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From Cloudy Days to Picture Perfect, Alexis Scott – Model

In 1927, a man by the name of Fred R. Barnard coined the phrase, “A pictures’ worth a thousand words”. Despite Alexis’s breath taking looks and stunning physique, a picture simply isn’t enough to describe her fight down glory road. Often times we see that art mostly comes from those with a story to tell which may be hard to describe in words. It may also come from people who’ve been through trauma or pain with a desperate need to express themselves. Getting people to see beauty from beholders perspective is the essence of what makes art touch people in a very prodigious way .


At times, I feel that models may not get the full credit they deserve when it comes to making the firm decision to follow this career path. Putting yourself in the public eye to be judged from head to toe takes great courage and confidence. You have to really learn how to love yourself regardless of what people may say. Some models even try their luck if pushing the boundaries of the social standard of what beauty is. Even if there was a time that you didn’t feel “pretty” according to the standard.

Let’s be honest, life has a way of trying to discourage you from being what your heart says your are versus what society expects from you. The movies and television always paints the picture to make it seem as if the underdog is loved. In actuality, the love seems to only comes when the underdog gains momentum. Gaining momentum, for someone that has been through tough times, takes day-to-day convincing yourself. uplifting yourself. Staying positive. Defeating odds. Taking leaps of faith. This is the story of Alexis Scott.

Alexis was born and raised in Daytona Beach, FL. She was primarily raised by her aunt whom she had a very close relationship with. Her aunt took her in after realizing that Alexis’s mother was fighting a battle with drugs. At the age of 13, Alexis made a courageous that would that would send her life spiraling. She decided to speak up about the abuse which came from the hands of her father. Alexis would often spend holidays and summer breaks with her parents. This is when the abuse happened. She built up the courage to tell a best friend that she was sexually abused by her father. What she didn’t know is that the government would take her away from her aunt and place her in foster care. This didn’t seem to make sense to her and everyone who loved her. Why not just keep her with her aunt who she is already comfortable with and away from her father? No matter how much logic we speak this decision was made and she was basically on her own from here. Fortunately, she was taken in by her best friends family.

Approximately 6 months after she was taken in by her best friend things started to get a little rocky. the family fell on hard times and ended up losing their place or residence. Alexis, along with her friends family, found refuge with acquaintances, family and friends periodically. Most times having to sleep on the floor due to lack of space. Once again Alexis had to make a courageous move. She decided to run away where she was eventually taken in by her half uncle from her mothers side. Going through so much at this tender age you would think it would distract a young mind. Even make them resort to crime. I asked her “Do you think being in foster care inspired you in any way?”.

“It definitely did not inspire me. Sometimes I often wondered why I didn’t have a “normal” life instead. The only thing I can say came from this is that it made me eager to get my own place. My case worker always said “You either age out of the system or graduate. That’s the only way out.”

Her soon to be way out would come, to her surprise, would come once she learned she was on track to graduate high school early. It seemed that the chaos only made her focus and excel tremendously academically. A complete oxymoron. During her middle school stint, Alexis took an Algebra 1 course along with an English test that would count towards high school credits. This began her advancement. At the start of her 10th grade year her guidance counselor informed her hat the classes she took over summer break almost were enough to make her a senior. Seeing that she was so close to completion she decided to duel enroll. through hard work and dedication she was able to graduate high school at the age of 16.

Even though she had graduated she didn’t jump straight into college. Her uncle, who she lived with at the time, agreed to let her live with him until she graduated. So she knew she had to get the ball rolling financially. She found a job and saved up enough to get a place. There was only one problem, she wasn’t old enough to sign a lease yet. After going through several court hearing she was able to prove the need to have a lease and was granted permission to get her place.

while most teen girls were stressed about boy crushes and being in the “in crowd”, Alexis was living a much more serious life. Though, she hadn’t realized it yet. She was simply relieved to have a place to call her own. She would live in that comfort zone until she was ready to start college

Shy, alone, battered, to say the least. You’d wonder how this timid girl chose something like modeling. Well, she didn’t. She was chosen. When she first applied for the scholarship with a modeling school she was certain that she wouldn’t get picked.

“I was smart…but I had tattoos and no money. I didn’t even think they would be interested. Some how I was chosen and accepted for their scholarship. If it weren’t me getting accepted I don’t thin I would have ever had the courage to go any where and model”

Thus her modeling career was born



Alexis’s first real gig came from Feroce Magazine. the article was titled “Misunderstood”. The opportunity came from a friend she met at Seabreeze High School. With great help from her husbands (and manager) and her photographer Tyler Jenkings, she was able to create a professional presence for herself. Now she has the confidence to take a modeling full speed.



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Life was starting to look promising young lady. Yet, it gets better. At the age of 20 her boyfriend of 6 years, Xavier Scott, decided that he wanted to be with her for ever. He proposed to her. They would get married  in February of 2018. It seems that for her the storm has passed and the sunshine has come out again.

Currently, Alexis is a college student and a freelance model. She says that her main goals are to one day walk the run way during Fashion Week and being picked to star in a major movie role. Seeing what she has overcome so far, nothing is impossible.

It was remarkable seeing how this young lady stayed positive through it all. I asked her did she have any advice for anyone that has endured a rough upbringing but wants to remain positive about the future.

“Just keep going, and most importantly, get help! Some people are ashamed of what they have gone through or either too proud. No matter how good a person may seem we all need to heal properly. No matter what it is you go through, don’t be afraid to tell someone. I am very grateful for the METOO movement. It is allowing people to speak up more than ever. For those who feel like the won’t be heard, just remember that there is someone, somewhere, that’s willing to listen and help”.

May God bless you on your journey, Alexis.

Special Thanks :

Photographer : Tyler Jenkings

Nail Tech : Saraih Mai

Husband : Xavier Scott

Friends, Family and Followers

Contact Info :

Instagram : @darkskinnedalexis

Facebook Business Page : Alexis Ann Scott

Facebook Manager : Xavier Scott

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