Developing News – Daytona Beach Man kills himself at Hospital


The story devloped from calls recieved about shots being fired on Clyde Morris Blvd. In Daytona Beach, Fl., around 4am Sunday Morning. According to authorities, the suspect crashed his car into a ditch, got out shot at passer bys and went berserk. He shot through the doors and entered the facility through the professional building at Halifax Hospital. While inside with reasons still being uncovered the man took hostages,  pistol-whipped a nurse, went into two patient’s rooms and unfortunately killed himself in one of the patient’s rooms. We’re still unsure of his motives and no one may ever know the full story but Keedie’s Corner will keep the community informed with the information we collect from accredited sources. We do know the road blocks are clear now and the lock down has been lifted off Halifax. Read article below for further details.

Man Kills himself at Halifax
Source : News 13
Image: Keedie’s Corner

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