Authorities Identify Deltona man in Hospital Shooting


Police identify 20 year old Jonathan Rodriguez – Jeff of Deltona,  FL. as the gun man in the Halifax Hospital Shooting. According to his stepmother he was in the national guard. He wasn’t known to have any mental health issues, and his motives for committing suicide are still unknown. According to authorities Rodriguez-Jeff had no prior connection to Halifax Hospital or the nurses he hit in the face with the but of his gun. 

Gunman Identified in Halifax Shooting


This story unfolded in the early hours of Sunday morning 1/5/2014. The gun man went on a rampage which ended in him taking his life at Halifax Hospital inside a patient’s room.  More new in the link below.

News Clip -Shots fired inside Halifax

Source: Wesh 2 News
Images:   Wesh 2 News

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