The Power of Lemongrass

Lemongrass is native to tropical regions such as Africa, Australia, Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania and India. It is from the Poaceae family of grasses, which has therapeutic, dietary and cosmetic purposes. It has been noted in history for its ability to boost immunity and eliminate harmful bacteria. Lemongrass is becoming more prevalent in conventional uses asContinue reading “The Power of Lemongrass”

F.D.A. Approves Trials of Ecstasy to Treat PTSD Patients —

On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration gave permission for large-scale, clinical trials of MDMA, the designer drug popularly known as Ecstasy, primarily as treatment for individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, many of whom are veterans. “I’m cautious but hopeful,” said Dr. Charles R. Marmar, the head of psychiatry at New York University’s Langone… viaContinue reading “F.D.A. Approves Trials of Ecstasy to Treat PTSD Patients —”

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 30 years later

I had the pleasure of going to a historical sight and paying homage to the honorable Dr. King in his home town of Atlanta, GA. Downtown Atlanta houses the King’s historic district. I had a tour of his home, his neighborhood and the church he grew up in. Watch “The Legacy of Martin Luther King,Continue reading “Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 30 years later”