Artist in the Spotlight: Benita AppleBomb

I’m Mike Ice from Keedie’s Corner and today I’m with up and coming Diva Femcee, Benita Applebomb.  Hailing from Rosedale, Mississippi, she’s making a heavy buzz on the music scene, looking to land amongst the stars in the industry! So Ms. Benita can you give the viewers of The Corner an explanation of the meaning of your latest single you’re pushing?


Actually, the song explains itself. “Shake” is speaking from my personal experience. Being in the club surrounded by beautiful ladies that are confident. They have a job to do, and that’s making that money. They go hard and they aren’t selfish. Everything that is made goes into one pot and is divided from what I can tell. It’s rare that you see a group of women working together in such an environment without hostility. I am mesmerized by their grind. They inspire me. I want to dance like them and be able to give my man the entertainment and pleasure that he may seek in the strip joint.

Well said and done, now what’s the name of your current project you’re working on? What will you be intending to give the viewers on this upcoming project you’re pushing in the near future?

Currently, as a Artist, I’m working on finishing up my album. It will be a range of genres from dance to hip hop. I’m hoping it gives the ladies encouragement in whatever it is that they are pursuing. As an entrepreneur, I’m the CEO and founder of Lingerie and Pistols Entertainment. I will be doing a fashion show at Delta State University, a local college in my area. The whole concept of it is to hopefully influence the young adults to put the guns down and pick up the mic, or whatever they choose in life. There is more to life than being in a gang. Hopefully give them hope and show them that their are people in this world that has made it and they look just like you. I’m also a writer, I have “Selected Chapters of Life” which can be found in any online bookstore. However, it is not available for purchase, which I am also currently working to make available again. As a writer, I’m writing a novel about a young lady contemplating suicide. Hopefully the book will change the way the reader look at life and save our children from suicidal thoughts and actions.

Who and what was your inspiration to make you give this genre we call HIPHOP/ Rap your life?

I was inspired by finding myself. I’ve always been a fan of hip hop legends, femcees like Queen Latifah, Mc Lyte, Lil Kim, Trina, Eve, Remy Ma, etc… However, it was a late friend, Eldridge Jenkins, that inspired me to incorporate instrumentals into my poetry. That is what truly inspired me. The first time I heard one of my poems in a rap, I knew that that was my calling. Even on his death bed he would text and inbox me about not giving up on the music. He truly believed in me. That in itself is inspirational.

Very strong words and story indeed! What’s the name of your next up and coming project? Is there any artist you wish to collab with in the industry?

I’m kind of weighing in on two singles, I don’t know which one I’m going to push yet, but the titles are “Bad B* Anthem” and “Ian Jealous of No B*.” As far as collaborating goes, I would love a collaboration with one of the ladies I previously named and Dej Loaf, she is really popping and that would be colossal at this point in my career.

Being from Mississippi home of the country blues and its history of prejudice I know it’s way more to the state than stated so in your own words being from Mississippi means?

Being from Mississippi means strength and endurance. I use to be mad and sometimes I still have questions for my ancestors, such as, why didn’t you leave when the opportunity was presented to you? However, I also realize now that their situation may not have been so great and it’s not easy to just pick up and go. Others where more determined than others and also fear must’ve played a major role. Being stripped of their heritage and already being held captive and brought to a strange land plus, the thought of not knowing what’s out there, they’d grown to adapt to certain ways. I realize that this is all some of us knew. Also, the strength and endurance it must have taken to remain humble and turn the other cheek, so to speak, in a land where you was forced to come to then left to the dogs with nothing but the clothing in their backs. You must be strong and durable to hold up in one of the most prejudice states in the country.

Being an up and coming female artist do you feel pressure or obligated to be literally the female to represent the state Mississippi?

No, I don’t feel obligated or pressured. Mississippi has many Queens. These ladies are out here grinding just as hard, if not harder. I’ve always been a hustler, in many aspects of the word. So, I’m addicted to grinding. I don’t compete or compare myself with anyone other than the female that stares back in the mirror.

You’re bringing something to the table and some females in the industry will take offense to that and look at you as competition at times also. So you have your battles set for you in this game with being from the south your considered a martyr for those that don’t have a leg to stand on or platform to shine to lead the way what’s your intake on that position?


I can’t worry about what people think, especially those who may be looking for opportunity. Regardless of what you do or don’t do, you will be judged. If I have learned anything in life, it’s to stay focused. If I could give an artist any advice, I would tell them to stay focused on their own path. Don’t get sidetracked by me or anybody else. What may work for one person may not work for you. If there’s something that you disagree with, don’t do it.

Also we’re now in the modern era today where everything is getting put on the forefront now from homosexuality to men wearing different attire to popping pills and among other things. Do you adjust to it or are you against what’s going on in this era?

I’m not a fan of doing drugs. Especially those that are addictive and/or harmful to the body, i.e. Pills, crack, meth, etc… Homosexuality on the other hand is in some situations curiosity, others I truly believe that they are born with that mentality or mindset. They can’t help who they are. It is a mental state, I would say. Also, to each its own. I can’t judge them, some religions say it’s a sin, then says no sin is greater than the other, but will condemn a homosexual and a whore. Like I said before, “If someone is doing something that you don’t agree with, don’t do it.” I’m not one who worries myself with what others are doing, I try to stay focused and positive.

With that being said you have a very, very, bright career ahead of you Ms. Benita Applebomb! Are there any last words and/or shoutouts you would like to send out to?

Yes!!! Shout out to God for this life, this gift, this direction, and placement of key players in my path that has got me here. Shout out to my Mom (Linda Kay Horsley) and Dad (Jerry Cleveland) for raising me, not giving up on me, being my biggest fans and allowing me to express myself. Shout out to my children (Quenita Drummer and Meljanique Jackson) for being strong when faced with opposition because of my status or title. Shoutout to my family and friends as a whole, those who I pull up on especially, and my voice is blasting through the speakers. Shoutout to my Producer and good friend Denali (Rodrick Stanford) of A-Game Records, for the production of my entire album, for working with me and believing in me when nobody else did. Shout out to Shaun Mack of Macksippi Entertainment for being my friend and mentor in the game. Shoutout to Deejay Hustleman of 97.9 the beat for being the very first DJ to play my music, I am forever indebted to you! Shout out to DJ SugaBear for adding my song to his playlist and his infamous Benita AppleBomB drop. Shoutout to DJ Dynamite (DJ Doug) for playing my song in the club and during his time he’s on air at 103.9, he is also the first DJ to get his hands on “Trap Queen” which will be on the up and coming album. Shout out to DJ Rich Kid for playing my music. Shout out to James Shumpert for adding my song to his playlist at Dirty 30 Radio and keeping me tagged in events. S/O to Christopher Edward Rapley for playing my song on RapCo Radio. Shout out to Rico Owens for being an important asset in our community and for the exposure. Shout out to Timo James (Dick James/Latrese Management) and Valencia Nash (VeeStream Ent) for the opportunity to go on tour with the Sony Music Distribution Competition Tour and for the encouragement and advice that has helped to get me to this point in my career. I also want to send a shout out to the whole Sony Tour. Thank you Mike and Keedie’s Corner for this opportunity and last, but not least, I want to send a shout out my fans. What will I be without you? You guys are the real MVP!!! If there’s anyone I missed I am sorry. Please, know that I am thankful for you.

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