She’ll Break Her Back (poetry)


Published by Keedies Corner

Written by Bruce Walton Jr

It’s a damn crime what you do to her damn spine/
I ain’t no chiropractor, ask her, I’m an actor/
I play the role just to get the part/
She keep askin’ “what about my heart?”/
Girl…who told you to bring that “thang” up in this game?/
You talk about your dream date and how he acts “this way”/
Well if that man exist why don’t you have em’?/
Either you hard to read or I’m in the wrong chapter/
Shoulda’ known or knew she’d break her back for you, if thats what she have to do/
So you can be her new back bone, baby thats collateral/
You shoulda’ asked me first girl, you’re dead wrong/
I’m too stubborn, I aint the one you can just force up on/
But you opened up those legs, I got up in that bed, why I ain’t read the fine print of your cell phone plan/
I ain’t except these charges for roamin’, you lost me/
You ain’t like the “long distance” so it cost me/
I need the “411” babe is that gone cost me?/
Fillin’ up your memories with false things, I thought you had that 4G?/
I bet you wished your heart was a SD card/
That you could unmount and just clear all off/
Why you got the “family plan”?, why I left you with the bill?/
I knew that check ain’t have value I let you cash and bounced again/
Now you embarrassed ‘cuz everybody in the bank starrin’/
Before that, you were bragin’ about the check and they were damn jealous/
Is it my fault?/
Should I pretend your heart is my heart?/
Shoulda known she’ll break her back for you, if that’s what she have to do/
And you ain’t gotta’ ask her to/
But damn I ain’t ask her to/

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