative media, social brainwashing on a daily basis. Hell yes! We’re strong, independent, free thinking women!

I’m from California and I’m having second thoughts of moving to Arizona instead of California what can you tell me about your home state that would persuade me to move there. When it comes to your family like do you like being a home maker; cooking, cleaning, nurturing or are you the tomboy type that likes more physical activities. Do you enjoy sports?


There are so many things to love about Arizona! Here you can see the most amazing sunsets, experience the four seasons, hike, bike, and explore. You can drive some miles in any direction and find yourself in beautiful vast woodland areas, deserts, forests, and fields. It’s peaceful, serene, wonderful. You can find everything in Arizona. The world really is at your fingertips here. There are so many different communities as well. Whatever your interest, I’m certain you could find it here. There’s a great support system in Az. I would definitely say I am a pleaser when it comes to my family. I want to make sure they have everything, experience everything, and also to protect them from everything. Which I know is impossible, but damn straight I will try! I do enjoy cooking, especially trying new dishes! I love to make dishes that are popular in other cultures to get a taste for different cuisines. I definitely have a strong motherly nature, and also a very protective one, I’ll do anything for my family. Because I have so many interests, I’m also able to keep up with the boys! Always learning about cars by watching how-to YouTube videos. Knowledge is just a click away. I want to be self sufficient in everything I do. I know I’m capable of anything, just as everyone is. It’s just a matter of trying. I do enjoy some sports. You can enjoy anything when you look for a particular point of interest in it. I do love getting all dressed up as well! High heels, dresses, makeup, the whole deal. I can go either way, I’m adaptable to the scenario and situation. I guess that’s just part of my laid back personality, just like I don’t believe in boredom, or stagnation. There’s always a way to make it better, get creative! You are your own entertainer

And that Janelle is a wrap! I would have never known a homeland security agent would have been this highly adventurous and colorful until I encountered Ms. Janelle Frampton!

I’m so glad I could share my story so that people can see that we are all individual and unique. I guess the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover is certainly true! Thank you so much for your time as well. It was a pleasure speaking with you and doing this interview.


Sitting Pretty with Nail Artist Crissy

Introduce yourself to the readers let them know where your from and somethings about your career.

screenshot_2016-08-10-11-54-16-1.pngHi My name is Crissy! I’m from California, I live in San Diego. I moved here 4 years ago as a navy wife, I have a 6 year old son who I am working so hard for! 

How long have you been a nail technician seriously?

I have been a nail tech for 4 months.

What type of girl where you growing up girly girl or tom boy? Who are some of your influences?

I wasn’t real girly but wasn’t a tom boy. I loved make up and nails. But never really wore heels or shorts/dresses, I’m just me. Lol I honestly never had a person I wanted to be like or that wowed me, I just always wanted to be better person than I was after each day. 

How was it for you growing up? Is this what you always wanted to do? what career did you see yourself having when you were growing up?

Growing was typical no father in the house, but I would always talk to him, I knew who my father was. My mom never talked bad about him, she was a hard working, very strong woman. I never knew what I wanted to do as a career I loved hair also so I started selling it 7 years ago. But I never knew my career choice until actually this year! My husband said to me one day, “why don’t you do nails!?” I’m like OMG right lol and I signed up two days later! I never seen myself has a nail tech because the Asian have it on lock. But this is what I love and I wish I had done it sooner! I’m in love with nails. 

What have you been working on?

Right now I’m just sending out samples of nail supplies I sale to popular YouTube  vloggers

What other talents do you have?

I do a little make up, which is like my second love!

 If you weren’t doing nails what would you be doing?

Probably selling hair still and planning to opening a salon or store.

Have you done any services for anyone famous?

 Nails, no not yet I’m hoping to one day. I have sent hair to Diamond from Crime Mob and Lil Mo in exchange for promo. 

What designs are your specialties?

I love glitter encapsulation.

Do you have any competition in the nail world?

No. I don’t compete with anyone but myself I don’t worry about what others are doing.

Anyone you look to for inspiration in the nail world?

I like Naja from La hair I follow her Instagram. She is so nice and humble and always helping others in the nail industry. 

For you to feel successful what are some goals you would like to accomplish?


I want to be the best person I can be so people continue to love my spirit. I want to booked and not overlooked! I want continue to stay healthy. Last but not least stay strong and be the best mother to my son i want to raise him right. 

  What level of success would you have to reach to feel as if you made it?

I want to be the talk of the town for being the sweetest person anyone has ever met! I want to be able to give others joy when they are having a bad day. In this industry, us nail techs sometimes have close relationships with our clients, we are their therapist. We hear so many stories and sometimes we’re able to give helpful advice. So it’s important I stay humble and show courtesy at all times. I will not be happy if a client leaves my chair unhappy with my work but more importantly with my attitude. 

What would you like to be remembered for when its all said and done and the lights go out?

That my smile lit the room up! 

★☆★ ☆★Flame Time★☆★☆★

Do you have any shout outs?

I want to thank you guys for this opportunity! This is so amazing! I appreciate this! 

Any words of wisdom?

Be humble, because you can go out of style. 

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To book an appointment call: 619-730-7404

Follow Crissy on Instagram at @crystalNailz_

Poem “White Boy Privilege” 

My friend sent me a link that made me shed a tear. I was so moved by 8th grader Royce Mann’s delivery of “White Boy Privilege”. Even a child could see the injustice in our System, why can’t everyone else?  Mann’s powerful words won him first place in the competition and I could see why, but could we see change on the rise?? We have to be the change we want to see, we have to take responsibility for our actions and shortcomings, then we have to put a plan in action and follow through on our words. Mann is a leader of the new school and the revolution will be televised. Click the link below to watch the video.


Poem “White Boy Privilege”



“The Last Laugh”Stand-up Comedy @ Tir Na Nog

  • Bruce Walton

It seems as though the comedy scene in Daytona Beach is getting harder and harder to find. With the recent closing of a couple of comedy clubs it seems that the only time we can catch comedy is when the Peabody Auditorium brings a celebrity comic and that may be every blue moon. After searching and searching I finally found a place that does comedy and the great part about it is they let locals perform.

The Tir Na Nog lets a group of comics host stand-up comedy every Wednesday at their bar. One Wednesday they let their veterans perform stand-up and on the following Wednesday they have open mic comedy. I was very pleased at what I saw this past Wednesday so I would like to introduce you to the comics.

The first person is Zach Bennett. He is our host and comic. His comedy is very natural but witty. Its almost as if he’s having regular conversation but it just so happens to be funny. He also shows great participation and support with the comics on stage.

The first performer of the night was Ian Perna. He does a great “In your face” style of comedy. Very laid back demeanor but you still get the feeling that he could kick your ass. He has no problem dealing with the crowd and hecklers. I don’t know what type of wrap Joe Rogan has as a comedian but he reminds me of him and I like Joe Rogan so thats not a bad thing in my eyes.

The next comic to the stage was Joe Lovece. Joe is a set up, punch line, type of comic. Even in his set-ups he still might catch you out of no where with a punchline. His comedy reminds me of some one who would work for a sketch comedy show or a studio audience, sitcom type of show.

Our next comic to the stage was Sareth Ney. Sareth is definitely not scared to go there. He made it very clear that he is proud of his “dirty mind”. Don’t get it twisted though, his jokes definitely have cleverness to them. And his jokes are back to back so you definitely get your fill when you watch him. The most impressive things about his show is that he actually changed his clothing and became an entirely different character which is his alter ego “Wu Man Chu”. Wu Man Chu is a character inspired from the infamous rap crew “Wu Tang Clan” with a mixture of a super hero. I wish I took a picture of the costume but he definitely diverted my attention away from my camera. I was interested in exactly where he was going with it. He didn’t let me down.

The next comic to the stage was Blair Baker. One thing I can say about Blair is she has great stage presence. She works the stage very well and she just has a pleasantness about her. Very spunky. Her comedy was well rounded. Energetic, witty, risky, sexy.

Moving right along we have Annie Pozzella. One of her strong points was that she definitely gets you very involved with her story. To the point where you are imagining exactly what is happening. Her style of comedy is “Hey, family. Here’s how my day went” and its lighthearted and funny at the same time.

The next comic to the stage is Rica Marie. I actually know Rica personally from our Performing Arts class at Daytona State College. She has always had an up beat energy about her. Her comedy is just the same. She even had some raunchy yet bashful moments which gave her comedy a cute feeling to them.

The closer for the night was Sean Beagan who was also the birthday boy. His comedy was definitely polished. He didn’t seem like he had to write much because the way he improvised on the spot was quite impressive. His jokes were definitely well structured and clever. He works the crowd very well and seems to understand the vibe in the room.

Although he didn’t really perform our other host was Marty Labbe. I wanted to introduce him, too.

All-In-All, I was pleased and refreshed. But don’t take my word for it I would definitely go check them out. The variety will give you your feel of what you need. There were moments where i burst out laughing, moments where I was embarrassed, and moments where I were genuinely just intrigued. We definitely need to support things like this. I would definitely like to see this thing grow. My only regret is that I didn’t get video to show you some clips but I won’t forget next time. Thank you for having me and see you next Wednesday

Next Show – Wednesday, April 6th – Open Mic Comedy – Tir Na Nog Irish Bar 612 E International Speedway BLVD, Daytona Beach,FL 32118

J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar Release Official Art Cover for their Joint Project “Reminiscing”


The whole nation was in an uproar over Future and drake’s joint project “What a Time to Be Alive”. Well, it looks like they have a challenge on their hands. The long rumored and awaited joint project from J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar finally has cover art. Although details of this merger project haven’t been released as of yet, we can all agree to be willing to wait for greatness.

Bruce Walton jr

Keedie’s Corner / Hustle Blood Films

Artist in the Spotlight – SmokeandRide “Untitled (Music Video)


This artist is more than typical when it comes to subject matter in his lyrics. Daytona’s own (now residing in Jacksonville,Fl) SmokeAndRide is definitely a force to be reckoned with.


We got to witness a Photoshoot/Video shoot via Hustle Blood Films for his new single “Untitled”. I’m here to tell you now, if you don’t pay attention to every word you might just miss something.


Check out his new music video below!

Download the single via Soundcloud as well

The sweet tale of “QueenBerries”

Keedie’s Corner recently caught up with Nikki Jones to discuss her “QueenBerries”, which are a royal treat among the Central Floridians. She has a delightful twist on strawberry decor and she gave us the opportunity to share her story. Read along as we tell her tale.

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Where are you from Ms.Nikki?

  • I’m from a small city called Crescent City.

How long have you lived in the Central Florida area?

  • I’ve lived in the Central Florida area for about 10 years now.

How long have you been making your famous “QueenBerries”?

  • I’ve been making “QueenBerries” for about 4 months now.

And you also make Cocktails?

  • Yes, sweet cocktail jars!


What motivates you to go hard in life?

  • All of my strength comes from the Lord, FIRST & my 5 yr. old daughter Derielle, everything I do is for her!

Do you have anything else in store?

  • I’m always brainstorming ALWAYS! (LoL)

What would you describe as good customer service in your line of work?

  • I’ll just say PATIENCE is a virtue.

How do you balance it all out? School, berries, cocktails and family?

  • GOD! I’m not just saying it in vain sometimes I find myself praying ALL day, I have to give credit to God. It’s easy to step off track or get unbalanced so to speak, when I feel like giving up he reminds me he hasn’t bought me this far to leave me! I have to keep my eyes on the prize!

Do you find yourself eating your creations?

  • Not really, I’ll taste a strawberry to make sure my batch is pretty sweet, but my daughter on the other hand doesn’t get sweets often so she looks forward to mommy messing up a “QueenBerry” so she can eat it!

What do you do in your personal time?

  • I like to shop, spend time with my family & friends, SLEEP!  All my friends & family knows I LOVE to sleep, I’ll take a nap in a quick minute! (LoL)

What are some goals you would like to accomplish?

  • To become a home owner, go back to school, & be happy every single day!

What level of success would you to have to reach to feel accomplished?

  • It’s hard to answer that. I’m a dreamer, a doer, a thinker, I see possibility everywhere, the sky’s the limit for me! Even when I feel accomplished I’ll set another goal to reach! I’m constantly challenging myself & having fun in the process!

What’s the most creative design you have made on your berries?

  • Um that’s kind of hard I’ll say so far the leopard print…or maybe the tuxedos.

What are some of the weirdest request you have received from your customers?

  • Oh my God if only I could share them all! The weirdest/funniest one someone wanted me to draw was a crab on the berries. (LMBO) I’m no artist & my space on the berry is only so big.  Everyone wants to be “different” until it gets ridiculously funny!


★☆★☆★Flame Time★☆★☆

• Do you have any shout outs?

  • Of course I would love to give my #1 supporters Latoya Scott (my sister), & Tangela Walker (God-sister)! My mom & dad for always being there no matter what venture I wanted to try, Derielle (my daughter) she’s always giving me ideas, & willing to help her mommy out! My dear friends who I send pictures, ideas, etc to Shala, Falon, Shayla, Nacole, Felicia, Kellee, Derrick, Brittany & my favorite cousin Tangela Williams I love each one of y’all in a very special way!

Any words of wisdom or encouragement? 

  • “Positivity is the KEY honey! Things are going to happen life happens, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. There’s a blessing in every lesson. Use it as an opportunity to grow or a stumbling block to keep you from growing! Walk in your purpose!”

Where can the viewers go to follow you and your movement?

  • Facebook: Nikki Jones

  • Instagram: QueenNikBerries



Written by: Keidra Ponder

Published by: Keedie’s Corner LLC, 2014

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Get Your Customized Book Bags To Start The School Year!!!



Spark up your kids school year with their customized back packs!!! Don’t even waste time TRYING to find that perfect back pack when you can let the customize their own at great prices. Contact “Sarina Walton” on FB today to place your order or get a quote and have your kids ready this Fall.

Keedues Corner LLC

From the Bay to L.A. – Mikeal Seabury (Choreographer, Dancer, Model)


       WHAT IS DANCE???

“Dance is an art. It is used to express emotions & thoughts. Dance has no limits, nor does it have a specific style. It allows you to be creative and to bring your imagination to life using movement. Most importantly, dance allows you to be free.” – Mikeal Seabury

noun: art; plural noun: arts; plural noun: the arts
  1. 1.
    the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
    “the art of the Renaissance”
    As you can see above, the word “art” is generally used as a noun. Mikeal Seabury shows exemplary  dance skills which definitely can transform the word art into a verb. So if you wanted to create the word “arting” to replace the word dance, Mikeal’s work would definitely personify the change.
    We first discovered Mikeal at B.J. of da Young Hustlerz music video shoot “From Da Front” in Sacramento, CA. She danced and did the choreography work. Great shoot by Ulterior Brain Media. Antoine Tramble, whom produces background music for shows such as “America’s Top Model”, was leader of the operation and invited Mikeal to the shoot.  Before and after she made other music video appearances, including an E-40 video. Mikeal is here to give you the inside scoop of how it started…and where it may head, next.
    Music has always been a focal point in Mikeal’s life from the beginning. Her mother told her that, while she was pregnant with her, she would always play music and sing to her. One day her mother let her tag along to a dance class. Then and there Mikeal discovered her love for the art. She would learn the choreography of the dance routines simply from watching her mother dance at her class through a glass window. Soon after Mikeal began to watch Hip-Hop music videos and which she would learn the choreography to. So every time the music videos would come on television Mikeal would dance along with the choreography as if she rehearsed with the actual crew. As she got older she began to follow Aaliyah very closely. Aaliyah was a R&B artist born in Brooklyn, NY. She was signed to record company’s such as Jive records and Atlantic records in which she worked along side artist such as Timberland, R.Kelly and Missy Elliott. In 2001 Aaliyah was aboard a flight that crashed in which she did not survive. She was among the top 27 most successful R&B artist in history. Though the people loved her voice, Mikeal fell in love with the eloquence in her dance and choreography. This what made Aaliyah the perfect figure to follow from her point of view.
    “She was flawless at executing moves, and I wanted to express myself how she did. I learned every choreography piece from every video she had. Aaliyah is the reason why I started to dance. From the songs “Back and Forth” to “Rock the boat” I will always be inspired by her (R.I.P Aaliyah).” – Mikeal Seabury
    It was back in her home town where Mikeal learned that dance was more than just a thing, it was a life style. She discovered an under world and thriving community of dancers in The Bay Area. This is what introduced her to the culture of dance.  With this she learned there were different genre’s of dancing as well.
    “My favorite genre of music is Dancehall and Reggae. Although I enjoy hip hop and R&B, they way reggae and dancehall music makes me feel is indescribable. Dancehall and reggae is a style of dance from Jamaica. They have names for a lot of their dances. For example, they have dances called “nuh linga” and “cow foot” and many variations of those dances. I consider reggae and dancehall to be “feel good” music. When it comes on and I hear the bass line, I can’t help but to start moving. I’ve competed in there cultural dancehall queen competitions and have even dance for a Dancehall Queen. The culture is just so beautiful and I fell in love with it.” – Mikeal Seabury
    Mikeal quickly got indulged in the battle style form of dance. It’s  sort of like a competition but it is self induced. A pack of dancers stand-off to strut their dance moves in sort of a Hip-Hop style mosh pit. This it what gained a lot of respect and exposure to underground dancers. You had to always stay sharp, prepared, and ready to freestyle dance at any moment. Through this form of dance, Mikeal was discovered by a dance crew called “High Performance”. She soon met her mentors Gooch, whom taught her how to perform, and Kato, from the legendary crew H.A. (Housing Authority). Along with Wiley Sparks, Mikeal’s mentors slowly modeled her to prepare her for her big leap…Los Angeles.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Mikeal made her first commercial appearance in E-40’s music video “Function” featuring Y.G. She then danced on 106 & Park with a choreographer she used to work with. Her latest work was in French Montana’s music video “Freaks” ft Nicki Minaj. The young dancer also appeared in several commercials, one being for Pepsi, which she expressed was her best experience yet.
    ” I’ve been living in L.A. for about 2 years now and the experience has been everything needed to grow and to become strong. The industry is hard and you must have thick skin to survive out here. I’m currently a full time student at The Arts Institute perusing fashion design as a major and also on the entertainment side I am currently working on a movie called “Poetic Dancehall” written and directed by James Turner. I am playing as character named Candice. In addition to acting I am also the dance choreographer for the movie. I’m also working on another project that I can’t mention just yet but let’s just say the future is looking real promising.  I absolutely love dance.12 years dancing and 8 years professionally. I have an emotional attachment to this art. It has never failed me and has brought me up whenever I was feeling down. Dance is my release in life. As quoted by Martha Graham,” Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” “
    Be on the look out for this young lady. She is definitely on the rise to the top. Keedie’s Corner will definitely be there, every step of the way, to watch this young woman blossom into a star.

    Dancer/ Model/ Choreographer all around entertainer lover of dancehall… For inquires and booking email:

    twitter – onejoosi

    Los Angeles,CA ·



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    Published by Keedies Corner / Writen by Bruce Walton Jr & Keidra Ponder

Fashion & Ink with Kelow Wood



In the year of 2014 and beyond, ingenuity is almost as necessary as water in terms of survival…at least in the world of business. When you buy or invest in a product it can be for an assortment of reasons. One being that you can’t produce the product yourself or  you simply respect the craft. We at Keedie’s Corner idolize the fearless entrepreneurs in our community, especially those whose make it a point to be trendsetters versus those who simply try to squeeze a dollar out of the up-and-up trend.   Kelow struck us as some one who can be considered the definition of “Getting it from the muscle”. Don’t let us be the sole judges. Check out her work. The tattoo artist, model, and clothing spokeswoman/sales representative (Drügs) is definitely a force to pay attention to. We had an exclusive interview with the young entrepreneur, see what she had to say.


What is your name? (that you use for booking)
 Kelow Wood
What are your occupational rolls? 
I started out modeling at 18 but gave it a break to gain more knowledge on it (modeling). After that I started rapping for fun. One of my homeboys (DB Beats) put me on to that & I enjoyed it for a while! I was featured in a few videos & I was on the “Melting Pot 1”! It was a project put together by my homie J.Snipes out of North Carolina. That got me some recognition in the city! I fell off with rapping because I no longer had a studio. I’ve always had a passion for art & could always draw, so I got into tattooing which is my main money maker. I’m still learning & perfecting my craft but I definitely love doing it! Right now I’m just working on getting my clothing line up & running. I’ve been wanting to do it since I was in middle school so finally being presented with the opportunity feels great! I’m an all around entrepreneur just out here trying to make it!
Where were you born and what is you current residency?
I am born & raised in Florida! Fayetteville, North Carolina is like my 2nd home but I’m so Florida! I currently live in north west Florida but will be relocating to Orlando in July 2014. I’m very excited! I will be starting school there for fashion, as well as working on whatever projects I have going or coming at me!
How long have you been working in this field?
I’ve been tattooing for 2 1/2 years and I’ve been modeling for about 5 years! 
What made you lean towards this career path?
I initially went with modeling because of my love for fashion growing up. I always wanted to model but once I seen all the steps it took I knew I had to take a break to learn. In the process I’ve always had the gift of art so I started exploring it. Later I got introduced to tattooing by an ex-boyfriend. He showed me how to set up my machine and everything else I learned on my own! I love tattooing so I decided it was something I would put my heart into! 
What was your best achievement in this field, thus far? 
I don’t think I’ve reached my greatest achievement with any of my occupations! I would like to master tattooing and to get my clothing line in every store possible. That would be a great achievement!
What is your main hardship or difficulty working in this line of work? 
The toughest part about tattooing would probably be helping someone decide on what exactly they want & just dealing with a person not being able to take pain, it effects my work! Also correcting someone else’s work can be a hassle!
[ Older picture of Kelow before starting her dreads ]
What is a funny or lighthearted moment you can remember in your career? 
Umm, I don’t really have one I just love when people share their ink stories with me! It’s always interesting to hear the ideas behind someone’s work or the meaning of the piece! 
What advice do you have for up & coming women who plan to pursue this career path? 
With any career path I would tell all women don’t follow your dreams, chase them! You can achieve anything you put your mind to as long as you focus, believe, & put God first! Trust your hustle! Everything is hard work but it pays off! Also invest in yourself! You can’t expect to be a boss if u don’t! 
Are you affiliated with any company or organization? 
Right now I am independent as I’ve always been, I’ve been offered deals, many different company’s have tried to work with me but I’m just being patient for the right one while in the process of building my own empire! I am affiliated with a few people but right now I’m just on the grind & being my own boss! I am open to bookings & working with people though most definitely! 
10013500_10152074365569021_650349883_n[picture to the left is Kelow sporting “Drügs” apparel]
What past work or future work can we look up or expect to see?
First, you can look forward to my clothing line coming this summer məˈjestik strictly for queens 🙂 I will forever be a tattooist. I love doing that! I just linked up with the gorgeous Roxxanne Montana, owner of the clothing line Drügs “Do Right U Gain Success”. Shout out to her,she is doing her thing! I will be an official Drügs dealer once I receive my contract from her! I will have Drügs gear men & women’s for sale so that’s big! I’m just looking to make moves this summer. Like I’ve said, I’m open to work so I just tell anyone to get at me. You can always contact me via email or Instagram, I’m an Instagram junkie lol! 
KELOW TWITTER – @Kelwo_inkU_Wood


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Published by Keedie’s Corner/ Written by Bruce Walton Jr & Keidra Ponder 2014