Katty Perry, Taylor Swift, & Justin Bieber hit a billion views on Youtube! Top 20 viewed singles on Youtube


It is no secret the Katty Perry is an international sensation in 2014 she broke the Billboard airplay charts record with “Dark Horse” staying at #1 for 4 weeks straight which also surpassed Mariah Carey with total weeks an artist was at #1 which was 45 weeks. Katy Perry held the #1 spot (with different singles) for 46 weeks. The next people even close to this record is artist P!nk (32 weeks) & Rihanna (32 weeks). Well, this year she can put herself in the record books once again. Her single “Roar” and “Dark Horse ft Juicy J” both break the billion view mark on Youtube. She is currently the only artist with 2 music videos on Youtube with a Billion views. Now you may wonder who are the other artist with a billion view videos?


Artist PSY of Korea shattered the Youtube record for views hitting 2 billion views early 2014. As crazy as that my sound he has yet another song getting very close to a billion views. His song “Gentlemen M/V” is sitting at 862 Millions views and counting.


Taylor swift also joined the “billion View” club with her single “Blackspace”.


As much hate as Justin Bieber gets you would think he wouldn’t make the list but you can also add him to the “Billion View” club. One of his early single’s “Baby ft Ludacris” also hit a billion views. The contradicting part of the view count is that he actually has more dislikes (4 million) than likes (3 million). None the less, if you come to view his music to hate it or love it the view count still goes up. Congrats Justin!

Below we have the top 20 artist in Youtube views.
Rank Video name[A] Uploader / artist Views
(as of August 2, 2015) Upload date Notes
1. “Gangnam Style”[3] Psy 2,386,223,662 July 15, 2012 [B]
2. “Baby”[4] Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris 1,195,919,680 February 19, 2010 [C]
3. “Blank Space”[5] Taylor Swift 1,061,870,835 November 10, 2014 [D]
4. “Dark Horse”[6] Katy Perry featuring Juicy J 1,049,697,515 February 20, 2014 [E]
5. “Roar”[7] Katy Perry 1,012,361,854 September 5, 2013 [F]
6. “Bailando”[8] Enrique Iglesias featuring Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona 982,639,424 April 11, 2014
7. “Shake It Off”[9] Taylor Swift 964,308,786 August 18, 2014
8. “All About That Bass”[10] Meghan Trainor 958,355,684 June 11, 2014
9. “Party Rock Anthem”[11] LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock 913,713,116 March 8, 2011
10. “Love the Way You Lie”[12] Eminem featuring Rihanna 902,868,368 August 5, 2010
11. “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)”[13] Shakira featuring Freshlyground 896,709,867 June 4, 2010 [G]
12. “Uptown Funk”[14] Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars 895,483,494 November 18, 2014
13. “Counting Stars”[15] OneRepublic 884,977,651 May 31, 2013
14. “Gentleman”[16] Psy 862,126,108 April 13, 2013 [H]
15. “On the Floor”[17] Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull 849,053,568 March 3, 2011
16. “Chandelier”[18] Sia 836,453,351 May 6, 2014
17. “Charlie bit my finger – again !”[19] HDCYT 825,863,697 May 22, 2007 [I]
18. “Wrecking Ball”[20] Miley Cyrus 787,394,889 September 9, 2013
19. “See You Again”[21] Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth 763,859,079 April 6, 2015
20. “Wheels On The Bus”[22] LittleBabyBum 747,399,494 August 9, 2014

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