Artist in the Spotlight: Benita AppleBomb

I’m Mike Ice from Keedie’s Corner and today I’m with up and coming Diva Femcee, Benita Applebomb.  Hailing from Rosedale, Mississippi, she’s making a heavy buzz on the music scene, looking to land amongst the stars in the industry! So Ms. Benita can you give the viewers of The Corner an explanation of the meaning of your latest single you’re pushing?Continue reading “Artist in the Spotlight: Benita AppleBomb”

Ashera will be on Intimacy Box Talk!! 

@queenashera will be in the building tomorrow with @intimacyboxtalk101 and her hit single #endorphins!!! #RnB #Artist #AtlIndieArtist #Singer #Soulful #Beautiful #WestAfrican #tomorrowland #Melanin #Queen #Way2ill #HipHop #Socal #Formation Tune in from 8pm to 10pm to get intimate with The lovely ladies of Intimacy Box Talk. You already know @Keedie_ceo will be in the building deliveringContinue reading “Ashera will be on Intimacy Box Talk!! “

Dominic Jones – Post Fight Interview – Breakthrough MMA

Dominic Jones advances to 8-0 defeating Jamal Thorn for the Breakthrough MMA Bantamweight belt. Dominic Jones also holds the Breakthrough MMA Featherweight belt. Check out his post fight interview below