The Power of Lemongrass

Lemongrass is native to tropical regions such as Africa, Australia, Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania and India. It is from the Poaceae family of grasses, which has therapeutic, dietary and cosmetic purposes. It has been noted in history for its ability to boost immunity and eliminate harmful bacteria. Lemongrass is becoming more prevalent in conventional uses asContinue reading “The Power of Lemongrass”

Views From Da Booth: Small Wins, Big Rewards

Seems like last year we witnessed the sprouting of many new businesses and break out artists. Almost as if it was an explosion in creativity and testing the boundaries. For all of those watching, these ideas came out of nowhere, fully developed – but for those that know, understand the polished product went through many ups andContinue reading “Views From Da Booth: Small Wins, Big Rewards”

#ViewsFromDaBooth: All Tree of Ya’ll!!!

I’m talking to artists directly on this one, all tree of ya’ll. (I been waiting to use that!) I’m talking about the artist with talent, the artist with hustle, and the artist with money- but none of the former attributes. Basically this game breaks down into these types of artists. Early in the game, artistsContinue reading “#ViewsFromDaBooth: All Tree of Ya’ll!!!”