Lu Cruise -Artist in the Spot Light

Lu Cruise Lukeeshaa McCoy, lyrically known as Lu Cruise, is a fresh young rapper with a lot to offer. She was born in Daytona Beach, FL, on July 19, 1991. Her stage name Lu Cruise is a derivation of her first name and the way she smoothly cruises over the beat. Lu Cruise is aContinue reading “Lu Cruise -Artist in the Spot Light”

Get on Track with Singer / Song Writer Marquise Henderson

The Corner highlights a young man making a way for himself in the music industry. Marquise is an accomplished songwriter, in addition to being a singer, vocal producer, model, actor and an artist. He has endured many hardships being born in Texas and raised in Daytona Beach, Fl. For Marquise to elevate in his career,Continue reading “Get on Track with Singer / Song Writer Marquise Henderson”