Ballad “From me to you”

That alarm that keeps waking you up at the crack of dawn, yet you can’t find, yes it’s me. You are not going crazy but you are going in circles and I’m here to guide you. Why do you doubt my instructions? Ye of little faith, have I ever led you wrong? I have never said anything out-of-place or biased. I told you what not to say and you still said it, I told you what not to do and yet you still did it. I let you learn but when will you listen? When will you trust me? That thing you call intuition, the voice you call God, yes that’s me and yes I am you. You are me, yet you still questions my motives and trust others. When you fall I never say, “I told you so”, nope, that’s all you, but it’s all good. Life is a journey it’s about the experience. Until you learn to live in Harmony, you will stay on the same level re-learning the same lessons. Life is a gift, your presence radiates your energy, so stay positive, anguish is a mindset. You are divine light having a human experience, intentionally unbeknownst to you. Once you are in unison with your mind and body then we can be one. I live in the place where you dream and you live in mine. You are my thoughts manifested into this realm. Relax, trust me, love yourself and love others. Love is the only answer, love is your religion. Be a giver and you will never have to take another day in your life. You must learn to walk in peace before you can fly in light. It’s not about how to get over something, it’s about how to go through it and remain at peace. Don’t question your purpose and don’t give up on your day dreams. You were beautifully crafted by me, so don’t change who you are for the world, but change how you view the world. Everything and everyone is connected. Fear nothing, let the past go don’t let your ghost haunt you. Manifest your destiny and so it shall be. Conquer your ego, your addictions and your attachments, it is then you will come to rely on your inner chi. Don’t go out searching, yet go out exploring, store your memories for your higher purpose. Protect your energy and shed negative vibes to keep your temple sacred. Breathe and think before you react, matter of fact don’t react just understand. Vibe with your soul, listen to the frequencies and say less.

By: Keidra Ponder

This is a ballad from myself to myself. I encourage readers to have a heart to heart with themselves and share it with us. #BalladChallenge #Frommetoyouchallenge

She’ll Break Her Back (poetry)


Published by Keedies Corner

Written by Bruce Walton Jr

It’s a damn crime what you do to her damn spine/
I ain’t no chiropractor, ask her, I’m an actor/
I play the role just to get the part/
She keep askin’ “what about my heart?”/
Girl…who told you to bring that “thang” up in this game?/
You talk about your dream date and how he acts “this way”/
Well if that man exist why don’t you have em’?/
Either you hard to read or I’m in the wrong chapter/
Shoulda’ known or knew she’d break her back for you, if thats what she have to do/
So you can be her new back bone, baby thats collateral/
You shoulda’ asked me first girl, you’re dead wrong/
I’m too stubborn, I aint the one you can just force up on/
But you opened up those legs, I got up in that bed, why I ain’t read the fine print of your cell phone plan/
I ain’t except these charges for roamin’, you lost me/
You ain’t like the “long distance” so it cost me/
I need the “411” babe is that gone cost me?/
Fillin’ up your memories with false things, I thought you had that 4G?/
I bet you wished your heart was a SD card/
That you could unmount and just clear all off/
Why you got the “family plan”?, why I left you with the bill?/
I knew that check ain’t have value I let you cash and bounced again/
Now you embarrassed ‘cuz everybody in the bank starrin’/
Before that, you were bragin’ about the check and they were damn jealous/
Is it my fault?/
Should I pretend your heart is my heart?/
Shoulda known she’ll break her back for you, if that’s what she have to do/
And you ain’t gotta’ ask her to/
But damn I ain’t ask her to/

” Gold Teeth ” (Poetry)


This poem was written by a college student who was personally moved by the Trayvon Martin issue and a personal experience he endured in one of his predominantly “white” classes during his college semester.

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