Artist in the Spot Light: Deebo Lotti Maserati

It’s Mike from Keedie’s Corner and I’m here with Milwaukee/ Phoenix  artist Deebo Lotti Maserati. Let’s chop it up and let the readers get a feel for ya, so how did you come up with that name?

My friends starting calling me Deebo and Deebo Lotti and it had a nice ring to it. The Maserati got thrown in there because of my love for sports cars.


You represent two cities Milwaukee and your current city Phoenix, what does those two cities mean to you?

I was born in Milwaukee and that’s where I spent my childhood, that’s where my heart is. I grew up and became a man in Phoenix!

deeboi lotti

Deebo Lotti ft Kevin Gates “Never Enough” Produced By Jigg
Dir by JD Films

“Gates is 100 he lives by all the things he raps about, he’s one of the realest out”

How did the collab with Kevin Gates come about?

My boy Rico Bandz plugged me with Fab and Gates! JD films, my director, got Gates to come through and knock out the video he had been working on with him, and the rest was history.

That’s what I call power moves. So when they ask about Deebo Lotti what comes to mind that separates you from the rest of today’s artist?

100% Street Cred, 99% of these artists are make believe.

Who inspired you to get into the business?

I’ve always been into music, my mom was in a R&B group and bought a lot of equipment. I started using it myself and never looked back!

How much clout do you have with networking in other cities?

I have specific pull in a hand full of cities; LA, ATL, Vegas, Houston, Phoenix and Milwaukee.

Up to date how many projects have you put out?

5 projects- EastSide Gunz and Money Vol., 1 Eastside Gunz and Money Vol. 2, #BreathOfFreshAir, #NoOneSafe and Deebo Lotti Vs Everybody.

Alright then! Name your top 3 all time artist who inspired you.

I’m all across the board. It just all depends on what mood I’m in or how the beat makes me feel.

Ok, before we rap things up do you have any shout outs?

Shout out to Rico Bandz, JD films, Gates, TMG, my Milwaukee and Phoenix family and you Mike and Keedie’s Corner for the opportunity.

If you would like to stay current with Deebo Lotti follow him on social media on Instagram- @deeb0_lotti_maserati and Facebook- Deebo Lotti Maserati


By: Keidra Ponder, Mike Ice and Deebo Lotti Maserati



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