Dropping the N-Bomb !

The “N” word is one of the only words I know that is socially swept under the rug for 1 race to use, but is highly offensive when another race uses it. How do you feel when African Americans use the “N” word as a term of endearment, yet if someone else uses the word then it’s degrading and demoralizing. I mean just think about it, you don’t hear white people calling each other crackers? Or Mexican’s calling each other wet backs? Indian’s saying terrorist. Latino’s calling each other spics. Chinese people calling each other chinks or Japanese people calling each other Japs, and so forth. Do other races do that to each other and say it’s for endearment? How do you feel about any race calling each other Nigga? How did society turn a derogatory term into a term of endearment?

The Urban Daily


Madonna needs to have every seat in the free world! According to TMZ the material girl thought it would be cute to discuss a pic of her son Rocco Ritchie while he was in a boxing ring by saying,

 “No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #disni**a.”

To which she drew immediate fire!

She then went back on her Instagram and changed the caption on the picture. This time she wrote,

“Ok let me start this again. #get off of my d*ck haters!”


We knew at some point people were going to say…hmmm if she is calling her white son “nigga” what is she calling her BLACK son? And of course we were right because that is now the question on people’s minds tonight! Oh yes let’s not forget the gorgeous little boy David that she adopted from Africa seen with her in earlier times…

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