Reviewing A King’s Genetic Memory with Author Craig Pickney

  As a writer I’ve always had respect for fellow authors. The creative process is tedious and sometime unruly, but the finished product is well worth the sacrifice. I’ve known Craig since school days but I grew to respect him as a man while reading his works. His words are well thought out with much meaning. HeContinue reading “Reviewing A King’s Genetic Memory with Author Craig Pickney”

Artist in the Spotlight: Projeck Bo

This is Mike of Keedie’s Corner and I’m bringing you an exclusive interview from the West Coast. I had the pleasure of speaking with East Los Angeles own Projeck Bo. It’s a pleasure to have you on The Corner, let the viewers out there know who Projeck Bo is. Projeck Bo is me of course! I’mContinue reading “Artist in the Spotlight: Projeck Bo”

Artist in the Spotlight: DJ Nonstop

By Mike Ice It’s Mike of Keedie’s Corner, today I’m having a conversation with up and coming Cincinnati Ohio DJ personality, DJ Nonstop. So tell me Nonstop, since you have your foot in the industry’s door, what’s next for you? I’m tied in with dj coalitions, I’m going under management and now I’m gaining the proper resourcesContinue reading “Artist in the Spotlight: DJ Nonstop”