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Government Shutdown; What we as citizens should know

By: Keidra Ponder

As the New Year begins, so does the drama and no I’m not referring to the R. Kelly accusators’ series, I’m talking about the Government shutdown. A government shutdown tends to occur when the President refuses to sign into law necessary bills and resolutions to fund federal government operations and agencies, or if Congress fails to pass sufficient appropriation bills or continuing resolutions. As the government shuts occurs federal agencies continue to operate while nonessential agencies leave on furlough. Some departments are expected to continue to work through the government shutdown without pay.


The current shutdown is in effect to enforce to the funding of the border wall, which many are imposed to. Trump speculates that the shutdown can continue months or evens years or a national emergency may be declared to build the wall without approval from Congress. As a result, many national parks and historical museums are closed until further notice. As a consequence, the IRS is closed along with many other government agencies. It has been speculated that even though the IRS has stopped a lot of its services, the agency will continue to issue tax refunds. Many Americans could lose their SNAP and WIC benefits as a result of the shutdown. Sadly, small business owners aren’t able to get funding and even those looking to get married will have to wait, those departments are closed as well. Many workers are calling out sick because they aren’t being paid and many checkpoints are unguarded leaving room for smuggling across waters.

We don’t know how long the shutdown will last but we do know that we are a resilient people. This isn’t the first government shutdown and it won’t be the last. Keep your eye on the prize and not the price, let that sink in.

Artist in the Spotlight: Shauna Ti’er


Gospel Artist and Aspiring Actress Shauna Ti’er was born March 23, 1976 in Jacksonville, FL. She was raised in Daytona Beach, Florida and started singing at the age of 5 in her local family church, New Mt. Zion Baptist. At the age of 12, she landed the lead role in a school play where her acting and singing talents were displayed. She has always loved to sing and share her gift with people.

Even at a young age, she learned to love the art of music and was inspired by several known legends in the industry including Shirley Caesar, Helen Baylor, the Clark Sisters, and also R&B sensation, the late Whitney Houston to name a few. At the age of 15, Shauna Ti’er was offered a very unique position as a Special Teen Advisor for Fashion (STAFF) with JCPenney. During this time, she was afforded the opportunity to showcase her modeling talents and began to blossom as a performer at that point. She started to write music and really began to develop a deeper love for her craft as a music artist.

In 1996 she moved to Atlanta, GA and another chapter in her life began. She was blessed to become a praise and worship leader at a local church, where God began to really show her his plan for her life. During this time she wrote a gospel play that was showcased in several churches around the local area. In 2016, after writing many songs, she felt compelled to move forward with her career in the entertainment industry. She was blessed to be signed with NTM Group, under the management of Shanita Brown, after which she released her first single in March of 2017, titled “Lord You Are Worthy”. The single was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Will Neal.

After 21 years of different roles in the kingdom and even a few seasons of falling away from her beliefs, she never lost her faith in God, nor her desire to serve him wholeheartedly by using her gifts. In March 2017, God commissioned her and her family to move to Harrisburg, PA, where she is now a member of the Bridge of Faith Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Sheila Harris. Shauna Ti’er is now in full swing using her God-given talents by singing, acting, and speaking/teaching as requested! She has completed the video of her single that will be released in early June of 2018 and is now working on an EP with new music to be released in the spring of 2019.

To contact Shauna Ti’er or for booking, please contact Shanita Brown at

Artist in the Spotlight: Devinci

Written By: Keidra Ponder

Keedie’s Corner recently caught up with artist Devinci during his performance at Day Dreams in Atlanta, Ga.  He was the headliner for The RnB Network event and he gave a sway performance of his latest songs. The atmosphere was vibrant and the partygoers were lively as the lounge gave off a whimsical effect. Press play and enjoy Devinci’s story, stay tuned for more exclusives with artist and entertainers in the near future with Keedie’s Corner.

Video By: Atika Aliyah