“The Boondocks” Returns for a Fourth Season.


Published by Keedies Corner

Written by Bruce Walton Jr

Aaron Mcgruder’s cartoon was rumored to be taken off the air do to its controversial content. Well these rumors seem to be smashed after the release of the new trailer.

The Boondocks Season 4 Trailer

The cartoon took over after hilarious yet edgy content such as the attempted kidnapping of Oprah, R.Kelly’s trial, The return of Martin Luther King, and Uncle Rukus starting a religion stating that Jesus was white and hated “n***as”. The hilarity, wit, and shock value of the cartoon definitely makes it out to be one of the top cartoons of its time. And with a cast such as John Witherspoon,
Gary Anthony Williams, Regina King, and Cedric Yarbrough it is assured to be a classic. Welcome back.

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