Damon Dash says Jewish businessman calls black people “Liquid Money”?


DAME DASH says a Jewish businessman calls black people ”liquid money” because we give it all away!!

In a recent article Dash quoted a colleague saying: “We call you (black people) liquid money. The same way that water falls out of a man’s hands, money typically seeps out of a black person’s hands the same way. Your community gets money and immediately gives it all away to people who aren’t black. We see that as a huge business opportunity.”

Examples used – black people on payday or when they get our tax refunds. He noted blacks to an Indian business to cash the check, an Asian hair salon, a corner store owned by Arabs and/or a department store owned by whites. When it’s all said and done these other business people are waiting like hungry animals to eat blacks’ bank accounts as if they are the prey.

Whatcha’ think Agree or Disagree?

27 thoughts on “Damon Dash says Jewish businessman calls black people “Liquid Money”?

  1. Yes I feel a majority of us live that way myself included. For the past two years I have been working on doing better. If black people made better choices with our money and being family oriented we would be unstoppable as a whole.

  2. I think people need to inform minorities of finicial endeavors they can invest in so they can get the confidence to even try. They want is to spend it on dumb shit so they make it more readily availible

    1. Hell yeh I agree… Who don’t know that is blind or just stupid….I don’t understand .why should other people show us how to use money or how to save an build on it…isn’t that comments sense.. Black people Africa americans spend almost a trillion dollars last yr in this country…how much of that was from black hands to black hands ..

  3. its so true. They are stating something factual about our behaviour towards spending and until we change our spending habits to have more businesses that service our community, with better competitive pricing for products, with the assistance of efficient successful black business networks, our communities will continue to be like a walking black ATM machine for all other races. These other races (asian-indian and oriental), jewish, white, arabic, african merchants all are established in the united states business wise with a solid network that includes financial structures, wholesalers, distributors, property ownership & management and protocols of how they manage and multiply their dollars. we have to do the same. Be patient. Build with generations in mind and work within our own networks.

  4. I agree. The service we get from our own people is often so terrible that it makes us not want to patronize them. And we don’t own enough for our buying power to matter in our own communities. I wish it were a different reality but it isn’t most of the time.

    1. unfortunately its true..especially those who are ‘darker than blue.” Smart ids the new rich” should be a reading criteria ..owner of facebook gets married in paris..and then goes to Mcdonalds..with his bride to have a cheesburger and some fries..WOW!

  5. It used to be a time in the early 1900s after slavery, a lot of blacks owned their own businesses, we used to patronize only to black on businesses. I believe after the segregation laws(Jim Crow), was no longer upheld. Blacks begin choosing to spend their hard earned money with other races. Out of all the races I know, blacks are the only race that don’t recycle money back into their on community. As a result the race suffers finacially. Even the Hispanics spend money in their own communities. We as a people must find a way to spend money within our on communties and be able to trust one another and treat each other fairly. I think if we take a page from the Jews where they only spend money with other jews we would get further as a race of people. After the holocaust jews formed a tight bond that has not be broken. After slavery blacks has not. Both races had extremely horrible past experiences, but one is doing a lot better than the other. Lets change as a people.

    1. As a Jew, I can say that it is not true that “they only spend money with other Jews.” This assumes that all Jews think alike and that is no more true than that members of any other group think alike.


      1. your full of shit Jon I use to work for a Jewish Realty Company and if we had to make a Key We Had to go all the way across Town to a Jewish Hardware store to make a key, And when I didn’t I was never Reimbuse

      2. Yeh Jon that’s bullshit …Jews spend money with Jews …I live in NYC you don’t see Jews buying outside of there communitys.. Am not mad at them at all .,its a smart thing to do.

    2. yes, not only did we have businesses my guy we were dominating. so much to the point oil companies had to come to our banks and borrow money… we are just being out thought, Chess is being played meanwhile we don’t even know were in the game. its everybody against us right now, They are recruiting the Hispanics right now, we know how that goes, I disagree we did form a bond after slavery, but during the 1960’s and early 70’s is when everything changed.

  6. Who doesn’t agree, We are starting to see why Dame was REALLY blackballed out of the industry, but finally people are starting to see what I noticed every since I realized too much of our money leaves our community. instead Of us backing away from Dame we need to get behind this brother and keep him funded, so we can learn some more of what he did. he needs to know that he has a backing. We side to much with the oppressor for lack of better words, and that is not just White folks that can be Asians, Arab, whoever. doesn’t look like us. because we think everything outside of us is the better way. I don’t want to wake up one morning and read Dame has overdosed in some Hotel, and we just sit back and say “see, he was doing too much, so they got rid of him…” no no no, those days have to stop. we need to start financially backing each other. this is why when I see a brother or sister doing a businesses outside of the damn barber shops, or stereotypical Black businesses, I do not hesitate to support, okay Im done ranting…

  7. Of course, Damon Dash is correct but it has to be stated that he himself was a poster boy for profiglacy and rampant wastefulness. Jews, Arabs and others should be congratulated for exploiting our collective stupidity and helping to enrich their respective communities. This message though that Damon is now trying to push will fall on silent ears within our communities for one simple reason……a fractured community cannot be cohesive. In order for us to move collectively and for our common good we need to do the following:-
    1. Stop having children out of wedlock.
    2. Concentrate intently on education as a means to an end.
    3. Use protection when having sex.
    4. Create inner city financial classes that discusses investment, savings, insurance & business plans.
    5. Create after school and evening education & sports facilities. This is not as difficult as it seems once you organise.
    6. Shun nihilistic music.
    Once you commit to the above our communities will improve overnight. Lastly, make a conscious effort not to spend with people who do not look like you.

    1. Rob I agree with what you posted.. I am a Jamaican an I said a few of the things that you posted to some of my black American friends an its in 1ear an out the other… I have had failure an success in my life ..an never in my life would I buy a pair of sneakers for 350 $..or stand on line to buy any sneaker..an why would I buy soul food from a Chinese person that’s the bs we have going on in Harlem..an black women spend billions of $with Koreans on nails an hair its crazy..

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