Outside Rich Homie Concert : 2 Fatally wounded inside Mardi Gras World


Rich Homie Quan’s concerts have been plagued with extreme acts of violence over the past four months, and yesterday marks the third shooting to occur at his show since the first on December 24th, 2013 in Columbus, Ohio.  Rich Homie was performing at the Mardi Gras World venue in New Orleans on Tuesday night, March 4th, where two men wound up being shot and killed outside in the parking, and another was wounded by gunfire inside of the venue. Around 10:15 pm, a 25-year-old man was shot in his shoulder after an unidentified individual let off bullets inside of the Mardi Gras World venue.  An hour later at 11:15 pm, the body of 25-year-old Deron Hitchens was found inside of the parking lot, while another body was found inside of a nearby car.  The second victim was a 28-year-old male, however his identity has not been released to the public.  Authorities don’t believe the two shootings were in any way related. The Rich Homie Quan concert shootings began on December 24th, were 24-year-old Jeremiah I. Frazier was shot and killed in Columbus, Ohio.  A month later two people were shot during his show in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  It looks like security might need to be boosted at his shows because it seems clear that whenever Rich Homie Quan is on the stage, he really makes people feel some “Type of Way.”

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