Congratulations to the cast and crew of Keedie’s Corner Productions 48hr film project

By: Keidra Ponder

Many thanks and well wishes to the crew and cast of Keedie’s Corner Productions 48hr film project. The hours were long but fun, the crew got the assignment Friday evening and got straight to work. As the hours dwindled the cast grew anxious to receive the script. Everyone was on pins as needles as midnight struck but the writers successfully pulled it off.

Saturday the crew and the cast came to film, no one came to play! I was very impressed with the amount of effort the cast put into their roles and dialogue, like where did they pull those talents from in such a short amount of time? The crew was very attentive and set the atmosphere to make our vision come to reality. By that night we were all dragging, but we pressed on and finished strong.

I appreciate everyone involved, this couldn’t have been possible without the team. Our short film, “Welcome home Billmores” exemplifies the true nature of family you love them for who they are no matter what. The screening is this evening and I am looking forward to seeing the gang back together, looking very much like the stars they are!

Check out our behind the scenes footage shot by Wild Boy Woody. The film will be available for viewing soon so stay tuned….

Here’s a a list of cast and crew in no particular order:

Chef Damian Miller
LisaNana Stephens
DavidIroko Azikiwe Anyogu
ShayBritney Chappell
GinaGIGI Zhao Chen
ChaseTyliv Bonaparte
MikeReagen Mutombo
KathyJess L’Hommedieu
JordanIveon Sprangle
TaylorSharita Barnaby
SeanKarwyn Thompson
WillLou Lindsey
JermaineJames Lee
HostTony Person
DirectorKeidra Ponder
ProducerChantelle Labranch
Line ProducerJessica L’Hommedieu
WriterKeszmen Bell
2nd WriterIveon Sprangle
Camera OpTishari Claiborne
1st ACWayne J. Wright Jr.
BTSJaquan Harris
EditorSean Mills

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