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Artist in the Spotlight: G.I. Gizzle

By: Keidra Ponder


While in Atlanta, we had the chance to chop it up with artist G.I. Gizzle. He recently landed in the city to promote his newly released album with Rich The Factor, “Don’t take this Personal”’.  As one of the stops on his campaign tour, we kicked off our first episode with a real vibe.


The artist has a record label 1000 entertainment as well as a clothing brand DirtBagz  . He prides himself in being authentic and being a man of valor. His integrity and faith in God has open many doors for him yet he still remains humble and hungry.



GI Gizzle and Boosie Badazz Barcode

The artist is doing numbers with his hit song “Barcode” Ft. Boosie Badazz and giving those numbers back to his community. You can hear the truth in his lyrics and you can see it in his actions. G. I. Gizzle has a few notable collaborations but plans to put out a solo EP to give the people more of the Grit he is known for. So talk to him, he talks back!



Follow G. I. Gizzle on all platforms:




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Webbie is In Da Zone with Shay Da Don and CaLiBo

You always hear Webbie yelling out, “Da dumb way!”, but in actuality he is intelligent, yeah he gets dumb with it, but that doesn’t make him dumb. I had the opportunity to hear him speak on a few different issues while on “In Da Zone” with Shay Da Don and CaLiBo. The duo recently sat down with the Baton Rouge native to discuss his current affairs as well as his past ventures. One thing I can say is this man is a family man and truly understands that the children are the future. Last time I saw Mr. Sweet Jones Jr. he was putting on a banging show at Axess Event Center in Daytona Beach, Fl. Since then he has released Savage Life 5 and plans to drop a DVD entitled Caprice Muzik. Click the link to watch the full interview and get the story like only Shay Da Don and CaLiBo can bring you. Webbie is in da zone with Shay Da Don and CaLiBo


By: Keidra Ponder

Reviewing A King’s Genetic Memory with Author Craig Pickney


As a writer I’ve always had respect for fellow authors. The creative process is tedious and sometime unruly, but the finished product is well worth the sacrifice. I’ve known Craig since school days but I grew to respect him as a man while reading his works. His words are well thought out with much meaning. He is valor with much insight to give. His ability to make it out of Daytona Beach, Fl. with his mind in tact and ambition in full force is what I most admire. Once I read his literature we connected on a conscious level, here is some insight on the man behind the intellect.


For as long as I can recall I’ve had a love poetry, song writing and music production. As a young boy I would study the Webster’s dictionary to enhance my vocabulary. This was when I started freestyling full verses, which lead to rap songs and small poems. Throughout my childhood I never stopped writing, however it wasn’t until a deployment to Iraq in 2003 that I would start to put material together for publishing. Unfortunately writer’s block would take its course until 2009 while deployed to Afghanistan, I wrote and wrote feeling good as the inspirational poetry began to rush in. By 2011 it was time for me to reconsider my future , did I want to remain in the Army or pursue writing full time? I decided to go for it, I left the military and in this time all I did was attend college and write. I chose to further my education, gaining my Associates in Business Management and Internet Marketing so that it would better facilitate my publishing goals.

I believe that in one lifetime you can be what and who you want to be if you’re wiling to put the work in. I have a following on Facebook which I give a combination of inspiration and real life logic, I try to interact with my readers as much as possible. I’m very open minded and can relate to most personalities, I usually can get people to look at things at an angle never before seen.  The future of my brand (AKGM) or (A King’s Genetic Memory) is focused on the future and open to where that future may lead. I currently have two published bodies of work and I have material composed for my next 3 projects as well. Click the links below to check my manuscripts out.

“A King’s Genetic Memory; The Royal Inspiration” 

“A King’s Genetic Memory; Satin Sheets” 

To stay current with my works follow me on Facebook at-


Artist in the Spotlight: Projeck Bo

This is Mike of Keedie’s Corner and I’m bringing you an exclusive interview from the West Coast. I had the pleasure of speaking with East Los Angeles own Projeck Bo. It’s a pleasure to have you on The Corner, let the viewers out there know who Projeck Bo is.


Projeck Bo is me of course! I’m one of the hottest rappers on the West right now, I’m just coming home from an eight year bid and now I’m back like I never left. If you need a visual, click the link to check out the video for my song “On Da Block” off my mixtape Projeck Muzik Vol.1. All in all I’m just out here trying to make it make sense.

The content of Projeck Muzik Vol. 1 has tough material and real lyrics. The irony of it all is that you’ve actually been incarcerated due to your ties to our neighborhood set. What is your take on individuals living that life for the props and acceptance? Would you say your music is a wake up call for the listeners that need to hear the harsh truth about the streets?

Yea man I did that time but I will never wish that on anyone. I was young and wild, I lived my life a totally different way before prison. Prison is not a place I would ever want to spend another day in, now that I’m out I’m in a better place in my life. I’m not the same person I used to be. It’s a lot of people out here still doing the things I was doing years ago that got me sent to prison. The only thing I can say to them is if you can find a better way to get money, try that way because your life can be taken away from you in mere seconds.

Is your music geared towards a particular crowd or do you reach various listeners with the message in your songs? Is it quote unquote “Gangster Music” or would you say it has a conscious feel?

My music is a mixture of things, I try not to just make music for one particular crowd. I make music for everyone and it’s more than just “gangster rap”. Although it may seem like it’s gangster music, my music is based on my life and things I have been through. Everyone has a story to tell, hopefully everyone can relate to mine.

Now let’s get into Projeck Muzik, can you give a basic description to the viewers about what’s going on from the first volume to the second up and coming volume you’re working on now. What’s the picture your painting with your lyrics? Is it a mixture of tracks put together to tell your story?


Well Projeck Muzik Vol. 1 was an introduction of who Projeck Bo is, where he came from and what he’s been through. Now Vol.2 is a different story, it illustrates how my life changed after doing those eight years in prison. Projeck Muzik Vol. 2 is still about the life of Projeck Bo, it’s just now I have a new agenda.

What are your thoughts on this epidemic of the blood affiliation phenomenon across the country and even overseas? How do you feel about artist claiming sets and mixing gang affiliation with their music?

It’s exactly what I’m speaking on in my music. A lot of these artist are weak, just acting tough. I speak my mind when I see your actions don’t match the content in your songs. It’s a lot of rappers out that are claiming sets and say they’re banging but can’t even step foot in the hood they’re repping. They’re out here wearing their red flags on the right side, calling them bandannas, come on man!

What type of music influenced your upbringing in East LA? Do you have any intentions on stepping outside of California to network and push this Projeck living movement?

I grew up listening to groups like; Murder IV Hire, NWA, Ghetto Boys and artist like 2pac. I’m hitting the South real soon, I plan on going to Louisiana around Mardi Gras time. 2017 is my year to shine.

Do you consider yourself a leader in your community in East LA? Is your music setting the tone for your children, peers and others affiliated with you to follow? What message would you send to them? 

I’m trying to get my city straight, I’m on a positive movement right now. I’m trying to be a role model in this game, someone the kids can look up to. I want to show them it’s not all about where you from, it’s about living life, going to school and getting a career to make sure their families are straight. Let my life lessons be an example for you. As far as everyone else that ain’t kids, all I can say is better days are coming, focus on your money and leave it in God’s hands.

I would like you to finish this sentence 2017 will be Projeck Bo break out year because???

2017 will be my breakout year because I have a lot of doors to break down, I literally did 8 years in prison and I feel like it’s my time to tell my story, it might be the realest story you’ve ever encountered.

It’s been a pleasure chopping it up with you, any last words or shout outs you want to send out to any viewers prior to the conclusion of this interview???

I want to send praises to the most high, I want to thank all my supporters and I want to thank you guys at Keedie’s Corner for this opportunity.


Anyone looking to work with Projeck Bo you can email him at If you want to keep up with his movement follow him on Instagram @kingprojeckbo54, Facebook @devion toy, Twitter @projeckbo and on Snapchat @projeckbo2.

Artist in the Spotlight: DJ Nonstop

By Mike Ice

It’s Mike of Keedie’s Corner, today I’m having a conversation with up and coming Cincinnati Ohio DJ personality, DJ Nonstop. So tell me Nonstop, since you have your foot in the industry’s door, what’s next for you?

I’m tied in with dj coalitions, I’m going under management and now I’m gaining the proper resources and funding to gain the right exposure but also expanding my brand and taking advantage of some of my industry connects. I’m looking to relocate to downtown Atlanta, I was offered a chance to work with Benzino at his studio. I have to make my own path in life for myself and to do that I have to leave home, most of my industry resources are based in Atlanta.


Growing up was DJing a way to vent and take your pain, worries and feelings away from everything that was going on?

DJing was a way to express myself through music without having to use words or violence. It was my passion that became my career due to the amount of time my life revolved around music.

What albums influenced DJ Nonstop’s life? What movie did you affiliate DJing with?

The movie “Juice” and the soundtrack played a big role in my career path.

What’s the first thing Nonstop has intentions on releasing  as a coming out project?

The first thing I’m releasing is my EP and documentary.


Let’s get into your project, what’s the name of it and what can the listeners look forward too?

The documentary is called “Goin Nonstop”, and the EP is called “Start”. It’s basically giving you an audio explanation of who Dj Nonstop is.

What can we look forward to on the EP?

Well I’m the aiming to narrow the songs down to make a sound track to the documentary an give you my story in the music behind my visuals. I can’t really fully answer that question until I narrow the song list down.. I got 38 songs lol! One artist to look out for on my EP is up and coming artist Santino Corleone from Cincinnati Ohio.

I thank you for your time DJ Nonstop is there any final words or shout outs you would like to make before closing out this interview?

I have to shout out Keedie’s Corner for this opportunity and you as well Mike. I want to shout out the Dream Chasers and the Do it Nonstop Music Team.

djnonstop1Anyone looking to network with DJ Nonstop can find him on all social media sites at @iamdjnonstop



Company Review; Immaculate Cleaning Hands

By: Keidra Ponder


Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with business owner Ashley Kelly, she is part owner of Immaculate Cleaning Hands along with Rhonda Carter. Together the ladies bring a quality service to the Central Florida area with customers in mind. Immaculate Cleaning Hands is a commercial cleaning company specializing in doing the dirty work so you can handle the day to day business. Whether it be a commercial, retail or industrial property these ladies are equipped to handle the job. The ladies of Immaculate Cleaning Hands are dedicated to providing superior results. Some of the services rendered are corporate cleaning, floor care, appliance cleaning, dust control, restroom restocking, spot cleaning and more.

Take a tour through their website for more insight, click the link Immaculate Cleaning Hands. When asked why she chose this field, Ashley said this field chose her. Rhonda and Ashley have always been friends with goals to succeed in life. They have tried a few business ventures in the past but this time they struck gold. Having worked in the various fields such as health care and business management, the women knew what it took to provide exceptional customer service. Their knack for entrepreneurship was the icing on the cake, it’s levels to ambition and these women are driven to reach the top. If you have any questions, concerns or have an interest to work with these ladies please contact them at 386-222-2989 or by email at

Jeezy Discusses #TD3, Homophobia, #BlackLivesMatter & More w/Larry King… [FULL VIDEO]

Jeezy is on a roll these days! Not only does he have the hottest album in the streets right now, but he’s also a hot commodity on several talk shows. The Grammy nominated rapper/entrepreneur recently sat down with Larry King on the Emmy-nominated series, “Larry King Now” for an in-depth and wide-ranging interview about his new…

via Jeezy Discusses #TD3, Homophobia, #BlackLivesMatter & More w/Larry King… [FULL VIDEO] — Straight From The A [SFTA] – Atlanta Entertainment Industry Gossip & News

Artist in the Spotlight: Janelle Frampton, Makeup Artist and Homeland Security Agent

Hello readers this is an exclusive interview on  for the beautiful and talented Janelle Hampton done by none other than Mike Ice of Ice Ent.


Pleasure to meet you Mike. Thank you so much! As I said, I would love to do an interview for your online magazine. It’s great that your magazine brings artists of all genres in for a spotlight. Love that spread the love feel in the community. Your website is also very clean and well organized. Very impressed!

I try to bring all sides of the world together along with my sister Keedie aka Keidra. She’s the CEO of Keedie’s Corner, I’m just Chief Operating Officer. But yeah I seen your page and I was quite impressed, what’s it like working for homeland security, sounds very interesting.What are some things the public really wouldn’t know about your job title that you would like them to know?

That’s really great! It definitely brings in a diverse audience that way. You know, I love my job with Homeland Security. I feel like I can use both sides of my brain. My analytical and precision side gets  put to work along with my creative side. It provides a great balance for me as an artist. But there’s restrictiveness and freedom. I’m restricted in the fact that I can’t discuss in detail what I do for DHS, and the freedom to create virtually anything as an artist. Each is an outlet of different perspectives and experiences. Both allow me to travel and experience public diversity in many different ways.

Very impressive and well understood about being apart of the government. What were some obstacles you’ve had to overcome? When it’s all said and done pretty much when Janelle leaves this earth what do you want your legacy and your impact on this world to be?

Thank you. It is, and it just works both ways for us. I am originally from a quite, and charming little gem of a town named Show Low, AZ. It was the country life growing up. Playing in the dirt, being and knowing all your neighbors by their first name. I had the chance to experience all four seasons. I guess one of the greatest obstacles was that living in a small town creates in a sense, a security blanket feel. Then when you’re exposed to a big city, and the city life, it’s quite the culture shock! The obstacle being that you just have to get used to everything being so different. Again two different worlds there. But I love it! I always love learning and experiencing new cultures and how everything and everyone is so diverse from one another. It’s really a beautiful thing to make memories of. That’s also a great part of my drive and inspiration to keep going. I want to continue to experience these great things and to take as much out of this short life on earth as I can. Once you realize that you can’t get enough in even the smallest details in life and what surrounds you.


If you had to say what is the highlight of your career and what was the most down and out time of your career? Is it any music that motivates you while doing your job? How do you wind down after work? Does your family support your career or they rather you do something else?

The highlight of my career is definitely working with other people. I love hearing about their life, trials, errors and what they aspire to do. That stays with me, the substance of the individuals that I meet in my career, it gives you something really priceless. I would say the hardest part of my job is just always being stretched in so many different directions. I enjoy the challenge of learning new things, doing it on my own. I dabble in so many other art forms, and even in different skills with DHS. I love learning! I wish there were more of me to help out. Can I put in an assistant position, help wanted ad in with this interview?? Only kidding, but I keep up pretty well considering all my tasks at hand. My taste in music is very eclectic. I can get energy from EDM, chill to some old rock, or put some pep in my step with today’s top 40’s. I really don’t have a certain genre that I favor above others, if I like it, I like it. Labels are nonexistent to me. Some of my favorite ways to wind down from work is to have a glass of wine, or take a bath with some cool galactic bath bombs I’ve just discovered. But one of my favorite ways is to just go out and take a walk in nature.  It really is renewing and renergizing for the soul. Spending that extra time with loved ones is also precious to me. My family does support what I do in every aspect. They keep me grounded, they keep me focused.

That’s a very heart felt response, now I’m gonna tap in on a heartfelt sensitive subject. I want to touch on this subject of Mexicans and Donald trump can we speak on that or pass?

Sure, I don’t normally speak on politics. But I’ll definitely voice my opinion if asked.

With you being of Mexican decent what are your thoughts on the whole situation if trump gets elected president and wants to build a wall separating Mexico from Arizona. Are we facing racial profiling and sexism?

Being in the position I am  in with my career, it definitely gives me understanding on why we can’t be so lax,  but with that being said, I do feel there are better ways to handle the situation. Boxing us in this “untouchable”  territory is not going to be the answer to our concerns. Humanity is trending towards hate, greed, war, and gain. We should be evolving in that area where we are so consumed by the fear of it all. It’s making us devolve in a sense. We’re not making any progress as a human race in that area. Trump will be catastrophic to that cause. I truly have great concern with him being in a position of power. He’s just…disconnected. I feel he has ulterior motives. The good for one, but not for all mindset. I love people of all cultures, diversitys, backgrounds, etc. There’s good and bad in all of us. I feel strongly that educating in areas such as tolerance and acceptance is key for our future growth. It’s so engrained in some people because of how they were raised, it’s not necessarily their fault. They just don’t know anything beyond their way of what they were taught. We aren’t born with hate in out hearts, rather than dividing us as a people, we need to unite. We can’t seem to quite get there though. We are blocked by old teachings, negative media, social brainwashing on a daily basis. Hell yes! We’re strong, independent, free thinking women!

I’m from California and I’m having second thoughts of moving to Arizona instead of California what can you tell me about your home state that would persuade me to move there. When it comes to your family like do you like being a home maker; cooking, cleaning, nurturing or are you the tomboy type that likes more physical activities. Do you enjoy sports?


There are so many things to love about Arizona! Here you can see the most amazing sunsets, experience the four seasons, hike, bike, and explore. You can drive some miles in any direction and find yourself in beautiful vast woodland areas, deserts, forests, and fields. It’s peaceful, serene, wonderful. You can find everything in Arizona. The world really is at your fingertips here. There are so many different communities as well. Whatever your interest, I’m certain you could find it here. There’s a great support system in Az. I would definitely say I am a pleaser when it comes to my family. I want to make sure they have everything, experience everything, and also to protect them from everything. Which I know is impossible, but damn straight I will try! I do enjoy cooking, especially trying new dishes! I love to make dishes that are popular in other cultures to get a taste for different cuisines. I definitely have a strong motherly nature, and also a very protective one, I’ll do anything for my family. Because I have so many interests, I’m also able to keep up with the boys! Always learning about cars by watching how-to YouTube videos. Knowledge is just a click away. I want to be self sufficient in everything I do. I know I’m capable of anything, just as everyone is. It’s just a matter of trying. I do enjoy some sports. You can enjoy anything when you look for a particular point of interest in it. I do love getting all dressed up as well! High heels, dresses, makeup, the whole deal. I can go either way, I’m adaptable to the scenario and situation. I guess that’s just part of my laid back personality, just like I don’t believe in boredom, or stagnation. There’s always a way to make it better, get creative! You are your own entertainer

And that Janelle is a wrap! I would have never known a homeland security agent would have been this highly adventurous and colorful until I encountered Ms. Janelle Frampton!

I’m so glad I could share my story so that people can see that we are all individual and unique. I guess the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover is certainly true! Thank you so much for your time as well. It was a pleasure speaking with you and doing this interview.


Getting to know E. Ross, the man behind the scenes

By: Keidra Ponder

On one of my recent assignments as a Production Assistant, I bumped into E. Ross on the set for the film, “Da Story B4 Da Glory”. With him being the Production Sound Mixer, he and I had a chance to chop it up and explore each others alternative creative lifestyles. Being apart of the crew is only one element of his formulated equation, E. Ross also runs a small production company based out of Atlanta called E. Ross Films.


We produce music videos, documentaries and short films. Throughout the past 10 years I’ve shot over 45 music videos for various Mississippi artist and over 14 street documentary DVD’s called, “Ridin Dirty” and “Sipp Ridin”. The documentaries are geared towards the car fanatics who enjoy nice whips. Between the music videos and the DVD’s I have gotten over 1 million views to date. My latest project is “Whips-of-Atlanta”, which show cases some of the hottest whips in the streets of Atlanta.


img_0787E. Ross’ goal for “Whips-of-Atlanta” is to become a platform where companies can market and advertise cars and rims on his social media sites. This his way of sharing content and connecting like minded individuals who enjoy nice rides. Follow him on Facebook  at Whips-of-Atlanta, on Twitter at @e_ross1969 and view his videos on youtube at E.Ross. Click E. Ross “Whips-of-Atlanta” to view these whips we keep talking about.

Night Life Entertainment talk with Cory Huling

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to Cory Huling of C.E.O. Night Life Ent. He is very vibrant and passionate about his ventures. As a business savvy African American he brings more to the playing field than just the average party, he is a man with a plan. Click the link below to hear his story. Anyone interested in enjoying the “Night Life” follow his campaign and stay tuned. Keedie’s interview with Cory Huling


Cory Huling

Chief Executive Officer

Time Is Money Enterprise, LLC

C.E.O. Night Life Entertainment


Instagram: @ceonightlife

FaceBook: CEO Night Life Entertainment

Twitter: @CEONightLifeEnt 

Keedie’s Corner gets personal with Actress JC Cadena

Hi. I’m JC Cadena. I live in Los Angeles, California. I am an actress. I am theatrically trained and I am now making my transition into television and film.


Q.  How long have you been pursuing acting seriously?

A.  I was performing in theatre before I totally committed to pursuing an acting career in 2012.  At the time I was working in production. I would work a full day and then run to the opposite side of town in mid “rush hour” and rehearse for weekend performances.  I would do this 4 days out of the 5 day work week.

It wasn’t easy making the choice.  I traded stability for the opposite. But it was time for me to make the jump, everything in my life at that moment led to this decision. Life really pushed me. I could feel a good “kick in the ass” pushing me towards acting. I’ve always been a performer ever since I can remember.  So after careful consideration, I jumped in.

Q.  What type of movies did you grow up on?

A.  I grew up watching Mexican Rancheras movies and Mexican game shows.  And American television.  I loved to read and watch scary films every since I can remember.  I think it’s because when I was young my cousins and I use to sit outside near the basketball court during the summer and tell each other ghost stories. I grew up on Stephen King books.

Q.  Who are some of your influences?

A.  My mother is an influence even today.  She was buried in 2006. I always saw her as this beautiful angelic being.  She was beautiful with model looks and I loved her very much.  Her light guides me still.

Tom Hardy is an influence. He is such a great actor and his choices are extraordinary.  I really look up to his acting delivery.  I think stars such as Cate Blanchett, who make it all about their acting and not about their personal life, are great examples of artists I would like to have my career mirror.

A producer friend, Michelle Chydzik, is an influence in my life.  She taught me that a woman can have it all. She was a wife, a mother and a producer.  She was on point and always got to the office before anyone else got there.

Q.  How was it for you growing up?

A.  Earlier in my childhood I had a lot of freedom.  I could explore places alone and I was adventurous.  I have memories as early as 6 years old walking home from school alone.  When my family moved from Quito, Ecuador to Virginia in the US, that changed completely.  We did not have a lot of family around, things were so much bigger in America.  I could no longer be adventurous so I turned to reading.  I spent a lot of my time using my imagination.  I would also write songs, poems and I enjoyed singing, that is, until I graduated from high school.  I worked to try to find myself a lot, and had great experiences that let me know I’m blessed and that I have a purpose here.

Q.  Did you always want to be an actress growing up?

A.  I wanted to be a singer first.  I loved singing.  I sang at school and at church.  But somewhere along the line I got disappointed by it, by the people around it, so I stopped singing for a long time. When I moved to LA I fell back in love with music.  Well actually, I fell in love with music on a trip to Paris. LA has a great indie music scene. I don’t understand why there are songs that play again and again on the radio, when there are so many bands that can share their stuff.

In LA it was easy to find music and art.  It is everywhere.  I put together a band and played around Hollywood. It was fun, but again I distanced myself from it at one point and found Acting.  I remember when I made the decision to move to LA, there was the me that wanted to act, but I got so caught up with finding stability that a full time job made sense at the time.  So I forgot about it.

But acting found me again and here I am, an actress.

Q.  What have you been working on? Any up and coming shows to be on the lookout for?

A.  I’ve shot a couple of projects for TV and film.  I finished a play titled “Sabado Mornings”, written by George Corbin and directed by Melvin Ishmael Johnson.  It was a collaboration with Ben Guillory who is Co-Founder and Producing Artistic Director for the Robey Theatre.  You can look forward to seeing me in a project titled “ED Blues”, written by Butch Dubarri. It is a musical comedy. I think everyone is going to enjoy it.  It has great lines and great music.

CHAINSAW, my production company, for films of all genres, is working with producer Barney Cohen on a film titled, STAR 69. The first feature is a Zombie picture.   I’m very excited about this film.  It will make you Laugh, make you Hot, and make you Scream.

Q. What actress/actors and producers have you worked with?

A. Before I decided to be an actress I worked in production after graduating from George Mason University.  I’ve been in shows with Bill Clinton, Will Smith, Julia Roberts and Adam Sandler to name a few great names.

Q.  Which do you prefer, being on stage or on film?

A.  I cannot say whether I prefer stage or film more. The stage requires a lot of work and commitment. After I am done with the show, I often still feel like the character.  It is a process.  So I gravitate to film as a break.  Film is here and now and I don’t take those emotions with me. It is difficult to choose. I love them both equally.

Q.  Which one of your characters have you connected with the most?

A.  This is a hard question.  The role I just played in “Sabado Mornings”, Rosa, I connected to a lot. Rosa loved people.  She had a young outlook on life and a positive one, yet she had a deep secret holding her back. In some ways I am very much like Rosa. I enjoy people. I have an optimistic look on life, at least I think so.

Q. How do you deal with the industry and pressure to perform?

A.  It takes a lot of energy, a great support system and a good and positive outlook to pursue acting.  Honestly, at first the pressure lies in booking the job not in performing.  Performing is the reward.

Q.  For you to feel successful as an actress what are some goals you would like to accomplish?

A.  At this point in my life I feel successful that I am where I am in my performance level.  I can feel the difference.  And I am grateful. I would like to get to the next level of course.  This year I’m really focusing on the film industry.  For me to feel successful I would like to be performing more lead roles in film and making a bigger name for myself.  And I’d like to use this platform to help the community.

Q.  What level of success would you have to reach to feel as if you made it?

A.  I would like to get an “EGOT”, (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar,Tony). That would be a dream come true. I use visualization as a form of relaxing on stage.  Sometimes I visualize my Oscar speech.  They say if you are going to dream, dream big. Right?

Q.  What would you like to be remembered for when its all said and done and the lights go out?

A.  I would like to be an inspiration to people encouraging them to chase their dreams, and to be kind to each other.

★☆★☆★Flame Time★☆★☆★

Q.  Do you have any “shout outs”?

A.  A “shout out” to Keedie’s Corner and Mike Ice who reached out to me and are giving me this opportunity to speak my mind. A “shot out” to my family.  And to all my people in Ecuador after the earthquake tragedy, blessings to you.

Q.  Let the readers know where they can go to watch your performances?

A.  To find out more about me and my performances visit my website,  I am always updating. You can read an extensive bio, sign up for my blog, titled; “Adventures in Actorland”.  I share advice and experiences on the road to becoming a professional actress. You can contact me there as well. Plus you will find a link to all my social media sites.

Q.  Any words of wisdom? Whatever is in your heart just speak it?

Words of wisdom from me …. work on your passion everyday, feed it, nourish it, love it.