How did the MTV Commercial for the “White Squad” rub you?

white sqaud

As I sat and watched the MTV Video Music Awards I noticed a commercial that was to say the least “interesting”. It was made to advertise MTV’s  Look Different Campaign. Done to shed light on racial equality, yet the skit left some with a sense of being made a mockery of. They have a website also, White Squad, which is used as a tool to make painfully clear how serious racism is. If you haven’t seen the commercial I will post it for you via YouTube;

I was tempted to call and no laugh out loud either. As an African decent, I have always had to prove my worth to get the credit I deserved, sometimes even from my own people! For us as people to find humor in horror will forever amaze me. We should wake up and understand racism and inequality is still real and very much alive in this world. You may say you understand it, but what are you willing to do about it? What will this campaign MTV is running ultimately do for people of color if we don’t stand up and do it for ourselves?

This has awaken the hunger for justice inside of me. Excuse me if I don’t laugh at the call 1-855-WHT-SQAD attempt to show people white privilege, but again that was not MTV’s angle, they are waking us up as free thinkers. We can actually have a voice and put a name on what is really going on now instead of waiting until we’re behind doors and free to talk amongst each other. I just would like this announcement to empower the entrepreneurs and leaders to start their own businesses and support each other. The only way to get respect is to have power. No respect is not earned, respect is due! Respect is due to even a dog, yet sadly it is not given to all people. Here at Keedie’s Corner,  we respect all people. One of our main focuses is to enlighten the people, so we will continue to tell the story.

By: Keidra Ponder

Keedie’s Corner LLC 2015

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